Glyph has added some very cool new features! Creating a new account has never been easier with our streamlined registration and new options for swapping between accounts.

Patch Notes

Glyph Registration
  • Streamlined new account creation
    1. Added ability to create new account directly through Glyph.
    2. Capturing minimal Glyph account information to get you into games faster.
    3. Auto-download game when Glyph client is downloaded through a game's website.
  • Additional Account information dialogues added.
    1. First/Last Name and Glyph Tag windows have been added to capture additional account information needed to provide a full service Trion experience.
    2. These windows will appear while a game is updating or installing.
    3. Options to skip these steps until later, or never ask for these steps again have been added.
  • Changed look and feel of Sign-In dialogues.

Multiple Account Drop-down
  • Added a new drop-down account selection tool to the upper right hand side of Glyph. This tool allows you to easily manage multiple Trion accounts.
    1. Save up to 30 Trion accounts in your drop down list!
    2. Once you have authenticated into each account, assuming you have the "Remember my Login" option selected on the login dialogue, you can switch between the account without having to reinsert the password every time.
    3. Drop down contains some option items that allow you to log into a new account, register a new Trion account, or to complete your Trion account registration.
  • Fixed an issue with transparent window's when Window's Aero theme is disabled.
  • Additional Glyph stability improvements.
  • Removed confirmation box that would pop up when starting an update.
We take account security very seriously and will continue to provide all of our players with the tools to keep their accounts safe. Make sure you don't store your account details on a public or shared computer. For more tips on protecting your account click here.