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Thread: OZ: My Character Guide

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    OZ: My Character Guide

    I feel like "Tiers" in this game are a way of saying how difficult a character is to play. The higher they are on the Tiers list, the easier they are. With that said, people say OZ is on average a B tier character due to his so called "predictability." My retort to this is that most people don't play OZ as OZ but rather like every other character in Atlas Reactor. If you want to do well when playing OZ, you have to play him as OZ. I don't make any sense? Hopefully I will by the end of this. This guide will be a bit long and will be split into parts.
    - Skills and Observations
    - Loadouts/Mods and Catalysts
    - Strategy

    Skills and Observations

    First of all, let me go over his skills and the mindset needed to successfully apply them in battle.

    Phaser Laser:

    Oz and his afterimages fire lasers that deal 25 direct damage, and an additional 10 direct damage per extra laser hitting the target.
    Gain 6 energy for each attack that hits.
    This is a pretty standard basic attack for OZ. I would say it's not good or bad, but when used in the right trajectories, you can 2 people from really awkward angles. This attack is one of the reasons, I consider OZ to be effective in mid-range combat but bland in long and short ranged combat. His squishy stature makes it quite difficult for him to manage this basic attack effectively.

    Photon Spray:
    Oz and his afterimages fire photonic energy that deals 20 direct damage and an additional 10 damage per extra spray hitting the target.
    Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.
    I use this skill for two things and it is quite effective at both things. I use Photon Spray as a form of scouting people who are hard to detect and I also use it for hitting more than just 2 targets at once. If you are an effective OZ player, you should usually have 1 or 2 people targeted per turn unless there's an emergency to address otherwise. It's damage potential on a single enemy pales in comparison to Phaser Laser so I'd save it for when I seek out hiders and/or gain a potentially good angle for around 3-4 people at once.

    Zap Trap:
    Create a damage field around Oz and his afterimages that deal 25 direct damage, and an additional 10 direct damage per field hitting the target that turn. Last until the end of next turn.
    Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.
    At first I thought this skill was useless due to the fact that this wasn't a prep phase ability but a blast phase ability. When playing this ability, I thought it was OZ's most useless attack. Boy was I wrong. It's potential lies in how you play it just like a lot of his other skills. (I'll elaborate on this a bit later.)

    Made You Look:
    Switch locations with target afterimage, then choose movement from that location. Abilities can be used as normal.
    Gain 5 energy.
    This ability is frequently panned for being "predictable." In incapable hands, yes, it is "predictable." There's a lot more to this skill than meets the eye. There is a secret to this ability that most people don't really realize until it's too late. To put it simple, I'll state it's potential in a form of a question. When is a gun at it's full potential? (I'll also elaborate on this later)

    Catch Me If You Can:
    Dash to a target location then select two additional locations for afterimages to travel to. Oz and his afterimages each deal 25 direct damage and an additional 10 direct damage per extra hit. Gain unstoppable for the turn.
    Requires 100 energy.
    There are many ways to use this dash. This is a dash regardless of being an ultimate ability so it can be used for escape like any other dash. One way this can be used is to send your main avatar into a safe spot while sending the other two to attack enemies within range. Another thing you can do is try to surround your opponents while sending your main avatar behind cover nearby. It all depends on the situation you're in how you use it. If played right, this ability can set up for high levels of damage though. If your opponent doesn't predict the following turn, your OZ can wreck homes.

    Loadouts/Mods and Catalysts

    This can change how OZ is played drastically. He can be played as a multiple target damage character, a single target oriented damage character, or a scout with high utility over damage. I'll only go over the two builds I use the most.

    Multi-Target Damage:
    Phaser Laser > Divide and Conquer - This allows me to maximize damage on multiple targets.
    Photon Spray > Lucent Burst - Photon Spray on average is pretty weak compared to Phaser Laser, by choosing Lucent Burst, it's damage potential is maximized.
    Zap Trap > Dazzling Luminescence - Honestly if you play OZ, you shouldn't get any other mod for this ability, it's low cost along with slowing an enemy is all you need for it.
    Made You Look > Tr-Tr-Tr-Tricky - Not my first choice but since it's cheap, I picked it. Haste after a dash is actually pretty handy though.
    Catch Me If You Can> Razzle Dazzle - To maximize on damage potential and synergy with Photon Spray, this is pretty much the best option to go with this ability.
    Catalyst 1 > Critical Shot
    Catalyst 2 > Fade or Shift (get fade if you're bold, get shift if you think you can manage an escape.)
    Catalyst 3> Second Wind

    Utility Scout:
    Phaser Laser > Divide and Conquer - If all your abilities are on cool-down, this will always give decent damage potential, regardless to multiple or single targets.
    Photon Spray > Light Painting - This mod has insanely good utility since it helps reveal enemies.
    Zap Trap > Dazzling Luminescence - I feel like if you pick anything else, you miss out on OZ's potential. Pick it for the slows. I wouldn't pick anything else.
    Made You Look > Understudy- I chose this to increase on survivability after a dash, gives my squishy OZ slightly thicker skin, or plastic, or whatever alloy he's made of. (If you want to use your spare mod point, you can use it on Afterglow for team support. You may need a well coordinated teem to maximize it's potential though.)
    Catch Me If You Can> Razzle Dazzle - Once again, it has really good synergy with Photon Spray. If your opposition has a lot of teleports and stealth players, it gives you that many more chances to use your Photon Spray.
    Catalyst 1 > Turtle Tech - Your objective with this build is not to deal damage but to kite, reveal enemies and disperse fog of war.
    Catalyst 2 > Fade or Shift (get fade if you're bold, get shift if you think you can manage an escape.)
    Catalyst 3> Second Wind


