I've thought about this class idea for about 2 weeks and finally sorta put it together today. I originally made a class like this for Trove but stopped playing Trove due to recent developer choices. I wanted a tanky class that could keep somewhat sustained AoE around him with the factor of him dealing little amounts of damage. I wanted to be able to sit on a target and zone them for a while giving utility to the team on that target. This was kind hard to do as giving him to much CC would be flatout overpowered so I decided to settle more on slows than knockbacks and binds. Right out of the gate I did use numbers on some of the abilities due to balance and his abilities I really wanted to get the idea across that he didn't deal much damage. I originally came up with how much energy he gained per ability but left that blank in here due to balance. lets get into him shall we.

Primary (1) (Blast): Scrap Gun
Target - Cone in front of you kinda like a long range Elle Shot. Everyone in the cone is hit.
Description - Scrapper shoots out his Scrap Gun in a cone in front of him damaging enemies based on distance. Deals 12 Damage to near enemies, 8 to medium, 4 to far. Gains X amount of energy per enemy hit.

Explanation: I wanted a cone attack on him that was able to hit more than 1 enemy but dealt very low damage at a range kinda like a shotgun. This is his main source of damage and as you can see it's not very strong in terms of damage.

2 (Prep): War Cry - Medium Cooldown (3-4 turns)
Target - AoE around Scrapper. Kind of like Titus and his Thundering Roar.
Description - Scrapper shouts in an AoE around him healing allies (and himself) for a small amount and giving Scrapper haste for 2 turns. Gains X amount of energy per ally effected.

Explanation: I was unsure about this ability at first because it seems fairly strong. He would need movement though and a burst for a turn could be huge for him. The heal would be a weak heal but it could give his team a small boost

3 (Dash): Scrap Trap/Scrap Crater - Medium -> Long Cooldown (at least 5 turns).
Target - Square Area + Area he jumped from.
Description - Scrapper viciously slams the ground around him leaving a Scrap Crater behind as he leaps to target square location. Anyone who walks across a Scrap Crater are slowed until the end of the turn. Lasts until the end of the turn. Gain X Energy per enemy in both the initially effected AoEs.

Explanation: This took me a while to come up with. I wanted something he could do to keep him going without being targeted down. This could keep melees behind and keep him on the damage dealers.

4 (Prep): Thumbtacks - Medium Cooldown
Target - Line in front of Scrapper.
Description - Scrapper throws thumbtacks in front of him in a line dealing small damage to every enemy hit and weakening them until the end of the turn. Gain X energy for every enemy weakened this way.

Explanation: Another low damage move but keeps him on targets without taking to much damage.

Ult (Prep): Shrapnel Everywhere!/Wall of Scrap - 100 Energy Required for active -
Target - Active: Plus shaped area (like lockwoods Trapwire mod area maybe a bit bigger) / Passive: Around him in a 1 radius square.
Description - (Down Below)

Passive: Every Time Scrapper uses an ability shrapnel shoots out of him in an AoE around him (1 square in each direction) (during blast phase) damage enemies for 3 damage and slowing them until the end of the turn. Scrapper gains X (low) Energy for every enemy hit this way. Happens with scrap trap where he lands (not where he takes off from where he lands).

Active: Scrapper combines his scrap to make a wall in the shape of a plus sign in target area. The impact causes Scrap Craters in each corner. Enemies in Wall of Scraps Scrap Traps are unable to use abilities to dash out of it (can still use catas). Wall of Scrap Blocks all movement through it. Lasts 2 turns.

Explanation: Please note the Passive goes off every blast phase so it is avoidable by dashes and such. This is Scrappers bread and butter. it gives him sustainable AoE and the ability to chase people but he has low damage output. He's the perfect supportive tank imo.

Take note with mods I put numbers on them guessing that's what they would be. Focus more on effects than numbers.

Primary Mods:
More Scrap!- 3 Mod Tokens - Increases damage dealt by 2(close), 2(medium), and 1(far) respectively.
More Firepower- 2 Mod Tokens - Increase width of cone by 20%.
No Escape - 1 Mod Token - Enemies effected by close range damage are revealed until the end of the turn.

2 Mods:
More power - 3 Mod Tokens - Increases effected area by 20%.
Special Scrap - 3 Mod tokens - Scrapper takes 30 damage but gives all allies affected Might until end of turn.
Healing power - 2 Mod tokens - Heal everyone for an additional small amount of health.

3 Mods:
No way out - 3 Mods tokens - Enemies hit by both areas are revealed until the end of the turn. Destroys invisibility. Effects ultimate as well.
No heals here - 2 Mod tokens - Reduces healing effects by 25% while in a Scrap Crater. Effects ultimate as well.
More strength - 1 Mod token - Enemies you land on take 5 damage.

4 Mods:
More tacks - 2 Mod tokens - Enemies hit with thumbtacks take an additional 10% damage until the end of the turn.
Revealed! - 2 Mod tokens - Enemies hit with thumbtacks are revealed until the end of prep and dash phase.
Ignorererer - 1 Mod token - Damage ignores cover.
Onward - 1 Mod token - Increases length by 10%.

Ult Mods:
Scrapper best support - 3 Mod tokens - Allies can move through the wall.
MORE MORE MORE! - 3 Mod tokens - Increases length of wall by 1 in every direction and enemies effected by the Scrap Craters are revealed.
More POWER! - 2 Mod tokens - Every enemy hit by Shrapnel Everywhere! gives Scrapper a 5 point shield.
OW! - 2 Mod tokens - Increases Damage of Shrapnel Everywhere! By a small amount but deals a small amount of damage to Scrapper every other use.
Scrap there and there! - 2 Mod tokens - Wall of Scrap shoots our Shrapnel Everywhere! Each turn during blast phase.
Range first - 1 Mod Token - Unlimited Range.

That's it. Many nights i couldn't sleep and though about how to make this character work and not be overly overpowered but I think I came up with the right mix hopefully you agree. If you think he's not great or needs more work feel free to let me know I can handle most any forms of criticism.

Note: For base health I was thinking around ~200 or something on the high end so he cant tank obviously. Due to his lack of damage I don't think this would be out of hand.

Backstory: Haven't completely figured out his lore because I focused most my time on his abilities. I thought he should look like some sort of monster covered in trash and stuff just pretty filthy and disgusting looking that uses simple english and has very bad grammar. I WILL post some lore probably within the next day.

None so far.