A lot of people asked me the following question:

What's the most important thing in AR?

Dealing Damage? Teamwork? Predictions? Feelings? Sandwich?
In my opinion it's positioning (yeah the title gave it away right?).

Why is positioning so important in AR? Well for all the reasons i listed above! Being in a good position increases the damage you will be able to deal, decreasing the damage you will recieve, allow yourself to better predict the enemy (through limiting his options) and improve your teamwork (not blocking your mates or grouping around the same spot). It will also allow yourself to make a sandwich cause you will win so many games you got all the queue time in the world!

So why should you care about my opinion? A excellent question. I'm currently one of the official recognized "good" players in AR; being a part of team trash and reaching 2332 elo in the sneak peek alpha, also being the only! person to recieve the 10 lancers to 1800 elo. This info will hopefuly motivate you to read this guide and maybe even leave a nice comment.

If you have questions what cover actualy is or about general gameplay I also wrote a guide about that and a short overview of all the freelancers. Which you can find here http://forums.atlasreactorgame.com/s...Gameplay-Guide

Lets get down to buisness what will this guide cover? General advice to improve positioning for FIREPOWER players. Why only firepower? I played some decent amount of frontliner (500+ games) and support (300+ games) but my main role is firepower (1,5k+ games). In my opinion each role needs different positioning and mindset to succeed. In future if there is enough positive feedback and requests I'll also write guides for frontliner and supporter positioning.

Lets kick things off with the general things a firepower player should keep in mind while choosing his positioning in order of importance. I will discuss them all below but first i want to list them all.

Not dying
Dealing max Damage

That's not much right? Not exactly these two points are combined the perfect game. If you don't die and deal as much damage as freelancerly possible you rock!

So lets take a closer look at the first one.

Not dying:
Seems easy enough right? You got dashes, catalyst, maybe steatlh all the stuff to escape. Well that's in conflict with our 2nd point isn't it? Why? In general dashing doesn't deal damage and costs your whole turn. So the optimal solution would be to not dash while not dying. How can this be archived? Through good positioning.

What does it exactly mean to be in a good position.

- be in cover (in the direction to the enemy).
- be able to hit a lot of enemys.
- be close to your maximal shooting range.
- be close to power ups.

Lets talk some more about those points to make them clearer.

1.) be in cover
being in cover is extremly important cause it reduces the damage you recieve by 50% which makes you less likely to be attacked or reduce the damage. So how do we archieve being in cover every turn? Map knowledge is the answer. Knowing all the cover spots and planing ahead to be able to move from cover to cover is the optimum. Every cover based shooter player would aggree at this point.

2.) be able to hit a lot of enemys
Another rule that speaks for itself if you can hit a lot of enemys you can select the best target to deal your full damage or even use on of your aoe attacks for all the damage. How is this archiveable?
Read the flow of the match.
What is this occult thing im talking about? I'm talking about the current mode you and the enemy team are in. Is the enemy team attacking, retreating, are they going for the power ups.
You guys honestly allready do this in some way or another without paying it to much attention, but this is one serious skill you need to hone. Being able to tell where every enemy will go the next turn is insanly helpful. So start thinking activly about what's going on and what will happen in the next few turns.

3.) be close to your maximal shooting range
Why is this so important? You are a firepower freelancer being range is your only advantage over the frontliner/support. So you should use it! As best as possible. It also lines up nicely with the previous explained skill. Being far away from the enemy also reduces the possible damage you could recieve.

4.) be close to power ups
This gives you advantage. More Energy, more Damage and more Health every power up you pick up is a huge help, you should get them as often as possible if you don't sacrifice your damage for it. BEWARE! Enemys also know the power of those power ups so they will trap them often.

So those are some pointers to make you think more about your positioning and give you the basics for my upcoming guide series of "What's the Best Move". In which i will discuss different game states out of the perspective of a certain freelancer and talk through all the option that are available and discuss with you guys what the best option is and what I would have done.

But always remember if your to far away from the enemy you can't hit them so stay a bit closer, just not in melee range.

See you in Atlas Ractor and don't forget always plan ahead!