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Thread: REAL current tier list - With elaboration.

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    REAL current tier list - With elaboration.

    A more accurate tier list would look something like this:

    S: Zuki, Asana, Garrison, Pup
    A: Lockwood, Nix, Grey, Elle, Juno
    B: Blackburn, Celeste, Titus, Quark, Orion
    C: Dr. Finn, Aurora, Gremilitions, Rampart
    D: Rask, Helio, Oz


    S Tier:

    These freelancers will punish bad positioning with extreme prejudice. Most of them are tanky and have on-demand shields or sustain. Their ultimates are game changers and can win a game easily.
    They will get in your face and really destroy any team that is not coordinated.

    Asana has such a great kit, and is very versatile. She has on-demand shielding, outputs great damage, her escapes and dashes are great, and her ultimate can save her team big time.

    Garrison is super tanky, has some of the best initiation, has tools to stick to his enemies, and is overall versatile. His ult can damage and heal at the same time swinging a fight in your team's favor, and he really does a great job getting into the fight and keeping the enemy under pressure while doing very high damage for a tank.

    Pup is annoying and does similar jobs as garrison..except with stealth and range as his main defense. Once he is in close he can sustain quite well and out-trade most enemies 1v1.
    His ult is absolutely game changing and a proper ult from him will win the game in a lot of cases. Again, he is versatile, has great escapes, his ult is awesome, does great damage, and can tank a bit.

    The main exception here is Zuki. However, she has insane range, her ult is borderline overpowered, she has reliable escape, and she really punishes bad positioning and surprises people with her range.

    A Tier:

    These freelancers have massive damage and can really dominate a game. They are less tanky than the S Tier, and rely more on escape mechanics over tanking.
    The reason this puts them a little behind, is at the end of the day, most of their escapes take up a lot of time. In addition to this, most of these freelancers can be dealt with if you know how.

    Reveal mechanics shut down Nix, Juno has no escapes and can be focused hard when her shield is down, Elle is fairly predictable and her escapes don't take her far.

    Grey is can be really strong because of her zoning capabilities, but her main escape is one of the most predictable abilities in the game.

    Lockwood is borderline S Tier due to his ult and ricochet that can ignore bad positioning on his part.

    B Tier:

    These are your average freelancers. They can win a game if played correctly, but if against S or A tier freelancers they can struggle. Their ults are mid range, and they are easier to play for the most part.
    Blackburn is probably the most exact mid tier freelancer you can get. His skills are easy to learn, his ult can make a difference, but it is hard for him to carry a team to victory without lots of help.

    Celeste's focus on buffs really stalls our her effectiveness. At best grabbing certain orbs is situational, and most of your time is better spent getting into better position and trying to out damage the enemy. If her ult had its secondary effect changed to something more reliable, and her trap buffed to detonate during move phase as well...she could be bumped up to A Tier.

    Quark is very 1 dimensional and he is pretty easily countered by smart play. He gives away the position of team mates, and it really limits his positioning.

    Orion can be very good, even A Tier if he is played by someone with great prediction skills. You can mitigate a lot of damage and really put your team ahead in temp if played correctly, but his ultimate is really lackluster, and his number values on healing and damage are really low.

    C Tier:

    These freelancers are fairly easy to outplay and predict. They can have an effect on the game, but most times that is only the case if your team is already winning. They are mostly 1 trick ponies relying on their ultimate to provide usefulness.

    Rampart may be closer to B Tier, but he is very susceptible to non-projectile damage. It shuts him down.

    Dr. Finn is more annoying, but without his ult he is pretty powerless. His heal is weak, His main damage is weak, and his eels are mostly ignored.

    Aurora's kit is interesting, but the numbers are just too low. She does cool things, but they just don't end up doing a lot at the end of the game. It is hard for her to really save anyone from dying because most of her healing is just not enough numbers wise.

    Gremilitions would be D Tier if it wasn't for his ultimate. His damage is so avoidable and predictable. His only usefulness comes with his ult.

    D Tier:
    These freelancers need a big change to be more useful. They are heavily countered by their predictability.

    Rasks' Ultimate is one of the most counterable in the game. You usually know exactly when and where it will be. The best part about his ult is the cooldown reset. But then, he often has to use those cooldowns to escape and spend too much time recuperating. He does not have enough sustain to be the frontline he wants to be.

