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    Revised Player Progression

    As it stands, there are a lot of different rewards in Atlas Reactor, attached to a lot of different progression systems. Account, freelancer, and season levels, daily contracts and chapter content, crafting, the Trust War -- there’s a lot to earn!

    After a ton of games and mountain of feedback from you, a couple of things have become clear: First, all that complexity makes things difficult to understand in a way that doesn’t add fun. Second, Atlas Reactor is a B2P game, but having such a comprehensive store of cosmetic goods doesn’t make it feel that way.

    So thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we are making some exciting improvements to player progression in Atlas Reactor.


    The items currently in the store will now be obtainable through gameplay! The Store section of the UI will be replaced with the Collection, where you can track progress across your account and freelancers. Credits will also be going away (more on that below).

    The Collection


    We received a lot of feedback that the way we were giving out loot in Atlas Reactor still felt “free to play.” We hear you! As a result, the following changes are intended to make progression feel more rewarding and more fun to interact with.

    We’re simplifying Loot Matrices in a big way.
    There will be one primary Loot Matrix, which you receive each time you gain a season level. A Loot Matrix now contains 3 items, which can be anything currently in the game (except promotional items.), including the premium skins that used to be in the store!

    Any time you’d like more Loot Matrices than you earn naturally, you can buy them directly.

    Inside the Loot Matrix

    You can use ISO to unlock items in the Collection directly. As of this coming patch, ISO will be obtainable only from Loot Matrices. Duplicate items received from a Loot Matrix will automatically convert to ISO. Playing matches and completing contracts will award experience now, which will allow you to earn Loot Matrices faster.

    Freelancer Levels are now infinite, and the rewards have been changed. You will receive 5 mod tokens at lancer levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. At levels 5, 10, and every 10 levels thereafter, you will be given a Freelancer-specific Loot Matrix, which will drop an item associated with that Freelancer. In effect, it’s a targeted version of the primary Loot Matrix.

    Expert and Master style pre-requisites still exist on some of the skins you can receive from a Loot Matrix. You can equip expert skins after achieving Freelancer Level 10, and Master Skins at Freelancer Level 20.

    We are removing crafting and the inventory. Items will be collected/recycled automatically. Crafting was fun, but added a significant amount of unnecessary complexity at this point in the game’s development.

    Account Levels have been removed. Players will now have immediate access to the Season. Some of you might have concerns about onboarding, and this will be addressed in future patches.


    Spend your ISO and crafting materials ASAP. Once Revised Progression goes live, all crafting materials and banked ISO will be lost, but anything bought or crafted already won’t be.

    We’re removing credits from the game. If you currently have credits, they will be honored and converted into the new ISO at an equivalent rate so that you can still unlock what you want directly. This is also what will happen after the final wipe before launch, when credits would be reset (+10% from the Level 1 Community Reward).

    Once the Revised Player Progression goes live, the bonus from the Level 1 Community Reward will behave differently – after the final wipe, players will receive a number of Loot Matrices equal to the number they purchased, +10% (rounded up).


    Now you can play the game, and earn skins, taunts, emojis, vfx, and more just by playing! And hey, if there’s something you really want and luck doesn’t drop it in your lap, you can use your ISO to unlock it directly.

    Revised Player Progression goes live on August 9, and will accompany the introduction of Free Mode.

    ~The Atlas Reactor Team

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    So wait, all the people who bought Trust Founders edition, the expensive one in order to get all the skins for a much cheaper price than in the store, are now being screwed because ALL those skins are now achievable for free...

    Doesn't seem very fair to the 2nd/3rd tier founder packs, we could of all just bought the cheaper package and unlocked them from playing.

    Pretty much all we get now (and 2nd tier don't get it at all) is the gold colour variation...for what £60 extra...

    Going through the Trust version list:
    60 gg boosts (can earn in game)
    60 mod tokens (can earn in game)
    16 freelancer taunt bundles (can earn in game)
    16 skins (can earn in game)
    Founders title, banner, other banners and emojis (most in lowest tier anyway)
    Stuff for other games ( in lowest tier)
    Beta access (available in lowest founder package)
    Golden Age style for all freelancers forever (for the default skins even though most people will use the new skins they unlocked with trust edition)

    So gold style for default skins for £76...vs before it was 16 real money skins that added up to way more than £76 if you bought them 1 at a time...I for one feel ripped off.

    I am all for supporting a game, and I would of always bought the lowest tier founder, but I decided to splash out on the higher tier ones because it seemed like a great deal for all the skins I wanted to buy in game anyway for a game I really enjoyed...but now, now I feel well totally conned.

