Commander Ano is a Frontliner with high mobility, decent survivability, medium damage, but fairly low range. In combat she uses gadgets, Lilith invented especially for her (see background story stuff).

Justicebringer: Ano uses her axe to do a 360 slash around her, hitting all enemies in adjusting squares for medium damage. Used in Blast Phase, no cooldown.


Leech: Justicebringer restores a small amount of health for every enemy hit.

Concentrated Justice: Ano now only hits enemies in a 90 cone in front of her, but for longer range (three squares) and slightly increased damage.

Doubletime: Ano now slashes in two different directions, each hit all enemies in a 90 cone in up to two squares range. Damage stays the same.

Forward!: Ano jumps forward up to two squares. She then slams her axe onto the two squares in front of her, dealing high damage. Is considered a knockback effect on herself, so being used at the end of the blast phase.

Sharp Blade: Increases the damage of Justicebringer.

Deflective-Shield: Ano pulls out a small shield, that expands in front of her like an arrowhead. Attacks hitting the tip or area-effects in front of it are simply getting absorbed, skillshots aimed at the side are being deflected into a different direction and now can hit enemy players for small percentage of the original damage. Roots her in place until next turn. Prep-phase. 5 turns cooldown.

Recupperation: Every absorbed or deflected attack restores a small amount of health to Ano.

Reflective: Skillshots are no longer deflected to a different direction, but sent back to the one who shot it, dealing half its normal damage.

Spearhead: The next turn Ano can't do any actions. Instead she will charge in a straight line until she hits a wall with the shield still up. Enemies hit suffer decent damage and are weakened.

Quick recovery: Decreases the cooldown by one turn.

Absorbent: A small percentage (higher than the heal) of all damage absorbed or deflected is converted into a shield, that explodes at the end of the next turn for small damage to all enemies in close range.

To the Frontline!: With just a press of a button, Ano releases steam into her boots, that fire out metal platesto accelerate her. Thus she charges a short range in a straight line, rooting the first enemy she hits. Dash Phase, two turns cooldown.

Charge: To the Frontline no longer stops at the first enemy hit and no longer roots. Instead it's range is increased and medium damage is dealt to all enemies hit. Increasses cooldown by one turn.

In for the kill: Charge no longer roots, but instead ends in a two squares wide 360 slash for medium damage.

Afterburner: Hot steam is pushed out of Anos boots, that deals light damage to all enemies in a 90 cone behind her on "liftoff".

Unstoppable: Ability free use in prep-phase, now grants haste and unstoppable for two turns instead of its normal function.

Cushion: Increases the range, but Ano now has to bounce off a wall to get this ability to work.

Bounceform: Ano uses up all her steam, thus bouncing off up to five walls. After every bouncy she can jump up to five squares until she has to hit the next wall, else the ability is cancelled. ON her way she deals medium damage to all enemies hit. Afterwards she is slowed for one turn. (Not removeable by unstoppable. Dashphase, consumes all energy.


Steam efficiency: Every enemy hit refunds five energy.

Charging up: Bounceform now needs one turn to "charge up". Jumping distance to the next wall gets doubled (ten squares now) and so does the damage.

Shockwave: Slamming into a wall generates a shockwave behind it, that deals low damage to all enemies in a cone behind it. Cone angle dependant on the angle Ano slams into the wall.

Ready up!: Bounceform leaves behind one of each power-up on liftoff for teammates to pick up.

Impale: The metal plates are lose, so instead of jumping herself, Ano shoots away one of those in a straight line, damaging the first enemy hit for high damage, slowing him and making him vulnerable.

Design: Ano just as Lilith is of average height and weight for a caucasian woman. She has long black hair. Her entire body shows how battle-hardned she is. Plate-armor covers her body and the mighty double-sided axe Justicebringer is her weapon!

Backgroundstory: She too originally is made for my little novel ^.^ As the leader of Uneams troops, she works closly together with lilith in defending the city from all kinds of threats. Her character is very caring for those around her. War is not what she strives for, but after many blows of fate she accepted, that she has to fight to keep those she loves save.