    Oz for the most part can just be ignored. He does some escape, but he has to spend so much effort getting into position for meaningful damage, that you can ignore him and he will have a hard time doing much of anything until he gets his ultimate. If you ignore him, he becomes a non-factor. If he is escaping, it is often extremely easy to know where he will end up.

    Helio is a freelancer some would expect to see higher on the list. He is D Tier for really 1 reason. His kit shuts down completely when the enemy has knowledge of what his kit does.
    His shields are predictable, and often another target is focused during that time. His AoE pull is super visible and super avoidable. His damage is really really bad. His only good ability is his wall simply because scramble is incredibly over powered. Without his wall he would be F Tier. His downfall is the major predictability of his abilities, and how easy it is to counter them.

    I'd like to hear opinions on where you think I'm correct or incorrect. I feel discussions like that really help highlight strengths and weaknesses in kits and allow the devs to make a better game.

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    Please do not put up a title like "REAL current tier list" if you are then just looking to put up a joke in your post. This might heavily mislead new players.

    For everyone who reads this: Please do not blindly believe anything you read in these forums. If you want to have reliable guides and tier lists, there are enough semi-pro players around the PrepPhase League that set up both. And there is a reason those tier lists are entirely different than this one, even when still varying.

    A few examples of what is wrong with this tier list, just so you can see this tier list here is probably just a troll aiming to... well... do troll things.

    Garrison is not an S-Tier frontliner. He lacks in tankiness compared to the other frontliners and his jump might be a point and click one, which is really easy to use for new players, yet it is really easy to count the tiles and be able to tell where he will land - after all his jump has a minimum range. It can only hit so few enemies around his dash location and for it to be actually useful it needs certain mods. His damage output is just as high as of the other frontliners, yet his ultimate can only hit in such a small area and the heal of his ultimate only does as much as a single target support heal at max. Hence why he is rather weak and actually really needs a buff. You will notice that as you get further into the game.

    PuP also is not an S tier Freelancer, simple because for the damage he can deal he needs to be absolutely close to the enemies. His sustain does not make up for the danger he needs to get himself into. Especially since he does not have a shield or anything to stop himself from being CCed. It is easy to get rid of him, once he is on you. Even for most supports. Once caught out PuP only has one way out: His dash he probably has already used in order to actually go in. That dash is very limited, as he can only jump to an ally or enemy, hence why it is very predictable.
    PuP is always a really risky play and even tho his ultimate can do a lot of damage, it is still easy to get away from it or plan ahead so you'd at least only take cover damage. In that case his damage isn't more than just a nibble. Most firepowers do a way better job at anything that PuP does. So please do not be mislead into thinking he was an S tier Lancer.

    Juno is not a high tier Firepower at all. She is very immobile and predictable. Yes, she may have a shield, but it is easy to avoid it and her trap still allows you to move wisely and therefor avoid the damage it would otherwise apply. Her ultimate damage is pretty low and while you risk being focused, as you can't leave your spot while using it, you need to really make sure that you hit enough targets for the energy use to be worth it at all. Additionally her knockback has very little range and is only at a good use should a melee enemy have gotten too close for comfort. In order to trade with other ranged firepowers she holds no CC and only a very small trade potential.

    Celeste and Quark sure as hell are not only B tier. Celeste has a high burst, a really high mobility and an invisible trap that can be modded in many good ways. Overall she has an extremely strong map and vision control and a lot of range, which makes her viable in pretty much every situation and team comp.
    And Quark - as simple as he may appear - has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. With the right mod loadout he is very mobile and not limited in his positioning at all. Yes he may give away the position of those he is tethered to, but only if he himself is visible as well. And no smart Quark would attach to allies like Nix or Pup to give those away anyway. So those false claims out of the way Quark makes one of the strongest supports out there, if not the strongest. His single target damage is extremely high for a support and can not be blocked by walls once the tether is attached. So with the right play and some experience you will make him work just fine. The best part about him though is the fact that he has the strongest single target healing of the game and his ultimate heals his entire team for another huge amount (if played right ofc ;P). For new players Quark may be too difficult for them to see his strength, but in the pro player scene he is loved and valued for plenty of reasons.

    Orion is one of the weakest supports at the moment. His damage is below average, his shields predictable and easy to play around and his ultimate is selfish and does very little damage as well. Mostly you would want to keep your ult anyway, in order for your other 4 spells to have any value. Hence why Orion is either played as a support that has weak 1-4 abilities and an okay ultimate, OR as a support that has average support abilities but NO ultimate. Compared to all the other supports he clearly lacks in overall value. Of course like every Lancer out there he can be played to work and he is fun, but he sure as hell is not any more than a D or perhaps a C tier.

