Hey Lancers,It’s me, Muzzy, your friendly neighborhood Gremolitions chump. I’m here to talk about the wipe on the horizon!

I know, I know. You saw the word “wipe” and your separation anxiety is kicking in. Mine did too. Let’s all take a deep breath, knock back a can of Rask’s Brain Juice, put on our honorary game developer’s pants and look at what this means for the health of the game.

First of all, we are one patch closer to release! Were excited that we’re making progress. Secondly, this is a limited wipe. We’ve taken care to only reset areas that we need for testing, while leaving other area of progression untouched. We want to affect your experience as little as possible while also getting proper testing done. Wipes are essential for progressing the game experience. Devs need to know how a new feature functions from a fresh starting line, rather than in the middle of a race. We are, after all, in the wonderful world of Beta, where pay models change, lancers are OP, and we’ve had to swallow more bugs than a contestant on Fear Factor.

Important Notice: This is the last weekend to get the Freelancer Elo Beta Emblems! We will be introducing new Emblems to achieve in the next patch.

I’ll walk you through what’s going to be reset:
Season Progress
  • Because of your extraordinary playtesting, we’ve learned a lot! With this wipe, we’ll apply the lessons we’ve learned and give players a more consistent and fluid Season progression in a way that solves some of the issues we’ve identified. We’ll also give players an additional chapter to unlock! We are very interested in your feedback on other changes to the Seasons system as well. We’ll be beginning at Chapter 1 again, to test progress, but you’ll notice the unlock on subsequent chapters will be accelerated.
Season Rewards
  • It wouldn’t make much sense to wipe the Season progression without wiping the reason you progress! I’m going to miss a couple of the styles for my favorite lancers, and especially the emoticons. However, since the experience is being tweaked, I’m excited to earn, craft, and open those Loot Matrices again – it’s like Christmas every level!
Purchased Items
  • All your credits will be restored and any items you had obtained directly or indirectly via those purchases will be wiped.

What we are NOT wiping:
  • You will maintain your Freelancer levels.
  • Any awards you’ve earned, like Elo Banners and that elusive “Killed By Dev” title will stick around. (And yes, these are just examples, not the full list. “Dev Killer”, “Catalyzer”, etc will also not be wiped)
  • Non-Season player experience will not be wiped. You will still have level 10 which gives you access to Seasons. If you are not level 10 yet, you will maintain your current level.
  • Both Freelancer Elo and Player Elo will not be wiped.

This partial wipe is no easy task. The Devs explained to me just how much easier it is to do a full wipe/reset rather than this partial one, but they’re willing to put in the extra work as a service to the players while still wiping the minimum needed to carry the forward-thinking vision that game development requires.

IMPORTANT: It’s Beta. This is not the last wipe.

We have some time before we launch and that time will be filled with tons of development and polish. Much as with Seasons, we will be introducing other features that will give us all the best experience if started with a clean slate.

Beta is about experiencing a game before it releases, growing with the community and the game. In order to do so, there are certain aspects of Alpha/Beta events that we have to set our expectations properly to deal with. Be prepared!

Because of all our dedicated players, we have already gained a massive amount of data and feedback to help us create a much better user experience. I thank you, the team thanks you, and all of the players that will ever play this game are indebted to you for the time, dedication and patience you’ve extended to us.

– The Atlas Reactor Team