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Open Beta Hotfix
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it would appear like a freelancer was in a position that they were not actual in (this also fixes an issue where it could appear like 2 freelancers were on the same square)
  • Fixed an issue causing catalyst abilities to still be shown during Decision Phase as if an actor were using them, even though they were already queued/used on a prior turn.
  • Fixed an issue where Oz could move incorrectly after using Made You Look
  • Fixed an exception caused when entering Spectator Mode in custom games
  • Fixed the chapter 4 mission, "Complete 5 different daily missions." to correctly increment upon daily completion.
  • Fixed an exception caused when closing the progression screen with Fill selected
  • Fixed an issue where recently used chat would not disappear at the wrong time
  • Fixed an issue where chat input could turn all white
  • Fixed (hopefully) the Entry Text tooltip bug. We really love this bug -_-

Open Beta has started!
  • Atlas Reactor is now in Open Beta!
  • Everyone will have full access during the Open Beta period
  • Purchase the game for full access when Headstart begins on 9/30!

  • Respawn beacons are no longer affected by camouflage.
  • Oz can now select a move after using Made You Look
  • Orion - Fate Transfer - Energy Leech mod now correctly increases the incoming energy through damage transferred by 25% to a total of 125%.

Advanced Pings
  • Advanced Pings - While holding down alt, click and hold the mouse button down. After 0.25 seconds, an advanced ping menu will appear! Choose your advanced ping type by hovering over the type you want and then releasing the mouse button (or stay over the X in the center to cancel).

  • There is now a “Fill” option in Freelancer Select
  • This will allow you to choose your Freelancer after getting paired with your team, so you can choose a role that best compliments your team comp
  • As probably expected, you will not be able to select a Freelancer that one of your teammates already has
  • Currently only one member in a group can choose the Fill option. We are looking into changing this.

  • The Clash system has been implemented to resolve a very specific case where two players are equidistant from a location and both choose to move to that same location
  • Previously the player that locked in first would get to the square, with the other player getting bumped off of it, but this was “hidden” information and it was not clear to players how the winner was determined.
  • Now, with Clash, both players are bumped off of the target location to an adjacent square
    • If there is a powerup on the target square, neither player will get that powerup if they clash
    • If players are equidistant from a square and they are both walking through it, they will also clash and neither will get the powerup
    • If a player finishes on that location while another player walks through it, the player that finishes on that location will get the powerup
  • This system allows players to plan around this known mechanic and not have to guess on who clicked first. It is part of our larger goal to not hide information from the player and provide a clear set of rules with which to make decisions
  • The Clash system also applies to evades

  • There is now a simpler way to choose AI bot difficulty, with choices of Easy/Medium/Hard. You can toggle back to the old start interface if desired
  • Added more animations to the in-match HUD to make it clear when abilities are placed and canceled
  • The cursor will now notify you of how many clicks are required to fully place an ability

Orion skin
  • Orion’s new Colossus skin is now in game!

  • Completing a tier in the faction system now results in a system broadcast letting everyone know it has been completed.
  • The 3d model for the 5th character on your team is now visible (in 16:9 at least) when making custom games with 5 players on a team. Make sure you're all color coordinated! ;-)
  • Players that have temporary full access are now notified that they are in this state
  • Many Particle effects now have distortion effects on them
  • Particle effects will not have a distortion effect when Graphics Quality is set to Low. This increases free memory and, in some circumstances, frame rate.
  • Various minor bug fixes

Progression Changes
  • We have dramatically increased the experience (xp) rewards from mission and challenges, and made corresponding reductions from "bonus" xp sources. This was done to grant more satisfying rewards for completing content, and to wrangle the incredible high variance of the GG boost bonus. Additionally, we have slightly reduced the pace of early Season and Freelancer levels to smooth out the reward rate for new users. However, we have also reduced the time to level Freelancers at the top end.

Freelancer Levels
  • The amount of xp required to gain levels after Freelancer Level 20 has been reduced from 50,000 to 30,000.
  • Mod Tokens are now awarded at Freelancer levels 4/8/12 instead of 5/10/15. These are given in packs of 6. Up from 5.

Mission Rewards
  • Daily Mission xp rewards have been doubled, increased from 500-1000 to 1000-2000.
  • Chapter Missions now award 3000, 4000, or 5000 xp depending on difficulty.
  • The Chapter 5 Challenge is repeatable. After earning the title, you can complete the Ultimate Challenge again for an xp reward.

  • Playing with Friends bonus decreased from 50% to 25%.
  • Bonuses from GG boosts have been reduced. The total xp bonus from GG boosts is now 100%.
  • Using a GG boost grants a 30% xp bonus to yourself, and a 10% xp bonus to everyone else in the match.
  • Don't despair -- we all love passive bonuses, but GG boosts are destined for greater things this coming Season!
  • We will continue to play and adjust these bonuses as necessary.

Season Changes
  • Chapter 5 has been created for Open Beta. You'll be able to experience the true chapter stories and the conclusion of the Trust War starting October 4!
  • Chapters now contain 5 missions each.
  • Only 4 out of the 5 missions must be completed to progress to the next chapter.

Season Levels
  • We have removed some of the rewards from early Season Levels. These will reappear in a different location at launch.