    Aurora is not just a 1 trick pony. Depending on how you mod her you can punish enemies for trying to get away, trying to CC you, trying to chase you or your team mates and much more. You have buffs, debuffs, CC and counter CC. If you have your ult that is just another great push, but she clearly does not rely on her ult alone. An AOE unstoppable or might buff is clearly extremely strong in the right hands. A heal that always has a knockback to it is a powerful counter-CC in order to get rid of nasty melees and keep them in AOE damage zones OR - if played offensively on your frontliner - it can be used to lock down an enemy right where you want them. Aurora may not be an A tier lancer, but she only seems weak in the beginning if you have little experience. The further you play her and watch pro players use her, the more you will see her control power. She pretty much pulls the string from behind the scenes and you need to think a few turns ahead with her in order to get good skill combos and chains.

    Gremolitions in a C tier can't be right. Not only does his ultimate give a lot of options of who and how to focus and prepare for a target switch, but also does this lancer have a lot of range, turning him into a threat from far away at all times. You can stand behind walls, unseen for the enemies and untouchable for most of the game, while still applying damage. Aside from you being hard to get that also gives your support an easier time of helping other team mates when needed. And should you ever get into trouble you have a really long ranged dash you can adjust to your demands. And even if someone should still be after you, you can make them pay for it with mines around you, mines of your way, mines in their path and a really hurtful knockback which can get enemies away from you, or right into your mines - or your team, if you want to ruin your enemy's day.
    What makes these dorks on a machine especially viable is the fact that enemies behind cover do not trouble you ever. You can hit two targets for more than 20 damage at the same time (22 but with mods it can be more ofc and then there's might and so on), so if you play this lancer right you have a 40+ dame impact per turn with just your primary attack, which can't only keep up with most firepowers but overall outdamage. And should you be in a situation where you can't hit anyone - which really shouldn't happen to you on a long ranged lancer like Grem - then you can still use your mines as traps. Gremolitions might not be an S tier, but he definitely is one of the best firepowers that the game currently has.

    The biggest hints that this tier list here is not recommended to be taken serious are the statements on Helio, Rask and Finn.
    As for Helio, I say a heal is generally stronger than a shield, yet with Helio all you have to do is play the mind game. You shield who you think the enemies will hit, yes. But they might try to predict you and then you have to predict them. His black hole and wall combo can also be changed and used a s mind trick, but you should NEVER just rely on that one specific combo. First of all the blackhole on an ally who can get it into the enemy team with a dash is highly dangerous and not that easy to avoid at all. Second the wall can't only be combined with that but easily used to cut of the way of enemies trying to escape or even dash into your team. A good Helio can get enemies scrambled (aka silenced) every few turns which can entirely ruin enemy combos and plans. Hence why Helio is anything BUT a D-tier.

    Rask is probably the strongest front liner at the moment, along with Asana. His dash is really strong, not only because of the damage applied to all enemies hit by it, but also because you can aim it so well wherever you'd want to be. Closer, not so close, left, right, in front of the enemies or behind them? Nothing is an issue with a dash that offers you so many spots to go to, unlike Asana's dash that can be rather fickly, Garrison's dash that only has such little area of damage and a strict minimum range, or Titus' dash that can get you out of position and out of the fight so easily.

    Rask's secret lies in when to dash, and not to use it just because it's up. If you combine his set well his ultimate has a great impact in the game, and just on a side note: Most players take the mod that gives you the option WHEN to use your ult, making him really hard to predict and counter. If that mobility and control isn't enough he has a neat damage output once in melee range - and there is no moment you are NOT in range unless you want to be out of the fight or you simply don't know what you are doing. Additionally he can heal for an extreme amount of health in just no time. With the right mod loadout you can surprise the enemies with sudden 60 effective health in just one turn! If that isn't enough he has many CC options, not only on his knockback, which has a really fair range, but also on his other mod options.
    All this already makes him really strong. Now what if he had a cool down reset so he could repeat all of his nasty stuff on you again? OH WAIT, HE DOES! RIGHT after his ultimate, which he can EASILY get three times during an average game. Rask is not a D tier. Quite the opposite.

    And then...

