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Thread: Assassin "The Bounty Hunter"

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    Exclamation Assassin "The Bounty Hunter"

    Assassin "The Bounty Hunter"


    I believe this lancer would have a SHORT range dash with a SMALL invis abilty to go along with it. mostly LARGE dmg numbers and most defintly self sustain abilitys as something that procs a shield weither it be mods or the ability it self. I feel as if tho the play style of this lancer is a more in your face type of guy, stab you in the back hence the name... Assassin. No one knows him by anything else than the killing machine he is. i imagine his health to be around the elle range. 150? with the actual ammunition for the gun/sword i think it would be better to be a "lazer" pew pew.

    Primary (1) (Blast): Shoot to kill

    single target

    This guy weilds a gun sword.. is that enough said? single fire shot with rougly same dmg and range as celeste/LW/nix/ 30-34. i imagine the gun on the bottom half of the sword

    2 (blast): "Swing and spray"

    aoe attack

    I imagine the range much like asanas maybe a tad bit bigger but with a full circle. and then medium range stray lines coming out in differnt directions? 15-20 for a stray lazer and id
    say 20-25 for the swing? numbers dont mean anything at this point seeing as how you need to balance this within all the lancers.

    i see the death dealer now 360 spins sorta like lws aoe attack. swinging this massive sword gun around shooting random bullets out in different directions. i believe because this ability would be used when in close proximity of enemys you could have it grant a 15 shield through it self or a mod would be beneficial.

    3 (prep): "Poision tracer" - free action

    single target

    prep phase action that targets one lancer at about the range of a grey dart id say is fair. Tracks the target by revealing them and causing 10 dmg on applying the tracer and another 10 the turn after .

    4 (dash): "Bye, Bye"

    the range of this dash would be somewhere in the range of zukis dash possibly little bit shorter to compinsate for invis. I really do think when using this abilty he should have the oppurtunity to disengage his target through an invisibility for a turn. i believe if you used said abilty on a turn the effects should last until an ability is used or until the end of the next turn. i see him shooting a hook and rope into the sky and zooming up and then droping back down invis the area he decided to select. maybe again proc a shield?

    Ult (prep/blast): devistation beam

    aoe effect alot like orions 1 but LARGER and More range line of sight yes or no i will leave to you.
    the assassin pulls back a big lever on the handle of the sword and the gun begins to glow red hot ( showing visible location to enemys of were the area effect will target by a large red glowing circle on the ground. (<--the prep) then the beam comes destroying the earth and everything deciding to stand in the aoe circle targeted. (<--blast) dmg numbers because of ult i will leave to you wondeful people!

    i think his lore would include something about having bad experiences with the wildcard lancers and thats why hes after them not even for the money.. for the thrill.. for the kill!

    image wise i pictue this very skull like face almost a mask if needed with a ver dark dirty dingy shredded trench coat like lockwoods worst enemy.

    Andrew VonMotz AKA Motz

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    Interesting base idea, but the AOE on an "assassin" is throwing me off. If you plan on giving him a swing with a CD, it should not be a full circle but at max. half of a circle. And then there shouldn't be extra AOE on their ult, but an entirely different hit box.
    Or you add a cone to the CD ability and then go for the AOE on the ult. When imagining a lancer with 2 AOEs or more I would not see them as an assassin anymore. Ofc you would want to give them an option to hit multiple targets, but in my opinion an assassin is a tracker, a hunter, going for single target damage and 1 o 1 trades that the enemy should not be able to win.
    I like the idea of not giving them too much range though and ofc invisibility options. + The dash you put in there seems absolutely legit to me.

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    Interesting Freelancer concept, a gun and a sword or to put it bluntly a gunsword. A unique weapon which I would say deserves a unique kit, the Freelancer is accustomed to the standard of other Freelancer's abilities but I don't see why you should stop there. Is the weapon rough worn steel or is it enhanced with energy matter that would allow new abilities to 'The Bounty Hunter's' kit, nothing wrong with the kit besides the AOE focus which counters the statement of an 'Assassin'.

    I could recommend an ability: 'Downward slash': Hit enemies in a thin 1x2 (width x length) and continue to either shoot a series of shots in a line with a range of 3 blocks or a shotgun blast that will knock back the target behind the 1x2 range of the melee slash.

    Energetic slash: AOE slash around yourself that will release a concentrated energy ring damaging enemies even through walls, covers, etc. The sword could 'glow bright red' to inform that the energy gauge has reached its maximum level and is going to burst.

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