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Thread: Archis, The Rogue Inventor

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    Lightbulb Archis, The Rogue Inventor

    Full Name: Archis Valin (pronounced "R-kiss v-A-l-in")
    Role: Support
    Current Trust: Freelancer (none)
    Difficulty: Hard

    Archis Valin was a boy born into a well-to do family, with a father who was employed at Warbotics. He looked up to his father's creation of robots, drones and devices, and studied hard to become an inventor so he could follow in his father's footsteps. He got top marks in nearly all his classes, and was almost immediately hired as a designer and technician at Warbotics. He worked for them for some time, but on a vacation to a far-off part of the city, he was caught in the cross-fire between Warbotics, who were unaware he was there, and a band of protesters who wanted them shut down. An explosion sent him flying and shrapnel destroyed one of his eyes, he was soon recognised and brought to safety, but after seeing the slaughter of protesters who made no physical aggression and being injured by the people he worked for he secretly grew to loathe Warbotics. His crippled eye was replaced by an artificial one, and the next day he questioned why he was designing machines of war that don't make distinction between killers and civilians. His questioning was met with a stern scolding from his higher-up, and a threat of suspension. The following day an announcement was made by him that Warbotics were profiteers of war and nothing more by Archis himself, when security robots entered the broadcasting station of the building, an explosion levelled a third of the floor, and Archis was nowhere to be found. Archis was declared a danger to the city, and is now wanted with a bounty of tens of millions of credits.

    Without the technology of Warbotics he's limited in what he can produce, but his genius lets him build advanced machinery out of even standard materials. He now uses his technology to sabotage and expose Warbotics, but most of all to protect the innocent people who know the truth.

    Archis has 150 health.

    Primary: Welding Rifle (Blast)

    Line targeter, 4 units long, slightly more than 1 unit wide.
    Archis fires a stream of extremely hot flames from his welding rifle, doing 18 damage to enemies in the line. If his Gemini Turret or Valkyrie Drone are in the path of it, the flames stop at it and grant them 12 shields until the end of the second resolution phase after they are applied. These shields cannot stack, re-applying the Welding Rifle to them will replace any damage to the shields and refresh the duration. Grants 4 energy for every enemy hit, and another 5 if it gives the Gemini Turret or Valkyrie Drone shields.

    2: Gemini Turret (Prep and Blast)
    Cool Down: 5 turns

    Single space targeter adjectant to player.
    Archis places a construction module on an adjectant space, the next prep phase it finishes construction creating a Gemini Turret on the space. Enemies cannot step on the space occupied by the turret, even while it is building. The Gemini Turret has 40 health and 10 shields that last until they are destroyed. In a 3 unit range around the turret, the turret will target the nearest enemy during the prep phase and fire in that direction during the blast phase with a burst of plasma rounds in a line that stops at the first enemy hit, doing 16 damage. The turret can utilise cover to avoid damage, and lasts 2 turns after the one its construction is completed, shutting down and morphing back into its module at the end of the next resolution, waiting to be recharged and re-deployed. Grants 5 energy on deployment, and every time it damages an enemy.

    3: Barricade (Prep, Free Action)
    Cool Down: 1 turn

    Varies, by default targets the line between spaces.
    Archis rapidly constructs a barricade on a intersection between two spaces up to 2 units away that acts as cover. This barricade lasts 3 turns after it is deployed, but has 30 health. It will take damage equal to what cover blocks when it is attacked regardless of it someone uses it or not. Grants 5 energy on use.

    4: Reactive Shield (Prep)
    Cool Down: 3 turns

    Single ally targeter, 5 space range and requires line of sight.
    Archis launches a shielding module onto an ally or himself, granting them 15 shields until the end of the next resolution phase. If the ally takes damage during the same turn, they will gain shields equivalent to double the amount of damage the shields took that turn the following prep phase. If the shields are destroyed on the turn the module is applied, the enemy that destroyed it becomes targeted for the next 2 turns, becoming revealed and taking 4 more damage from the Gemini Turret and Valkyrie Drone. Grants 7 energy on use.

    Ultimate: Valkyrie Drone
    Cooldown: None, requires 100 energy to use.

