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    Let's Talk About The Wipe!

    Hi Alpha/Beta Players,

    As you now know, we'll be launching October 4th and we've got you to thank for that!

    On September 27th the servers will be taken offline so that we can prepare properly for release. At this time we're resetting all accounts so everyone can start fresh.

    However, there is a good amount of swag that you'll get to keep because you've earned it. Here is a list:

    For Being An Awesome Playtester:
    • O.G. - Title
    • Alpha Reactor - Title

    Earned Through Various Challenges:
    • Alpha Account Elo Emblems and Banners (4 of each)
    • Beta Character Elo Emblems (6 )
    • Beta Character Wins Emblems (3)
    • Beta Maxxed - Title
    • Penultimate - Title
    • Dev Killer - Title
    • Killed By Dev - Title
    • Dev Avenger - Title
    • Stressed Out - Title
    • The Informant - Title
    • Blood Sport Lockwood - Skin
    • Liberty Rampart - Skin
    • Recruit-A-Friend - Emblem, Emoticon, GG Boosts, Ash and Bone Asana - Skin, RAF RAF PuP - Skin
    Special Rewards:
    • Curse Promotion - Emblem (1) & Skins (3)
    • Razer Promotion - Emblem (1) & Skins (3)
    • Creator Program Emblem and Banner
    • Grey's Citadel - Skin

    Tournament Related:
    • Tournament Champion - Title
    • Tournament Player - Title
    • Tournament Caster - Title
    • Tournament Manager - Title
    • Commissioner - Title

    Founder Pack Items:

    Community Rewards - Plenty of goodies in here.

    Any Loot Matrices purchased with real money (or credits), you'll get back with an additional 10% - rounded up!

    Some of this long list of rewards were ONLY given out during the Alpha/Beta.
    Some will be locked up for a long time and may be available in the future.
    Some will be available regularly even after we launch.

    Thank you all so much for being amazing Alpha and Beta players. Without you, this game would not be as fantastic as it is. We appreciate your dedication, patience, and top notch feedback with every ounce of our being. Know that every player that ever touches this game has you to thank as well.

    Enjoy flaunting your Alpha/Beta swag!

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    Noooo my legendary Rask skin!! T_T Oh well what can I do. Game still be fun anyways. :3

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    mmm 1 question,

    If I put € 10 on the game during the open beta, the official departure day game, I will have the full game? or will remain a free?

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    Can we keep that Adopt-a PuP style?? Please?

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