    So like I said before, OZ should be played like OZ.
    When playing as OZ, the last thing you should do is run into the open on the first turn and dash on the second. That may work for a computer opponent but human players catch on to this strategy rather quickly. Rather as you're playing OZ, you should be thinking in your opponent's shoes. If I did this, my opposition will probably predict it and do this instead. With that in mind I'll answer the question I made earlier explaining the ability "Made You Look's" potential. When is a gun at it's full potential? The answer is simple, when it's loaded. Simply put, the longer you hold on to the ability "Made you Look" the more likely you are to have your opponent second guess you.

    Basic Strats: Be on the move, a idle Oz is a dead Oz, even if you're not dashing, you should be moving from cover to cover. The more you stand still, the more people can prepare a fast take-down on you. You're squishy, use cover and don't stand still, you'll get surrounded. If you're lucky, while running from cover to cover, you may find yourself in an advantageous position where an opponent is out in the open.

    Scenario: you are surrounded by the enemy, they will either target you or your afterimage, what will you do?
    Weigh your options depending on the situation, your opponents patterns and how lucky you feel.
    - You can dash to your afterimage with "Made You Look," attack and run into cover.
    - Use Zap Trap (if an enemy runs into it, they will be unable to follow you long distances due to the slow effect from the Dazzling Luminescence Mod) and move away manually.
    - Use your Catalyst dash and escape in a direction where you can hide.
    - Use your ultimate ability "Catch Me If You Can," to escape or turn the tides.


    Yeah, guess what, it works. Unlike other characters where it's hard to guess the direction of their dashes, most people will know exactly which direction OZ will dash in. Because of this, players tend to aim for your afterimage rather than you with traps, regular attacks or will even waste their ultimate abilities on you failing taunts. If I have to sum up my strategy with OZ in two words, it's Mind Games. Your greatest weakness is your greatest weapon.

    Photon Spray, when should I use it?:
    The damage potential isn't all that great but on average, it's best to use it when scouting for invisible units and dealing damage to larger groups of enemies. it's real potential is to be used after "Catch Me If You Can." You get to stack damage on 3 shots of Photon Spray instead of the usual 2, if you stack that with the "Critical Shot" catalyst and the "Lucent Burst" mod the damage synergy can sky rocket pretty high.

    Your ultimate ability "Catch Me If You Can" is fully charged. How should you use it?:
    This can be used offensively and defensively. I would say once you get it, you should wait for the situation of if you can safely surround an enemy group or if an enemy group surrounds you first. You can use it as a dash to escape and deal damage at the same time as well. You can also use the dash to setup for your Photon Spray. Don't forget, you can use "Made You Look" to teleport to any one of your afterimages, so you offer your opponents an even more cruel guessing game. (NOTE: If you do not move during the turn after "Catch Me If You Can," one of your afterimages will still disappear.)

    Weak Against: (Characters that can target two spots at once don't need to predict an Oz's movements)
    Gremolitions Inc.
    Quark (If you're linked, chances are if he's standing between your dash points, you'll still take his hits.)

    Strong Against:
    (Most Melee Classes)

    If I've missed any points, Please let me know so I can add to the guide. I kind of wrote this on a whim.

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    This helps explain why some Oz players can be slippery as hell while others seem to fail at anything other than being out of position and dying.

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    how to kill Oz = after he uses his dash chase him down, if you have to don't attack just run for him.

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    I guess that's an okay strategy, but if you read my guide, if you predict an OZ's move wrongly, especially with a well organized team, you'll be kited and ganged up on pretty quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexthat View Post
    how to kill Oz = after he uses his dash chase him down, if you have to don't attack just run for him.
    I usually have my ult ready when my dash is on cooldown, also just sprinting with second wind and letting them chase you while you're teammates and clone pick them off is a good idea.
    They only problem i have with oz is that i need a team that knows how i play him.
    I don't go aggressive they need to come to me since i always sprint to get my afterimages as far away as possible and then keep main oz in the same spot and don't move until i have my ult/dash by the time they get to me i'm already on the other side of the map.
    If the frontline goes in too deep i have no more range and have to reposition which forces me to sprint twice or have my clones too close together, unless i have the dash then it's sprint and dash but then i'm vulnerable because i also go in too far and i just lost the dash.
    I can play oz very effectively but if the team goes too aggresive i am too vulnerable or don't get in range to do enough dmg.

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    haha i mostly play the first half of the game as a suicide bomber and waiting for the right moment then just rushing in ther and using zap trap and most enemys wont dash away bekus the take the easy kill while il just damege all of them leaving them weak so my team just dose the rest and the second half of the game waiting with my dash for enemies with low hp and useing the ult on them.

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    Oz is fun but he is still oz.

    How many Oz's does it take to loose a ranked match?

    Just 1 Oz

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