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New Freelancer: Orion, The Empyrean
  • Orion will bear your burden… and grow stronger for it!
  • Orion is very unique support. He doesn’t naturally gain energy based on using his abilities, though they can be modded to do so. He’s got a passive similar to Rask where he gains energy every time he takes damage. For every 20 energy he holds, he gains 1 shard. These shards empower his other abilities but are only consumed when he uses his ult or dies (He’ll maintain 25% of his energy when he dies, which is 1 shard!).
  • See full details here

  • Many of the items on the landing page have been moved to the Main Menu
  • Custom games are now accessed via PLAY
  • The landing page now features information about your Season Level and last played Freelancer
  • Missions panel is now open by default when launching the game
  • Current wait time is now displayed by default when in queue
  • New look and feel for the loading screen and frontend
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the resolutions drop down could sometimes not be selected
  • Ability Mods are now shown in the collection
  • Fixed issues related to resizing the game window while the cursor was locked not properly updating the area it was locked to.
  • Updated the Victory Condition description on all maps - it no longer counts down, but rather states statically that "Five kills or most kills after 20 turns wins!"

  • There is a new default movement scheme for NEW players. Right clicking for movement will now erase any previous movement and replot movement. Holding shift allows players to plot waypoints
  • Existing players will keep the current movement, but can change to the new setting in Options.
  • Movement indicators now show a freelancer icon over them
  • Fixed a bug where enemy freelancers that moved out of allied vision were sometimes appearing to be at their last known position instead of their actual position.
  • Fixed bug where using the Adrenaline catalyst or using Rampart's Unstoppable Force ability would not correctly display the new total movement available if the user currently had the slow status applied.
  • A full list of Balance changes is below

  • A number of general bot improvements have occurred. Some notable specifics:
  • Bots will generally “clump up” less, particularly melee bots
  • Zuki bot AI is now extremely unlikely to use her Rocket Jump ability on turn 2.
  • Increased the chances Quark's Bot AI's will choose to ult even more.
  • Bots have improved their wardrobes! Bots are now able to equip more non-default skins, but will pick their default skin more frequently.

Discord Integration
  • We are testing an early version of Discord integration that will allow players to easily be put in a voice chat with their teammates.
  • You must have Discord installed and running to use this
  • To try it out, use the command: /discord autojoin on
  • When you enter a match, you will automatically be put in a voice chat channel with anyone else on your team using this
  • This is a very early test of this, so there may be issues – we’d love to hear about them if you find them!
  • To turn it off, just use the command: /discord autojoin off
  • If you don’t want to auto join, you can also use the command /discord join when you are on a team (and /discord leave to leave)

  • Contracts have been renamed to Missions.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes you would not get a character specific loot box at level 5 if you also leveled to 6 in the same match
  • You can now report a player from the in-game scoreboard
  • Implemented penalties for queue dodgers (leaving after being matchmade and seeing the teams, but before the match begins). Penalties will escalate if players continue to dodge without completing matches.
  • Implement a delay on switching camera mode to stop accidentally toggling it one way, then immediately back
  • Loading times should be slightly reduced across the board
  • Various smaller improvements and bug fixes

Balance Changes
  • All minor power-ups last an additional turn, from 3 to 4.
  • All one turn reveals now last through the next turn’s decision phase.


Piston Punch
  • The energy Garrison gains for each target hit has been increased from 8, up to 10.
Missile Barrage
  • The energy Garrison gains for each target hit has been increased to 6, up from 5.
  • Mod: Locked and Loaded - This mod still causes Missile Barrage to count as a full action, but now allows him to Sprint after activating Missile Barrage.
  • Spoil duration is increased by 1 turn, to match the universal Spoil duration of 4 turns.
  • NEW! - Mod: Juiced Up - 3 points - Allies directly hit by minor power-ups gain an additional 15 health.

Pain Train
  • Mod: Surge - This mod now increases the range of Pain Train by 1, down from 2.
Augmented Regeneration
  • Healing when below 60 Health has been reduced from 20 to 15.
  • Mod: Quick Mend - Using Augmented Regeneration when below 60 Health now heals Rask for 30 health, down from 40.
Uncontrollable Fury
  • Mod: Bloodrage - This mod has been removed from the game.

Thundering Roar
  • The energy Titus gains from each target hit has been increased from 5 to 6.

