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Thread: Blaze the Pyro Commando

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    Blaze the Pyro Commando

    Ever see a Firebat from starcraft? Want cool new vision options? Want a new take on a frontliner? Some different abilities and ways to do damage you may not have had before?

    Everything is super up for change, just a really rough first draft.

    Name: Blaze

    Role: Frontliner, aoe, damage over time, vision.

    Similar suit to Garrison, but slightly lighter and has a flamethrower and a tank holding the fuel. Just a bit of a madman/crazy glint, a bit reckless. A lot of his abilities inflict the "burn" status (a tiny amount of damage next turn, like 4 ish, dealt like a zuki sticky bomb). There's a gauge on the center of his chest, like a car's temperature dial.

    he's not super mobile or ranged. But he can often hit multiple targets, provides your team with a vision advantage (between burn damage showing enemies positions next turn, and flare giving you extra vision into an area you might not have LOS to or revealing when stealth people pass through), and his dash cooldown should be relatively shorter than other frontliners to make up for the lack of range on other abilities and the lack of range on the dash itself

    Primary (1) (Blast): "Roast"
    Blaze sticks his arms straight out and the flamethrows start spitting fire and he waves apart and then back towars each other
    1/3 of a circle cone, hits up to 2 squares straight away.
    Low Initial damage(18), and applies burn (tiny damage next turn)

    2 (blast): "Concentrated Stream" (can use every 3rd turn?)
    1 square wide line, 5 squares long (think quarks offensive tether)
    A narrow torrent of fire sprays forth.
    All targets hit by the torrent take medium low (22?) damage and get burn (small damage next turn)

    3 (prep - Free): "Flare" (every 4 turns?)
    3x3 square centered on target location.
    Pointing his fist skyward, a flare pops out of a secondary tube on Blaze's flamerthrower. A small burning flare appears in the targeted square.
    Enemies that are within or move withing the 3x3 square are revealed as long as they are in it (if they move out you just see where they left). Flare lasts until the end of next turn's blast phase (is present for this turns movement and next turns decision).

    4 (Dash): "Blazin' Speed" (every 4/5 turns?)
    On ground Dash - 4 squares
    Blaze turns around, points his flamerthrowers at the ground, and lets loose, propelling him into his opponents, back first.
    Enemies hit directly by Blaze stop blaze and he does 16 damage to them. His starting square and each square he passes through are set on fire until the end of the movement phase, enemies passing threw immediately take burn damage (no wait on the damage).

    Ult (Phase): "Off The Charts!"
    The guage on his chest goes crazy over the top, and with a wild yell, His systems kick into overdrive (rumbling/flame effects).
    For this turn and next turn: gain haste, might, 5 shields (per turn, goes away end of turn), and apply burn damage immediately to adjacent enemies in the blast phase.

    Primary Mods:
    "Spread the Love"- widen to 180 degrees instead of 120 (1/2 circlke instead of 1/3)
    "Cross the streams"- Shorten to 90 degrees, increase damage

    2 Mods:
    "Pulse fire"-only hits first target, increased damage
    "Engulging flames"- Reveals first target hit target

    3 Mods:
    "Long Bomb"- extra range
    "Arcing fire"- over walls
    "Direct hit"-target in center square takes 10 damage

    4 Mods:
    "Full power"- extra square movement
    "Boosted Take Off"- targets around initial square take low damage
    "re-enforced suit" - extra damage
    "concussive force" - target directly hit is slowed, -1 range

    Ult Mods:
    "Fuel for the fire"- when a target is hit by burn damage gain 2 energy
    "Repeat Offender"- Also get energized for the two turns
    "Systems Go"- upon activation reduce all active cooldowns by one

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    Sounds good, the only thing I would look to change quickly is the name. Works good for a project title but not the finished freelancer

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    Great idea

    I would very much like to test this character out, the idea of having a flamethrower would surely be a great experience. And I have to admit I don't enjoy melee bashing as a 'Frontline' so this would be a good replacement.

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    I actually was just coming onto the forums to post something like this: a immobile Frontliner Pyromaniac who deals huge amounts of damage, just over time rather than all at once.

    While my character didn't have the Dash, your design is so similar to mine that I can throw up my thoughts rather than just copy pasta this (not really, but it would have been similar enough that everyone would have thought it) into a new thread.

    - I definitely think 4 damage is too low. 8 Should be fine, but I would at least make it 6.

    - Get rid of his dash, give him

    Scorched Earth: Blaze lights an area on fire, dealing 12 damage to anyone who walks into it along with applying Burn. Lasts 1 turn, can be Modded to last longer.

    - Ult: -Might, -Shields, gains 5 health per enemy damaged by Burn this turn.

    I really want a Pyromaniac/Flamethrower user in this game.

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    Its okay for people to have different variations of a 'Flamethrower' freelancer so that possibly the game developers can take the good and made the perfect.

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