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Thread: Juno's lockdown needs reworked

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    Juno's lockdown needs reworked

    After playing many games against Juno I have come to the conclusion that her lockdown ability is toxic to the game and is overall a not very fun ability for either the person that uses it or the person that is being targeted by this ability. The person that is getting targeted is most likely in a position that they are going to die that turn if they don't either dash or use a catalyst. The Juno doesn't need to predict absolutely anything. The counter play of "can move 2 spaces" is not something that can be done in almost any circumstance that a half skilled Juno would ever use this ability. I feel like this trap needs to be reworked so that there are legitimate ways to play around it. For example it could be a blast phase ability that went off only if you didn't dash and no longer had the "move 2 spaces" limit. It could be a blast phase ability that worked exactly the same but it does 40 damage but it doesn't apply till the next turn where the player has a choice whether to take the damage or not. It could just be a root that prevented dashing in the first place but does no damage, so you have to coordinate with your team. It could still be a prep phase ability but it goes off in the next turn. Any of these would be legitimate options that would make the ability more interesting and fun to play around other than just "fire and know they take 30 damage minimum." I would love to hear other people's thoughts as well. Thanks for reading!

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    I have to disagree, based on my own experience. Having played my own Juno to level 13 and having played against quite a few enemy Junos, I have seen a lot of counterplay and predicts, both failed and successful, with Lockdown. Most of my Lockdown use has not been against enemies that have no choice but to dash/move or die. A few, yes, but not most.

    Now that people are getting used to Juno and her abilities, I'm seeing a lot of players either not move or only move 2 spaces when they expect to be a target of Lockdown. Even when at full health. As for playing Juno, I have to say that having that element of play that a character can introduce into a match, the predicts and counterplay, IS fun. Lockdown is also more or less effective against different lancers. Supports, mostly being dashless, not so much. But a character like Elle with Haste mods, has to be very careful around Lockdown, particularly when modded for +damage per square moved. So there are different considerations with different lancers as well, which adds to the interesting nature of the ability.

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    Juno's lockdown ability is desperately needed. The amount of dashes in this game are insane and we need more counterplay on them.

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