Radamantium Flurry
  • The damage dealt by Radamantium Flurry has been increased to 26/16, up from 25/15.
  • Rampart now gains 6 energy per attack blocked by Bulwark, up from 0.
  • Rampart now gains 6 energy per enemy hit by Bulwark, down from 10.
  • Mod: Defensive Posture - The shields granted by this mod now last until end of the next turn, up from end of this turn.
Fusion Lance
  • NEW! - Mod: Radamantium Tipped Blade - 3 points - Pierce through the first enemy hit.

Gremolitions Inc.
  • Mod: Shock Mines - This mod has been redesigned. Its name has been updated to “Phospho Mines”. This mod now causes all enemies who trigger mines to be revealed until end of next decision phase.

Tranquilizer Dart
  • Mod: Double Dart - This mod now additionally reduces the range of Tranquilizer Dart by 1.
Hawk Drone
  • This ability now deals Indirect damage at all times.
Voltaic Cage
  • Freelancers who are Unstoppable can now move through Voltaic Cage without being rooted. Moving through Voltaic Cage will still result in taking damage, even if Unstoppable.
  • Walls no longer break when Freelancers move through them.
  • Because of the above changes, the damage of moving through a wall segment has been decreased from 30 to 22
  • Mod: Zapper now increases damage done by 3, down from 5.

Trick Shot
  • Mod: Impaling Shot - The damage on the second hit has been reduced from 18, down to 14.

Stalker Suit
  • The Energy that Nix gains when activating Stalker Suit has been increased from 5, up to 8.

  • PuP’s base health has been increased from 155 to 160.
  • The baseline healing value for each target hit by Megabite has been increased from 8, up to 10.

  • Mod: Rocket Fuel - The energy gain provided by this mod has been reduced from 3 energy per target hit down to 2.
The Big One
  • Mod: Shock and Awe - The Mod Cost of this mod has been increased from 2 up to 3.

Zap Trap
  • Zap Trap’s damage has been increased from 20 to 25.
Catch Me If You Can
  • The initial damage of Catch Me If You Can has been raised from 15 to 25.
  • Damage added by extra hits has been lowered from 15 to 10.

  • Elle’s Plasma Volley mods now also affect Combat Reflexes.
Plasma Volley
  • NEW! - Mod: Brutal Precision - 2 points - If only one enemy is hit by Plasma Volley, increase damage by 5.
Oblivion Shell
  • Mod: Warpath - The Mod Cost of Warpath has been reduced from 2 down to 1.

Scorched Earth
  • Scorched Earth’s Damage has been increased from 35 up to 40.
  • Mod: High Impact Missiles - This mod has been removed from the game.
  • Mod: Aerial Bombardment - When Aerial Bombardment is equipped, Scorched Earth now deals 35 damage, up from 30.
  • Mod: Death From Above - This is now the default mod for Scorched Earth.
Proteus Grenade
  • Proteus Grenade’s Damage has been increased from 25 to 28
  • Mod: Nova Nade - This mod now increases Proteus Grenade’s damage by 5, down from 7.
Adrenal Stim
  • Mod: Adrenal Overload - This mod has been renamed to “Emergency Stim”.

Strong Arm
  • Mod: Double Down- This mod has been removed from the game.
  • Mod: Five Finger Discount - The Mod Cost of this mod has been reduced from 3 down to 2.
  • NEW! - Mod: Smash and Grab - 3 points - If you grab a power-up, increase damage of the other grappler by 6.
Proximo Charge
  • Mod: Intrusion Protocol - This mod now additionally increases the range of Proximo Charge by 1.


Heart of the Storm
  • NEW! - Mod: Temporal Shift - 1 point - Slows enemies for the turn and hastes allies until the end of next turn.
  • Mod: Surge of Might - Aurora now also gains Might when using this ability.
Healing Flare
  • Mod: Polarity - This mod has been removed from the game.
  • NEW! Mod: Infusion - 1 point - Grant the target 6 energy.

Black Hole Generator
  • The range of Black Hole Generator has been increased to match other ally-targeted skills.
  • Helio now gains 8 energy on ability use and 4 energy per enemy hit by Black Hole Generator.
Blast Shield
  • Mod: Fortress - This mod has been redesigned. It now has the following effect: If used on an ally, Blast Shield also shields Helio for 14.

Water Spout
  • The damage variance on Water Spout has been changed from 15/20 to 12/24.
  • Dr. Finn now gains 5 energy per enemy hit, down from 6.
  • Mod: High Pressure - The damage that this mod adds to Water Spout has been reduced from 5 down to 4.
Bubble Trouble
  • Mod: Double the Bubble - This mod has been removed from the game.
  • Mod: Off The Hook - This mod has been renamed to Unstop-Bubble. Its Mod Token cost has been reduced from 2 points down to 1 point.