    I feel like at the very least we should get some founders only skin or I dunno a ton of currency or something, I also spent a ton of money on store currency for the extra skins I didn't get in founders, and now that seems like a total waste too. Really upset about it all, and I know it was my choice to spend money, but I thought I was getting something that could only be got by spending money, but now I could of just got it with the time I would of put into the game anyway :/

    Don't get me wrong, it's great that everyone can now enjoy all the skins and it will make the game more popular and even more fun, but for those of us that did spend money early on for founders and currency for things we thought were real money only items, I for one feel slightly cheated and i'm sure others will too.

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    How will we get the Trust related craftables after the change? Considering now we need a specific trust related material to craft them. Will there be a new but similar limitation?

    How will we unlock taunts after the change? Will taunts still be available in packs or just for singular purchase?

    Also since Freelancer levels are no longer capped at 10 and level 10 mastery styles are now unlocked at level 20 will people with level 10 freelancers have those levels adjusted to be level 20?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoonOnyx View Post
    How will we get the Trust related craftables after the change? Considering now we need a specific trust related material to craft them. Will there be a new but similar limitation?

    How will we unlock taunts after the change? Will taunts still be available in packs or just for singular purchase?
    The Trust Challenges will reward one Trust Loot Matrix directly, instead of a crafting material. Taunts will be a part of the Loot Matrix that you earn with each season level. If you want specific taunts, you can use your ISO to unlock them instead of waiting to get them randomly from the Loot Matrix.

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    I can pretty much guarantee that this will upset the majority of the people who have purchased credits (or bought a higher tier pack), myself included. I'm going to wait until the whole system is implemented to give proper feedback but based on how the last change regarding credits went, there's gonna be a whole lot of backlash. Personally, I originally bought credits because I wanted a super high season level and get the dope title and emblem and just be a general showoff with such a high number displayed. Since that has gone away, and since credits will be disappearing, the value of those credits (to me) has been severely lowered. The credit-ISO conversion seems ok, if the conversion rate is appropriate. And it's also nice that you can get stuff directly, instead of rolling but my initial reaction is this: Rolling and crafting were great parts of the game. They just needed to be adjusted, such as changing the rate of probability the less items you have in a Matrix.

    I'm still disappointed that my original reason for purchasing credits can't be resolved under the new changes but I'll just wait until the new system arrives before providing more feedback.

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    Let me see if I get this right...

    You are saying spend all ISO you have right now because it's going to wipe the ISO, but transfer credits into ISO anyway. Why can't these just be compounded? Or is it spend all ISO and credits now, and then get reissued the former credits from buying the packs (I bought the Trust one) which is then turned into more ISO for after the patch? I understand the removing the credits, but I guess i'm just wondering: am i supposed to just blow all the currency I have still sitting there now or wait until the patch drops to get the converted credit ISO? I currently have 6000 credits and 180,875 ISO.(as of this messege)

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    I bought the 60$ Freelancer Edition and I enjoyed playing the game for far. While I understand that you offer a way to play the game for free (with restrictions) , I feel a bit ripped off here for the same reasons I already mentioned above.
    I guess your support will have a lot of work to do.

    Instead of removing the crafting system and inventory it would have made sense to convert mod tokens and unlock all ability mods for free, because ability mods are not a cosmetic and offer really advantages / differentiation and have a pay to win component.

    "Spend your ISO and crafting materials ASAP. Once Revised Progression goes live, all crafting materials and banked ISO will be lost, but anything bought or crafted already won’t be."
    This is a critical problem imo, as you removing currencies from the game and replace it with nothing. These crafting and banked ISO currencies have some use now and should be converted and not just removed (mod tokens may make sense here as you can use ISO for ability mods, otherwise the new ISO currency) . Players who are currently unavailable for a week or so need to be considered as well.

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    ISO, Onboarding

    Sorry, can you explain what "onboarding" is?

    Finally, beside "Founder" badges and the like, is there any advantage to buying the Atlas Founder's pack now as opposed to possibly waiting until later?

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    These are interesting, and rather bold, changes.

    I'm not a fan of the current crafting and rewards system, so I'm excited to see how the new system works once the update happens. Making Freelancer levels infinite and giving each lancer a unique loot matrix makes a lot of sense and I'm glad to see that happen. Things have been streamlined but also made more robust, and this sounds like an elegant solution to the crufty advancement and reward mechanisms we have now.

    I do hope that the folks that bought in at the higher founders tiers will get fully compensated. Not everybody can be pleased, and many people don't seem to get that buying into a game during the development stage means something very different than buying in after release, but I hope Trion will error on the side of generosity and building goodwill in this matter.

    Big thumbs up from me for these changes though. Keep up the great work!

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    I liked the crafting. Anything that allows you to play around in game while you wait for a match is a Plus. Staring at a matchmaker screen is boring. Crafting amused me for the in-between times.

    I liked the store. I even spent money there.

    I am not sure if I am a fan of the change.

    But I like what i've played so far and willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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