Hi guys it's Wollelol again. This time I gonna share some Tips & Tricks about how to predict, why you should do it SOMETIMES and the different type of predictions in this game. So let me tell you you how to not miss your taunts and make some #AwesomePredictions.

First of what are predictions and why should you make some. The most common example is a enemy is at lower then 30 hp and has his dash up (hit alt to see all the cds of every player). You realize he's not gonna stand there and take your shot in the face and die, right? So you start thinking where could he dash to and shoot that square. Easy peasy the simplest predict there is. Sadly it's not always that easy and there are different kind of scenarios so let me give you a few pointers to get you started. Which basicly means this is gonna be a rather short guide for now.

First lets divide in 2 forms of predictions. The DDP (Damage Dealing Predict) and the DAP (Damage Avoiding Predict)

1.) DDP

This predict most likely start with you anticipating your enemy to dash. Why would he dash? Good Question here is a small Checklist.

a) he's low health and would take fatal damage
b) he's in a bad spot and would take a huge amount of damage
c) if the target has a huge aoe opportunity (3 man aoe) he could refuse to dash for damage keep that in mind

So next up is the “Where would he dash to?”. Just some more pointers to get a feel where you gonna predict to.

a) Health Orbs or after that generals orbs (yeah people really like those)
b) away from your team (no sane person is gonna dash to just die the turn after )
c) in cover (people know what's important)
d) not in a direct line away from you (cause you would still hit them like that)

If you go through those points in your head while looking where someone might dash to you
will find 2-3 spots your target could go which gives you a 33%-50% chance that's already pretty good and will help you to predict a lot of people.

There's also the option to just hit someone else if you predict the dash of your target which gives you 100% damage that turn and just move into the direction you think he will dash to for the kill next turn. This “technique” makes your damage output more efficient and is one of my prefered tactics.

2.) DAP

This is the thing you should do if you got that bad feeling that your gonna die or take a bunch of damage to your face. What are the signs you should look out for to avoid getting owned?

a) how many people could potentially hit you?
b) is there a “juicier” target then you?
c) are you dealing enough damage to take the risk?

You probably noticed that those points are just the opposition of the DDP pointers. Which makes sense cause that is what predictions are about.

One of my favorite moves is the “just don't move” if you don't move you can avoid traps, mines, grey ultimates all the stuff. It's awesome.

So lets get into running away! People tend to just stand and fight every turn cause DAMAGE! But sometimes that's just not the smartest choice. So when should you run and abadon everyone for the sake of winning? Be the hero that never dies! Lets find out how in the next chapter.

So im gonna refer to not attacking and using a full round for movement as running. So there are obviously 2 kind of runs. The offensive and the defensive run. Both have different uses and im gonna write about some of them.

First up the DEFENSIVE one. Why did i just write capslock you might ask? The reason is pretty simple no one (absolutly no one) uses it. People always want to hit or do stuff in general.

Running offers a lot of utility for example if you're a Firepower/Support and a Frontliner is chasing you, if you run away and he does stuff (hitting you!) then you're gonna move 8 squares and the frontliner only 4 so you won't be in range the following turn. Even better if you run into a camoflage (bush) spot, then he won't even be able to chase you the following turn. You sir just escaped and made a frontliner look stupid!

Talking about camoflage (bush) spots a general tactic if a frontliner chases you is to move into the beginning of such a spot. So the Frontliner can't see you cause he's standing right in front of the bush. Now he can't follow you the next turn (cause there is nothing to lock on).

Another use of the defensive run is collecting orbs and getting to a safe spot. After you dashed you will probably be still near your enemy so you might wanna run away to make sure your safe ^^.

Why are defensive runs so important? Cause you wanna survive, if you die in this game it's the worst for your team. So try to stay alive heal up and get back into the fight.

Lets talk OFFENSIVE runs. Those are mostly if you are out of position, respawned or wanna get into a good ultimate spot.

So out of position. Everyone knows that you moved into the wrong direction after shooting last turn and now you can't hit ****, so instead of shooting into thin air just run to a good spot for the next turn to make up for that little miss step

Respawns. Always make sure to respawn close to powerups that enemys might wanna take (to steal them away) and spawn in those camoflage spots to give your team that vision, so run up to those enemy and get your full healthpool to use. To lead your team to victory!

Lets talk ultimates. Everyone wants to hit multiple target using their ultimate. But sometimes just using it for 1-2 targets is fine, you get it up superfast so use it as soon as possible to charge up your next one. If you really wanna do that super sweet ultimate take 1 turn to move to the perfect spot for your mega death doombringing ultimate of awesomness. Don't hold your ultimate for multiple turns cause if the turn timer passes 12 turns your most likely not gonna get another.

I hope you learned something new today! I'm sorry for this short guide but there isn't that much to running away ^^. If you got Questions or ideas for guides I'm willing to answer questions and write guides. Just chat me up on the AR discord. See you guys around and run away like litte girls FOR VICTORY!