Welcome Freelancers!

We’re excited to launch the translation project for Atlas Reactor, which you can learn all about over here.

This forum is for reporting any Polish issues you find in the project on Crowdin, and eventually in game. We’re always open to your questions and suggestions, or any other feedback as well.

We ask that you post in English only – Not only is it our general forum rule to keep all posts in English, we also cannot respond to localization issues that aren’t written in English (aside from the translated text in question). If you feel that your post would be best written in a different language, you can absolutely use the discussion board on Crowdin.

Thank you so much for your help!

How to help translate Atlas Reactor in your language:

1. Register or sign in at Crowdin.
2. Select your language(s).
3. Select a file, and jump right in! Please start with the Glossary if it is incomplete in your language.