Howdy ho Atlas Reactor players!

My name is Patrick (25) from Hamburg/Germany a.k.a. Seshatar! Some people might already know me from Rift or my twitch streams. I play Rift since 2011 and I also bought and played all other Trion Worlds games during Alpha testing and still play Trove and Atlas Reactor pretty actively besides Rift. I joined the Trion Worlds Creator program on 30th July 2016, improved my twitch setup and now mainly stream Rift and Atlas Reactor, with some Trove and other games to bring some additional action into the channel! If you are interested in my streams, feel free to visit:

This year is my 4th year of Extra Life and I will do a 24h Rift stream again! Also, I prepared TONS of giveaways for those who enjoy this event together with me or donate to the great cause via my page. I got sponsored 100 RIFT Ultimate GOTY Edition codes and bought some stuff to giveaway myself, as well as tons of stuff I got from other players and the Trion Creator program. I will also raffle ALL Trion Worlds milestone rewards from Extra Life that I already own from the previous 3 years to those who donate! If you want more information about me and my Extra Life campaign, check this out:

So if you are interested to check out Rift on game day, it might be worth to give this a look!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or visit me on twitch!