Ability Mods
* Ability Mods are Live!
* Each Freelancer has a variety of Ability Mods that allow for customization of the 5 base abilities
* You can equip Mods on the character select screen. Hop into practice or solo to experiment with various configurations
* You can equip 5 points worth of mods. So 5 1-point mods, or maybe 2 2-point mods and a 1-point mod. It’s up to you!
* All freelancers come equipped with 5 mods by default. For now, you can purchase more mod tokens for the low low price of 0 ISO. This is obviously a temporary price during Alpha =)

* Powerups will stay enabled even in sudden death.
* Tuning for Grey's Hawk Drone. Reduced the range from 12 to 9, and reduced the width of the targeter as it is traveling.
* Fixed an issue where Rask’s Ultimate could be lost during death
* Fixed an issue where Shift VFX could give away a hidden freelancer’s position
* Fixed a bug causing PuP to not chase its target at all after hitting with its charge attack if the PuP was snared.
* Fixed bug where certain types of Dash-phase abilities could cause two dashers to land in the same square.
* Made red/green glows around selected targets larger.
* Added custom game option to allow duplicate characters on the same team
* Fixes for some VFX disappearing after a taunt

* Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from loading into the game
* Fix for exceptions on game end
* Fixed some issues that would cause the Auto Camera to switch between zooming out and in more rapidly than intended
* When zooming out the Auto Camera with the mouse wheel, it now stops at about the same height as the Manual Camera.
* Some abilities will now give wind impulses. For example, Zuki's big one will cause cloth to blow in the wind.
* Various tooltip fixes