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Thread: Prep Phase League Sign-Ups

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    Prep Phase League Sign-Ups

    Hey, Prep Phase here again to introduce the Atlas Reactor League. With the new additions to our team Tsagh and PepperTitan, we're hosting an ongoing league system where teams compete against each other each week to reach the top. We'll be hosting a small league to seed people into divisions in the upcoming weeks and then the real show kicks off.

    To sign up a team or as a free agent, or to find out more, just head over to http://prepphase.com/leaguesignup

    If you have any problems, you can email support@prepphase.com or contact a Prep Phase member on discord.

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    Great idea! I was looking forward for something like this. But I think that it would be better that there was not fixed time for the matches, but the two teams involved could arrange the day and time that is best for them each week. It would make it easier for players like me (I work half of the Saturdays) and in this way we could even have just one league for both EU and NA. I think that´s is quite difficult to commit to a certain time every Saturday for several weeks, there is a lot of real life things that can happen then.

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    We tried this and got alot of backlash from the community, so unfortunately it won't work, your region is not restricted by NA or EU, the only restriction NA and EU have are what times they play, so 6pm BST will be 10am? PDT.

    To clarify, People from NA can play in the EU if that suits them better timewise.

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