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Thread: Lilith Wischa, scientist of Uneam

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    Lilith Wischa, scientist of Uneam

    Lilith is a firepower Her fightingstyle involves several different gadgets. Damage output is mediocore for a firepower, but that for she has high capabilities of keeping track of enemies,

    Bouncy: Lilith throws a grenade, she refers to as "Bouncy", that bounces off the ground in a straight line up to two times. It explodes once it hits an enemy, but can jump over them. The length differs from how far away she pointed the first impact away from herself. If she points the first impact just one square in front of her, it jumps in one-square-steps. If two away, it then jumps two squares the next two times again and so on. The max range of the first throw is three squares. Deals medium damage and can bounce off walls, loses one square of jump distance though, if it does. (Minimum remains one square.).

    Durable: Bouncy can now bounce off one additional time for reduced distance (last bounce at least. one square .

    High Impact: Bouncy deals half its damage to surrounding enemies. Damage is slightly increased.

    Emergency measures: Lilith can now target Bouncy directly at herself, granting her a shield that absorbs decent damage. (Uhm...i will get to the science behind this at some other point..maybe...)

    Motionpowder: Bouncy leaves a lot of tiny nano-bots behind, which track motion of enemies. (See: Motion sensor)

    Hot gas: Every time Bouncy bounces off the ground, it leaves behind a small cloud of hot gas, that deals a bit of damage to every enemy passing through it.

    Motion sensor: Lilith deploys a motion sensoring box on the ground in up to two squares distance. The sensor shows the movement lines of all enemies that are planning to go through this field. The effect has a radius of three squares into all directions. If an enemy should happen to end his movement phase within the circle, the box will release hot steam for medium damage. Lasts one turn, has four turns cooldown. Is used during the prepare phase.

    Movement-enhancement-toolkit: The sensor is upgraded with a couple of wheels, allowing Lilith to set a direction, that the sensor moves towards. This increases the duration of the motion sensor by one turn and it moves two squares.

    Under pressure: The released steam is so powerful, that it also knocks the enemy back. (Interrupts the movement and turns it into a knockback from there on)

    Tripping hazard: All enemies walking into the motion sensors get shot into their knees by arrows, rooting them in place. The arrows themselves also are mounted with motion sensors, revealing the enemy for two rounds.

    Increased duration: Turns the motion sensor into a free action and makes it last three turns.

    Energy conservation: Motions sensor generates additional energy for every enemy hit.

    Sparkle: Lilith pulls out a small pistol she tinkered with in her free time. With it she shoots a load of glittering powder and hot steam in a 90 cone in front of her. The shot deals low damage, but reveals all enemies hit for two turns and slows them. Three rounds cooldown. Burst Phase.

    More glitter: Increases the duration, that enemies are revealed, by one turn.

    Extra holes (look at how good i am with names!): There are several small holes in the barrel, allowing the steam and glitter to get blown out in a wider angle.

    Into the eyes: Now blows the steam and glitter in a straight line right at the targets eyes. The first enemy hit gets a medium amount of damage, is revelead for two rounds and has reduced vision. (like down to two or three squares. Improves groupplay for competitive i assume, when teammates kinda have to help out by describing where the guy has to aim.)

    Let is shine: Removes the damage component, but gives Sparkle a 360 firing angle by shooting straight upwards. Works over walls.

    Explosive powder: Sparkles glitter is covered in tiny bombs. Enemies affected by glitter will take additional damage, once the effect ends.

    Grappling Hook: Lilith grabs her steam-powered grappling hook and shoots it in a straight line. If she hits an obstacle such as a wall or an enemy, she pulls herself to it. Should she hit an enemy, she deals a lot of damage, roots the target in place and makes it vulnerable. The line is one square wide and has a medium range. Four turns cooldown. Dash Phase.

    Energyzing hook: Increases the amount of energy gained by a small portion. Doubled if hook connects to an enemy player.

    Come 'ere!: Turns the hook into a Blast Phase ability and makes it only able to connect with enemy players. It now deals medium damage and pulls the enemy towards Lilith.

    Second hook: The main hook now only pulls Lilith towards walls and has no other effect anymore. Thatfor she is able to aim a second hook, with halved range and damage, that can only connect to enemy players.

    Trap: Grappling Hook becomes a prep-phase ability. Lilith shoots a rope along the floor from her own location into a wall. The rope is covered with small motion sensors, if an enemy runs over it, he gets slowed and revealed for one turn.

    Mine!: Grappling hook can now connect with power-ups and pull them close to Lilith.

    Lil' Pewpew: Lilith deploys a different box she has in her pockets. This one expands and forms a fully functional turret that remains static for three rounds. Whenever an enemy stands in its field of view, it will shoot at him in a cone for medium damage. If several enemies are in line of sight, it will prioritice the one with the least health while trying to hit as many enemies as possible. Consumes 100 Energy.

    Suprise!: The box no longer contains a turret, but a bomb instead, which Lilith throws up into the air. It detonates in a big radius around her for huge damage. The damage, while massive, is divided by the amount of enemies hit. (The damage is about 3/4 of the damage the turret would deal, if it hits one target every round it is up). Set in Blast phase, consumes 100 energy.

    Energetic ammunition: Every enemy hit generates three energy.

    Light construct: Lowers the damage slightly, but makes it a free action, that still consumes all energy.

    Special ammo: The turret now fires Bouncys an can be controlled by Lilith. This consumed her own action turn. She still can move.

    Kraken: Instead of a turret, the box now releases several mechanic arms towards all enemies in sight and up to a medium distance away. All enemies hit take medium damage and get pulled towards the center.

    Lilith is a middle ages woman with messy, shoulder-long white hair and brown eyes. She is average height and weight for a caucasian person. Under her white coat, that has quite some oil stains, she wears a brown leather corset, under which is a white shirt. At least it used to be white, but it too is covered in oil stains. She also wears long brown trousers and high brown boots.

    A little background story:
    Well, originally i made this character for my novel, which located in a fantasyworld. She appears at a timeframe between what would be our middleages and renaissance in a steampunkish town. Lilith parents already were scientists and designed some of the more incredible machenaries of the town. Herself became one aswell. She is a little crazy, wants to take apart every technological thing, to learn how to build it, and she wants to dissect every living being, to learn how it's set together. For that she is also willing to risk her own life. In combat she uses all her different inventions to an advantage over the enemy.

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    hi there 0/
    i am not great at these things so im not going into the mods, but i wanna give some feedback:

    bouncy) sounds really cool, dont really understand all the distance stuff. i like the concept of all that bouncing tho.

    motion sensor) i think this will be a strong ability, maybe especially in competitive, i think it should have more range tho. i think it would be great if you could throw this over a wall for example and then see what the enemy is up to.

    sparkle) really great ability, i think it will be able to do medium damage tho. or else weak the enemy for 1 turn.

    grappling hook) this is kinda complicated because i would think it is a blast phase type, but the fact she can pull herself makes it also a sort of dash. at the end i think you're right it should be dash phase

    lil' pewpew) imo basicly awesome.

    i know this isnt the best feedback and not really constructive, altough i hope you're happy with it
    be sure to check out my concept too.

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    Better than no feedback at all

    The distance stuff is: If you throw it on the square in front of you, bouncy will land on that square, then jump onto the next and one further after that.

    If your initial square is two squares away from you, it will then bounce to the fourth and then to the sixth,

    That way it will 'skip' square one, three and five. Enemies standing there won't be hit

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    oeh yes i really like that!

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