    Single space targeter adjectant to player.
    Archis sets a construction module on an adjectant space, the following prep phase a Valkyrie Drone is constructed. The Valkyrie Drone has 60 health and 20 shields that last until they are destroyed. The Valkyrie Drone's movement can be controlled by toggling the ability and right clicking where to move it while it is active, this is a free action. It can move up to 4 spaces each movement phase and can use cover. Every blast phase it will target the nearest enemy within 3 spaces and fire at them with a volley of Plasma rounds, doing 18-22 damage, increasing the closer the target is. The Valkyrie Drone will last 5 turns after deployment, shutting down at the end of the movement phase. 6 energy is generated each time the Valkyrie Drone damages an enemy.


    1 - Welding Rifle

    2-slot mod - Deluxe Oxy-Fuel: Increases damage and shields from this ability by 4 (default)

    1-slot mod - Long Barrel: Increases range by 1

    2-slot mod - Wide Barrel: Welding Rifle's flames can now pass over the Gemini Turret and Valkyrie Drone, still granting them shields.

    3-slot mod - Nano Flames: Shielding the Gemini Turret or Valkyrie Drone will now grant them strength for 2 turns, ending on the resolution phase after the next turn.

    2-slot mod - Plasma Welder: Increases shields granted by 6, shield now lasts an additional turn.

    2 - Gemini Turret

    2-slot mod - Heavy Plasma: Enemies hit are now slowed until the next resolution phase. (default)

    1-slot mod - Lightweight Construction: The Gemini Turret module can now be placed up to 3 spaces away, but its health is reduced by 15.

    3-slot mod - Micro-Rockets: The Gemini Turret now has a miniature rocket launcher, which can be activated during the prep phase as a free action while a turret is deployed. This will increase its damage by 10 and make it knock back enemies 2 spaces that turn. This can only be performed once per turret.

    2-slot mod - Gemini Targeter: The Gemini Turret can now target 2 enemies per turn, but its damage is reduced by 7.

    2-slot mod - Quality over Quantity: Increases shields by 10 and duration by 1 turn, but increases cooldown by 1 turn.

    3 - Barricade

    1-slot Mod - Quality Materials: Increases barricade duration by 1 turn. (default)

    3-slot Mod - Large Scale Ver.: The barricade is now the square type, being placed on a space rather than between them. Also has 10 more health.

    2-slot Mod - Shield Barrier: If placed next to allies, the barrier now grants 10 shields to them until the resolution phase.

    2-slot mod - Absorption Barricade: If an ally is using the barricade as cover, gain energy equal to damage blocked.

    1-slot mod - Long Barrier: The barrier is now 2 spaces long. (To place, select the first intersection and then one more on either side depending on where you want to place it.

    4 - Reactive Shield

    3-slot mod - Pre-emptive Protocol: Regardless of if the first shield is damaged, the shielded ally will gain an extra 12 shields next turn. (default)

    2-slot mod - Constitution Enhancer: The effected ally will gain Unstoppable the turn applied, and the next if the first shield takes damage.

    1-slot mod - Conductive Shielding: Both shields will now give Archis 1 energy for every 2 damage taken, rounded down.

    2-slot mod - Mending Reaction: If the first shield is damaged, the effected ally will instead be healed for 10 health, but the second shield is reduced to damage taken the first turn.

    3-slot mod - Defensive Mechanism : If an enemy destroys the first shield, they will also be shocked by a zap of electricity from the module, dealing 5 damage and slowing them until the next resolution.

    5 - Valkyrie Drone

    2-slot mod - High-Power Thrusters: Increases movement range to 5 spaces (default)

    1-slot mod - Improved Plating: The Valkyrie Drone has 10 more shields.

    2-slot mod - Compressed Plasma: Damaged increased to 24-22 based on distance.

    3-slot mod - Advanced Optics: Increased Range to 4 spaces, does 16 damage at max range. The Valkyrie Drone can also target stealthed enemies, but they are only revealed if they are targeted.

    2-slot mod - Self Destruct Sequence: If the Valkyrie Drone lasts until the end of its duration, it instead self-destructs during the blast phase, dealing 12 damage to all enemies in its range and giving 3 energy per enemy hit.

    I will update this post with some images some time soon.

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    Valkyrie drone seems extremely powerfull, also moving valkyrie dron is free action or consumes an action as any other atack?, beause if u can move and hit it with the welder, that thing can be a hard pain in the field with its dmg and vision providing.

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    It is a free action, but I've nerfed the Valkyrie Drone pretty heavily just now, and the Gemini Turret was slightly nerfed as well.

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    Too complicated, also reminds me waaaay too much of helio mixed with the MC from dead space. We already have one inventor. Maybe move away from that name.

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