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Progression Changes
  • See full details here:
  • The items previously in the store will now be obtainable through gameplay! The Store section of the UI will be replaced with the Collection, where you can track progress across your account and freelancers. Credits will also be going away and will be converted directly to new ISO at a rate of 2 credits to 5 ISO.
  • We’re simplifying Loot Matrices in a big way.
  • There will be one primary Loot Matrix, which you receive each time you gain a season level. A Loot Matrix now contains 3 items, which can be anything currently in the game (except promotional items.), including the premium skins that used to be in the store!
  • Any time you’d like more Loot Matrices than you earn naturally, you can buy them directly.
  • Trust Tiers 4 & 5 xp thresholds increased. We are interested in running the event a while longer to measure rate of gain with the new progression system in place.
  • You can use ISO to unlock items in the Collection directly. As of this coming patch, ISO will be obtainable only from Loot Matrices. Duplicate items received from a Loot Matrix will automatically convert to ISO. Playing matches and completing contracts will award experience now, which will allow you to earn Loot Matrices faster.
  • Freelancer Levels are now infinite, and the rewards have been changed. At levels 5, 10, and 15, you receive 5 mod tokens. At levels 5, 10, and every 10 levels thereafter, you will be given a Freelancer-specific Loot Matrix, which will drop an item associated with that Freelancer. In effect, it’s a targeted version of the primary Loot Matrix.
  • As part of the changes to how experience for characters works in Atlas Reactor, any character you have earned experience with has had their level doubled. (Unplayed characters are still level 1, but level 10s will now be level 20, level 9s will be level 18, etc, etc.) The amount of experience you've earned your level (towards the next) remains unchanged.
  • We are removing crafting and the inventory. Items will be collected/recycled automatically. Crafting was fun, but added a significant amount of unnecessary complexity at this point in the game’s development.
  • Account Levels have been removed. Players will now have immediate access to the Season. Some of you might have concerns about onboarding, and this will be addressed in future patches.
  • Trust Tiers 4 & 5 xp thresholds increased. We are interested in running the event a while longer to measure rate of gain with the new progression system in place.

Free Mode
  • See full details here:
  • You can play the game for free, using Freelancers from the weekly free rotation. This rotation is unique per player. As you play you’ll earn reward matrices, in which hundreds of cosmetic banners, icons, emotes, titles, skins, styles, taunts, and more can be found. There will be a limit on how frequently Free Mode players can open a Matrix.
  • One simple purchase unlocks all the Freelancers for all time, removes the Matrix-opening limitation, enables custom and ranked games, and allows entry in future tournaments. This is the B2P part of the model, and is the core of how you can support Atlas Reactor and its team!

Known Issue
  • Due to some reorganization of Nix and Quark Skins, you may have different Styles for these freelancers than you did before. Enjoy them for Beta =)

  • Bot AI will now sometimes "ping" enemy targets that they are damaging but not quite killing if they think a human player might be able to help them kill it. This is more likely to occur on targets that don't have a dash available.
  • Bot AI for movement has been improved.
  • Slightly improved the AI calculations for Gremolitions Inc.'s Bombing Run ability.
  • Bot AI now uses Brain Juice more intelligently. (No more Brain Juice when nothing is on cooldown!)

  • Fixed a bug where invisible characters-- Nix, in particular-- getting hit mid-movement would show them visible until end of movement (and not necessarily in their 'true' position). Now they will be revealed for a brief moment as they get hit, but then quickly disappear as they continue their movement.
  • Quark, when 2 quarks both attach tether to the same target, and one use [Radiate (ability3)], only the Quark that used that ability should get bonus healing/damage

Performance and Stability
  • Memory usage has been reduced – this should positively affect all players, 32bit OS users in particular
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by Zuki’s Big One (and a few other particle heavy abilities)
  • Fixed a crash when launching the application that affected some players.

  • EVOS Lab now has new music!
  • Made emojis in chat larger
  • Fixed an issue where skins could get out of order in the skins menu
  • Fixed some oddness with grouped players seeing the wrong skins, or even the wrong characters after leaving ranked game.
  • Fixed an issue where in custom games, typing an "r" in the Room Name causes you to change to the global chat window
  • Many general UI improvements