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Thread: [video] Pup pulled me across the map when I could only move 4 spaces.

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    [video] Pup pulled me across the map when I could only move 4 spaces.

    The quality of the video is crap, no audio, and its sped up a bit. Don't want to spend a lot of time uploading and whatnot.

    To my knowledge I should have only moved 4 spaces. I didn't get haste at any time, and I had used my attack that turn.
    If its not a bug I would love to know whats happening...because i've never seen anyone be pulled further than they can move.


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    From playing with it in Practice mode, getting hit with Walkies seems to award the ability to move 10 squares, even if the target has dashed that turn. (But I'm pretty sure being knocked down will stop it.)

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    Hey guys, I've done extensive testing on this and believe I have the answer.

    PuP's walkies forces the player to SPRINT after pup, even if they normally couldn't sprint. A sprint is double your normal move.

    A knocked down player or a rooted player has 0 movement, so walkies won't move them.

    So a slowed player can normally move 2, walkies would make them move 4.

    A person without slow or haste can normally move 4, so their sprint is 8. Note that even if someone dashes, their move speed is still 4, so they'll still be forced to sprint 8.

    A person with haste can move 6, so their sprint is 12.

    Hope this helps!

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