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Thread: Mokena, The Artificial Plague

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    Mokena, The Artificial Plague

    Name: Mokena

    Role: Support/Firepower

    She focuses mainly on DoT and pressuring enemies to dash if they want to shake off some of that DoT. She uses a gauntlet to control her microscopic bots which looks like a black cloud when bunched up.

    (Damage scaling in my terms:

    Primary: Infestation
    • Does damage to an enemy in a line
    • Enemies hit will be Infested
    • Infested enemies take very minor damage (about 1 until 5) at the start of each turn for 2 turns. When taking damage from this, enemies are revealed until end of turn.

    2nd: Pathogen (Prep)(CD = 3)
    • Shoots a small cloud to an enemy.
    • Enemy hit will be Slowed
    • Enemy hit with this ability are Infested and will infect any enemy right next to them.

    3rd: Enshroud (Prep)(CD = 4)
    • Covers an enemy with her bots
    • Enemies are revealed until end of next turn.
    • Doesn't follow up/chase enemies if they Dash. Meaning this can be shaken off
    • If it wasn't shaken off enemies takes minor damage at the end of the first turn. Then a medium damage on the second
    • Lasts for 2 turns

    4th: Fade (Dash) (CD=5)
    • Backpedals 1 square from her current location, leaving a "Cloud" behind which acts as a Cover and explodes when hit.
    • When the "Cloud" explodes it deals damage to all enemies in its area.
    • The range of this dash isn't too far.
    • The cloud vanishes as it explodes letting full damage in after it explodes.

    Ult: Plague (Prep)(100)
    • Floods an area with her bots
    • All enemies hit are "Enshrouded"(her 3rd ability) and are Infested.
    • Enemies Enshrouded by this ability are Slowed for the turn
    • The Enshroud from this ability acts the same as the normal Enshroud but deals more damage.

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    Mods for Prim and 2nd:

    • Airborne - 2 - Increases range
    • Invasion - 3 - Now deals damage to multiple enemies with increased width and decrease in damage. (Applies Infested to all enemies).
    • Research - 1 - Extra energy gain when hit.
    • Engulf - 3 - The closest enemy receives extra damage by (x) and Infested duration by 1

    • Infectious - 2 - Now infects enemies in a radius
    • Irritation - 3 - Enemies are weakened and slowed
    • Unbearable - 1 - Reveals enemies for the turn

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    Mods for the 3rd until Ult:

    • Immunity - 3 - Can target this to allies now giving them Shields over time. Giving small amount of shield for the 1st turn and a medium on the second.
    • Fatigue - 2 - Weakens enemies as long as they're "Enshrouded"
    • Cloak - 2 - Can target self. Give Invisible and Healing over time for 2 turns. Does minor to small amount of healing over time.
    • Parasitic - 1 - Gain extra energy when the target is damaged

    • Vanish - 1 - Increase dash range and become invisible, but no longer creates the "Cloud"
    • Dense - 3 - The "Cloud" now blocks damage fully, and deals more damage when exploding.
    • Layered - 2 - The "Cloud" is now able to take up to 2 hits

    • Viral - 3 - When more than one enemy is hit, they receive medium direct damage.
    • Invasion - 2 - Increase range and/or width
    • Start of the Plague - 2 - When an enemy dies due to Infestation or this skill. Enemies in a radius of the dead enemy will get Infested as well
    • Black Death - 1 - Gain 15 energy/enemy hit

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