Patch Notes

Windows XP Version of Glyph
  • There is now a version of Glyph for specifically for Window's XP users.
  • This limited version of Glyph will only allow authentication into XP supported games (RIFT, Defiance).
  • We have no plans to add any Glyph updates, features, or improvements to this version of Glyph.

Multiple Account Dropdown is now an option feature
  • Made the multiple account dropdown functionality an opt-in feature in Glyph.
  • The default configuration is set to OFF. Those who previously used this option will have to re-enable it from the options menu.
  • To enable this functionality, visit the Settings menu, and choose the “general” section. In the bottom right corner, click “save multiple accounts in drop-down” to enable this feature.
Various Bug fixes and Stability Improvements.