    Dr. Finn is more annoying, but without his ult he is pretty powerless. His heal is weak, His main damage is weak, and his eels are mostly ignored.
    Everything is wrong about this statement. His ult can be powerful indeed, but his bubble a highly powerful shield. Not only can it protect your ally from damage but it also has CC on it and a small amount of damage, turning this ability into a game changer if used correctly. For Finn it is really important to position well. If you can't do that, you indeed are turning him into a weak support, but his heal is extremely powerful, too, healing up to three allies for 24 health in a single turn. That is an overall healing of 72. Only an Aurora ultimate or a Quark ultimate can top that if played WELL - and Finn has that on a normal skill with a really fair cooldown, which turns him into an absolute strong healer.
    Last but not least his eels are surely not ignored but do a lot of work. As long as you can make sure the eels hit, they jump over multiple times, applying constant damage that is also very fair for a support. Either that or they force the enemy into trickier positions, as they try to avoid them from jumping over. Especially if you need more vision the eels can be helpful, as they don't only deal damage but also reveal targets.

    Only few things here I can agree or at least partly agree with.
    Asana is definitely an S tier lancer, yes. No debates.
    Zuki is either S or A tier. Her damage is insane and she punished enemies very hard for staying grouped or coming out of their hiding spots behind walls.
    Lockwood and Grey I'd probably put into S-tier, but I am not too surprised at people who don't. So we can leave it at just that.
    B tier is lacking of Nix btw.

    Again, to anyone who reads this: I strongly recommend not taking this "REAL current tier list" for granted. At all. If you are looking for reliable sources and information, you can always follow the lead of our pro and semi-pro players. Do not go with what new people claim to be "REAL" right of the bat. The best way to find out what Lancers works best for you is to just play the game anyway. The more you play, the more you learn.

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    Great thing about AR is no REAL tiers imo

    Yall should leave the guy be. Every freelancer can be used effectively, depends on composition of enemies and what their strategy is. Different levels of players will have different go-to characters since they're used to it.

    Tourney players/pre-made will have a diff opinion than solo-queuers. There is no OFFICIAL tiers, just trends of popular characters, and thats great because the game is balanced quite well.

    Yes the title should be MY current Tier list we all get that. Itd be interesting to see which characters people value the most in a specific composition as this is a TEAM game. Personally i love obscure characters and can be a Nightmare...yall sleeping on OZ

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    There is no OFFICIAL tiers
    When you got a point, you got a point.

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    Kudos to Talonite for writing an extensive reply, too lazy to do so myself.

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    This is better than the other list, but I' have to defer to Talonite's qualms for the most part. Garrison, especially, is rated far too high. I have this irking feeling Celeste might be one of the strongest characters in the game, but that it will take longer for players to develop her to her full potential.

    But just to put some of my opinions in short form, without much justification:
    Garrison -3 or -4 tiers. Yes, that different.
    Titus -1 or -2 tiers.
    Celeste +1 tier
    Orion -2 tiers.
    Juno -1 tier.
    Helio +2 or +3 tiers.
    Finn +2 tiers.
    Gremo +1 tier.
    Oz +1 or +2 tiers.

    Eh, that's enough for now.

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    I agree with Talonite.

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    Remember that tier lists aren't the end all be all for the game in general. Let's not insult people for holding opinions that differ from yours. IMO the worst thing about this post is the title.

    I'm just going to mention that I very much disagree with putting Garrison in S tier, he's not that good I believe. He has high damage, yes, but little ability to tank damage, a fairly ineffective jump, and an ultimate that has little area to hit and small, almost worthless heals.

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    The power level of freelancers really depends on team composition and how aware your teammates and the other team is.

    At dumpster MMR, damage is king and supports struggle. Also AoE is more valuable and having predictable turns is less of a problem.

    As you move up, being sneaky gains value as does supporting your teammates to set-up combos for burst damage or to force dashes.

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    As said on reddit.

    I applaud your ambition and effort put in to writing this, however your conclusions are completely wrong. The issue being, that you are writing this from the perspective of a new, inexperienced soloQ player.
    You have pubstompers and garbo in high tier and TOP TIER chars in low tier.
    This list is entirely inaccurate. I think you should redo this in a month or so, and continue to develop it to be taken seriously. But honestly, keep working at it. What I'd suggest is playing through ranked when it releases for a solid 3-4 weeks. Get a respectable ELO and some good stats to put up. Record all of your finishing game screenshots and review them. Understand what and why things are the way they are once you've stabilized at a higher elo. Talonite gave a great standard and excellent reasoning.

    This is about as close to accurate as has been publicly posted. I like your formatting much better, but this is generallyyyyy close to right. Talonite prettty much nailed it tbh.

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