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Thread: Vici, the Retired General -FIREPOWER

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    Vici, the Retired General -FIREPOWER

    Since my other two submissions are quite serious, I will try to add some humors in this one.
    This also completes my set; submitting Support (Vsionic, the Psychic), FrontLine (Vaasa, the Elemental Master), and now a Firepower freelancer concepts.

    Playing Support-DPS like Gremolitions Inc is fun. And I think the micro-team freelancer idea is VERY interesting. So I would like to submit another micro-team concept:

    Veni (the Noble Steed), Vidi (the Eagle), and Vici (the General) is a firepower-type freelancer(s) that emphasize dashes and dps. I believe the combination of dashes & attacks can create various unpredictable hit-and-run tactics, and also fit the role as support-dps.

    PS: I'm sure most of you already know; but for those who are not familiar with the Julius Caesar's famous quote "Veni Vidi Vici", Veni means 'I came', Vidi means 'I saw', and Vici means 'I conquered'.

    Pretty biased names considering *cough* the nick of the concept creator, but hey.. it fits the role for each one of them

    Something like this..

    (Art By Randis)

    "Running Away is for the weak, smarter warriors utilize 'tactical-retreat' "

    ROLE: Firepower


    Lance Attack-cone

    a. Joust: Veni short-dash, Vici use his lance to attack the enemy.
    b. Lasso: Veni AutoFollow-Dash, Vici lasso and root the targetted opponent (Useful for catching evasive opponents, even if they dashed).
    c. C'mere: Veni Dash, Vici lasso and pull the targetted opponent (Like Pup's Walkies) (Useful for evading attack, but still bringing opponent closer to melee-type ally).
    d. Kickem: Veni hindkick, knockback the target, then dash to opposite direction.

    Bow Attack-AOE

    a. Fire Arrows: Vici shoots fire arrows that deals damage over time.
    b. Slingshot: Vici attacks opponent with a slingshot that can ricochet to another enemy (Like Lockwood's)
    c. Javelin: Short-Ranged javelin attack but can be thrown over the wall (very useful especially after enemy presence already confirmed by Vidi).

    Eagle-Eye (Free Action)
    Send Vidi to scout the path

    a. Linear: Send Vidi on a long-range linear pattern back and forth.
    b. Circular: Send Vidi on a circular pattern (Like Grey's, bigger radius but doesn't attack)
    c. Eye in the Sky: Keep Following first detected target for 2 turns (also revealing other targets nearby if they decide to regroup)
    d. Death From Above: Attack first detected target, then return
    e. Scavenge: Vidi brings food(HP) upon return if didn't detect anyone.
    f. Fetch: Send Vidi to dash-fetch a power-up, denying the bonus from enemy that try to grab it [just an idea, not sure if this is allowed :P] --No Longer a Free Action

    Pony Express (Dash)
    Evasive Dashes

    a. Run Veni Run: Tempt Veni with 'carrots & stick' so he runs further
    b. Zig 'n Zag: Veni dashes to cover (like Asana's), leaving shadow clones that confuses enemy
    c. Caltrops: Veni dash, Vici throw caltrops, damaging enemy that steps on it.
    D. Special Delivery: Gives Combat Rations(HP) to allies that they dashes through

    Catapult-Vici assemble a mobile catapult that lob rations to ally (Like Garrison's)

    a. VENI's: Veni dash through, damaging and dragging enemies (knockback to dash direction) along the path (dmg multiplied if there are mines & traps along the way). --Linear AOE
    b. VIDI's: Vidi calls more eagles that attack and reveal-tag enemies in the surrounding areas --Circular AOE
    c. VICI's: Vici reveals a mobile ballista (or minigun?) from the saddlebag, that pierce and deal massive damage. --Cone AOE

    "But dashes are OP"...
    To counter that, maybe we can make some of the dashes range 'fixed'.
    Meaning since Veni is the one responsible for all of the dashes abilities; as a very 'energetic' steed, if he dashes and bumped into the wall or traps/mines (because the range is fixed), they will get a damage (that's what happened if you ride an energetic horse indoors). Effectively trading full-damage from enemy, into lower self-inflicted damage from dashes. So enemies technically still causing some damages to the freelancer. A slight twist/variation instead of the usual 'shield' utilization.

    Future Freelancers that utilize mines & traps like the current Gremolitions and Lockwood will also be very happy to fight evasive freelancers like Vici.

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    I prefer the Vidi (Eagle) ability to actually strike an enemy instead of simply scouting. And why does all your Freelancers' name start with 'V'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaLawlz View Post
    I prefer the Vidi (Eagle) ability to actually strike an enemy instead of simply scouting.
    One of the reason, is to match the meaning of his name, ' Vidi = I saw '

    But the most important reason, is because I believe scouting is a very powerful indirect offensive/defensive tactic. For example:

    Vidi can pinpoint and deny enemy's plan to hide (to run or ambush); so the whole team can plan to surround the enemy like a wolfpack, for a higher chance of eliminating the enemy.
    Vidi can scout to ensure the path is safe, if the freelancer decides to retreat and replenish his health.
    Use 'Scavenge' [scout > if safe:HP from Vidi > Back to the fight quicker || if unsafe: choose alternate path for HP-powerup].
    Of course the player need to pre-use the (free-action) skill during the main attack, so they can plan their next move accordingly.

    Scouting is also very useful to prevent enemies' "stall tactics".
    Like what is discussed here > Lets talk: "stall" tactics .
    If Veni 'Lasso' mod is equipped, Vidi can Scout (to save time searching), and enabling Vici to catch those stallers for the team.
    See the chicken in the illustration above? That represents those stallers. hehe j/k
    However, I think striking an enemy is a very good idea too. That's why I've included it as one of the mod "Death From Above" & "Vidi's Ultimate" ; if player choose to focus on the offensive.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by DaLawlz View Post
    And why does all your Freelancers' name start with 'V'?
    Hehe very observant of you.. thank you.
    because I believe that V is for Victory (totally joking, completely based off nothing really)

    Also PEACE! or in gamers' term.. 'gg'!

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