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Thread: Progress gone

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    Progress gone

    Will my skins, taunts etc. come back or are they gone forever? I would be pretty sad and angry, because i played almost the whole beta and bought the game :/

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    ISO, skins and taunts earned outside of Founder packs were wiped. Trion was clear that progress wipes happen during beta. If you're upset, that's on you. Maybe you should have waited until launch to play the game.

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    It's still very sad to have ALL progress except razer skins wiped. I wish they at least let people who helped with testing the game buy 1 or 2 favorite freelancers permanently in free version of the game, or would give some ISO to those who bought the game.

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    This is how most betas work. Even people who bought the game don't get to keep anything.
    The reason is because in Beta things can be exploited and/or the game was different.

    The beta leveling speed, rewards, and so on were much different than the live version for testing purposes. No reason to give people a huge advantage like that.

    Your reward for "testing" the game was having fun playing a really great game. Enjoy the new season ladder and just level back up

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    I wouldnt worry too much about the stuff you lost. You can easily regain it if you bought a Founder's pack at all with the ISO given to you and go buy those skins/taunts/etc that were most important to you first. You actually gain ISO fairly quickly through the Loot Crates as well, which you can use to buy more stuff.

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