People asked me about how they can improve their gameplay and I even went through some gameplay coverage to analyse a game step by step to help people improve. I can be kinda harsh in my analysis cause I'll tell people if they did something wrong straight to their face!
So that you don't have to go through that experience (if you don't want to), I'm gonna give you some pointers to step up your gameplay!
Here are the Top 10 things that I pay attention to, which improved my overall gameplay by miles.

1. Care about your life
In a game of AR the goal is to get 5 kills, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to get all of them. In theory, you can win every AR game if nobody on your team dies! There are very few scenarios in which I would accept a death in this game. So use those dashes and catalysts; no amount of damage is worth your life! Don't sell yourself cheap.

2. Use your Ultimate
Your ultimate, the big ability that will swing games around! Let's just hold them for just the right moment to... NOOOOO! Nononononono. Don't hold your ultimate for 5 turns for that perfect moment and then end up not getting anybody cause the moment never came. Use your ultimate early, take every decent opportunity you can get cause if you're not using your ultimate before turn 10 you might not get another one! Saving your ultimate actually costs you one over the duration of the game. If you're past turn 14 you can keep it, but always remember there will most likely not be a perfect scenario for your ultimate. Take those decent ones, it's gonna pay off in the long run.

3. Avoid Damage
We're talking about turns you can take a lot of damage and decide to not catalyst cause you know you won't die. You see, if you deal damage but take 100 damage yourself and catalyst the following turn, you're at low health and probably can't join the fight for a while. But if you catalyst/dash and avoid those 100 damage you can fight for the following turns which will give you more damage overall compared to that one turn you took the damage to your face. Another thing to plan for the long game, don't yolo your turns. A game of AR is 20 turns, plan ahead and stay in the fight as long as possible.

4. Plan your movement correctly
We all love that auto pathing (no we don't). It always brings us to the exact spot we want in the way we want it to... or not. Planning your movement step by step is an important skill to get better in AR. So what situations am I talking about? The two more dangerous things that can happen are slows and traps. If you plan your movement correctly you can make sure that you end up in a good spot even if you're slowed. Just make sure you're in cover after 2 steps and then get to a perhaps better spot using the following movements. Traps are the bane of people who forgot about them. Always remember that you don't have to move if you wanna make 100% sure to avoid all traps. Otherwise you can try to outsmart your opponent by moving unpredictably or just use your catalyst.

5. Going aggressive
We all go aggressive at some point in the game to get good damage in case we need it, but always remember that being in a aggressive position makes you vulnerable. Only go aggressive if you have a way out or it's the only way to win the match. A lot can change in one turn. You don't want to be the guy who just spawned, sprinted up and then got stuck in the middle of the enemy team just to die again.

6. Do Safe Damage
We all agree that doing damage is an important part in AR, so making sure to hit someone is a good thing. Take the following sentences with a grain of salt, cause they can change depending on your situation. One rule for safe damage is having a good angle for your attacks! If you are gonna hit someone, don't just hit them in the face without thinking about it, make sure your attack is in a good angle so that you might hit someone else behind your target if it decides to dodge. Frontliners are really dependant on good primaries, so always make sure you cover all the good dash/catalyst spots while still hitting your target(s). I see way too many frontliners who just click directly on their target without thinking about how to angle their primaries. Always think about how to angle your primary, don't just click it!

7. How to reconnect correctly!
What? Reconnect? What the hell am I talking about? Yeah, every one of us had a disconnect at some point while playing the game, be it in a casual game or an important league game. Lately, I have seen way too many people who don't know when the appropriate time to reconnect is in league games. If you are in voice with someone else who is in your game, you can improve your reconnects tremendously using one easy trick! Don't just reconnect as soon as you can, wait for your team members to tell you the moment resolution phase starts up! That way your bot is gonna do something! Even if it's a bad shot or dash, it is something at least. If you reconnect in the decision phase your bot will leave and you won't do anything! So always wait for resolution phase instead of completely wasting your turn.

8. Go into cover spots...
Yeah just throwing that one in here. You don't need me to preach about it in every guide I make, but at this point it's just a running gag cause a lot of the AR community just doesn't want to listen to this simple advice. Whatever, I'm gonna stay in my cover and take that 50% damage reduction. You should too.

9. Following the right target
So this is a frontliner-only advice! You shouldn't follow if you're not a frontliner (some very special scenarios excluded). Changing the target you're following is a really important advice for every frontliner. Sometimes you know your target is gonna dash/catalyst, make sure to not follow that target that turn and instead go follow another close target, move to a good spot or predict a bush spot where your target may have catalysted to (Check those bushes!). You don't want to be the guy who followed someone who dashed/catalysted and ended up in the spot that person was on without being able to do anything the following turn.

10. Retreat!
I wrote a full guide about this which you can find here:! . So yeah, running away isn't foolish, it's really wise if we consider the first lesson of this guide. Always remember that you can choose to not input a non-free action and move twice as far to get away by sprinting.

That's it! My top 10 Tips to improve your gameplay. Always be aware of what you're doing and don't play autopilot cause those games are not gonna improve your gameplay. Always think before acting so you get used to the process and you can fit all your thoughts into that 20 second time frame!
Feel free to chat me up in discord or post your questions below!
Get out there and get better! I'll see you online!