Hey Guys it's Wollelol again! After winning the first PPL and going undefeated I feel like sharing all the stuff I was holding back! So this guide is gonna be a big one and about the most important stuff and some advanced skills you need to win a game of AR! Now lets talk about what you will read in the following sections.

1.) Vision
2.) Cover
3.) Next Turn
4.) Cooldown
5.) Tempo

Some of those sections might seem kinda weird but bear with it. After each section you should take a small break and think about what you just read and if a situation comes to your mind in which you had something like that happen.

Ok lets go and improve that GAMEPLAY!

1. Vision

So this seems obvious right? Vision is just whatever your team can see. So why would I talk about it and even put it first?

Watching back over the games I played in the PPL and generally in AR I realized that most people don't really think about vision and how important it is. In fact we (Team Trash) have a extra lancer category which is just called vision.

So why is vision that important? The answer is pretty simple you can only shoot what you see (at least reliably ). Shooting in the dark isn't the thing you wanna do. So lets take a look at this picture provided by Avaki.

That's the FoV (the middle one; the outer one is the maximal range on primary attacks) of all the Lancers. So that means you know what your team sees (obviously you can see that) but it also means you know what the enemy team can see. When was the last time you used a dash/catalyst only to realize nobody could shoot you and you wasted something? Or how often didn't you shoot somebody that was close to you that you could have shot if you had the vision?

So optimizing your vision and obstructing the enemy teams vision is a big thing! So how to actually do that?
Generally Speaking the Vision is provided by Frontliners (and Grey) ; we even call them walking wards! Go get the vision for your mates Frontliners don't sit back! Also if you can check those bushes do it!
As a example if you know someone is gonna use the dash catalyst don't hit them and follow them, hit them and move in a bush in which you think they might go to! This allows you to narrow the options in which they could have escaped.

So you want to obstruct the enemy in doing just that. Frontliners can be dealt with by rooting and knockbacks! Also we seem to be getting Lancers that interact with vision denial (Celeste) so I'm pretty hyped for that!

So how to actually improve on this aspect of the game? First, count those squares to be sure what your enemy team can see and try to capitalize on it! Second, try to get some Vision for your team without exposing yourself!

So lets take a break and think about what you just read and we go on to the next topic!

2. Cover

Oh this Wollelol we all know about cover what are you trying to say .
Apparently you don't! Why you ask me? Cause you keep going to terrible spots! So lets talk about Cover! First think about what cover means.

Being next to a wall or one of those cover spots right?

That's only the first part! And a lot of people seem to forgetting about the second part! Which is the enemies. Cover is only useful if it is between you and the enemy! If your walls are on the wrong side it's like your naked in the middle of the field everybody is gonna be able to hit you in the face and your gonna be dead fast! Here is a small Picture to show you what exactly I mean just to clarify it

The left is the Position you wanna be in!

Sorry for that guys . I just see people forgetting that being in cover and having cover from the enemies are two different things. Always remember it!

So you guys know how chess players always talk about thinking several turns ahead? Yeah you need to do that too, but only 1 turn is enough to improve your gameplay by leaps. Lets talk

3. Next Turn

So the most basic concept you should think about is what am I gonna do next turn.

For Example dashing to get out of a ultimate or something. You should dash to a spot that won't expose you next turn, that means if you dash to a no cover spot out in the open X amount of people are gonna shoot you the following turn so you only won 1 turn! If you instead go to a cover spot or somewhere that people won't be able to hit you next turn you can win several turns and even escape and regroup!

The next step is thinking about what your enemies are gonna do, always expect your enemy to do the best move and avoid that if possible!

Another example Asana is gonna hit you don't dash behind her in the hope that she is gonna do a bad primary and not hit you! Go to a safe spot. Also where are the enemies moving? In your direction? Who is the Frontliner following? What's the best move they can do?

Always assume the worst case (the enemy doing the best move) and try to adjust to this scenario, if you try to do this every turn you will definitely improve!

So lets talk about another topic that is very dear to me.

4. Cooldowns

Those pesky things prevent you doing whatever you please and make you frustrated, so you gonna keep them for the exact right moment! NO! Wrong! You might think saving your cooldowns for the perfect situation is what you need to do. It is not. If you don't use your 4 turn cooldown for 3 turns you actually missed out on using it once! Same goes for Ultimates saving them 1 Turn is fine but always remember if your using your Ultimate after turn 10 you will probably not get another one which means you wasted a whole Ultimate! oO

Naturally that doesn't mean that you should use your AoE abilities on a single target but optimize your turn go for the most damage, use your healing cooldowns to get them back up again as soon as possible.
Dash if you can avoid 2 shots to your face! That's one really important lesson! You getting hit by 2 people going to ~60 health will force you to run away the following turn! You wanna avoid that! So lets talk about the next most advanced point which is probably the biggest advantage we had in the PPL.

5. Tempo

If you ever played a turn based game seriously and looked stuff up to it you will know what I'm talking about for everybody else I'm gonna explain it.

Tempo in Turn based games is how many turns/resources you need to accomplish something.
What does that actually mean?

In chess it would be taking a figure that already moved a lot with a piece that you didn't move. Cause your opponent spent multiple turns (resources) on that one figure and you trade it with a figure that you didn't invest any resources in.

Destroying something your opponent spent a lot of mana (MtG) on using only a small amount of mana.

So what does that mean in AR Terms what our angle in this game?
Turns and HP are our resources in AR.

So if you spend your turn avoiding 2 shoots you are winning tempo! Lets think about it like this, every team has 4 Lancers and a normal game is 20 turns. So every team has 80 resources! That means if you dash and 2 people shoot your and miss your team got down to 79 (4 x 20 - 1) actions and the enemy team to 78 4 x 20 2) actions! Winning! So how far can you actually go with that?


I got a little video of a PPL Game in which I used catalyst super early to avoid 4! attacks (one still hit me but oh well ) Everybody was surprised about it and that was the moment I realized that tempo is a foreign concept to a lot of people. If you think about it for a moment you will realize that if I stood there and took all that I would be super low and would have to run for the rest of the match (which would be a lot of tempo lost).


Knowing about tempo and the general concepts will help improve your gameplay by leaps and bounds always make sure you are ahead in tempo which will influence how well your team is doing!

So lets just think about what we learned in this guide.

- Vision is knowledge having more is always good and obstructing it is a wise choice!
- Cover is only useful if it's between you and your enemy
- Always think about what's gonna happen in the next turn
- Use your Cooldowns efficiently for maximum output (Don't save them forever!)
- "Outplay" your opponent by having more relevant actions then them