Name: idk yet


Lore: the only lore i can think of now is hes great friends with titus and loves battle

Role: Frontline

Allies: titus

Weapon of Choice: Futuristic Mini-Gun

HP: 180

Current trust: Wildcard

Difficulty: medium

Passive: damage becomes weaker at range, movement is always decreased by 1 (or 2 devs can choose)

Basic attack (1) (blast phase): shot low caliber rounds, deals 24 damage, damage becomes weaker at range, every square your bullets travel lowers your damage by 3, to a maximum of 15, the targets hit in the first square is slowed for that turn [gives 6 energy per enemy hit] no Cooldown (short range) [4 or 5 squares, devs can choose]

Number (2) (prep phase): reload high caliber rounds into mini gun that boost your Number 1 and 3 damage by 6 and also make your Number 1 and 3 bullets penetrate targets, all targets hit with these bullet are slowed for that turn. allows full movement, if you're hit the turn u use this move it is canceled and does not activate the Cooldown [gain 6 energy when used] Cooldown 4 turns.

Number (3) (Blast phase) deals 30 damage, do a complete 360 shooting and revealing anyone in range for that turn [gain 8 energy per enemy hit] Cooldown 5 turns. (short range) [2 or 3 squares, devs can choose]

ironhild-Number (4) (prep phase) FREE MOVE, eat a small enhancement pill that gives u 30 shield and haste for that turn [gain 10 energy on used] Cooldown 3 turns.

Ult (5) (prep phase) reload explosive rounds into mini gun that boost damage of next attack by 10 and knockback enemy's (2 squares) has huge AoE does a additional 6 damage to enemys under %50 health, first target hit is scrambled until end of next turn (doesn't stack with your number 2, AoE 3 Squares)

how the AoE would work- if u hit someone after the ult is activated it would hit the first target hit, but enemy's in 3 squares of your first target will take the AoE damage ( so like nix's Vortex round but has knockback, more damage, and a bigger AoE)

How to use him:u need to get up close for max damage with Number 1, use number 2 before u enter battle, use number 3 to hit multiple enemy's and find invisible targets,use number 4 to get close to enemies and prevent damage, and ult to scare off enemies or damage them

he would look like montana from battleborn

Credit to: Captaincookieslap