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    Preferred Turn Timer

    Hey, we're working on setting up a league but we'd like to get some feedback from the community. For now, we'd like to know what your preferred turn timer is in a professional setting.

    For this purpose I've set up a strawpoll here: http://www.strawpoll.me/10218777

    Please feel free to vote and comment here with why you chose your time. The result of the strawpoll will not be final and we'll take in to consideration any opinions or debates you guys may have.


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    I think that 20 seconds is great on professional league you will be using Discord, TS or anything like that, so you will have enough time to quickly set your turn up, but you will still have to think fast , but maybe should be raised to 25-30 seconds on solo queue, because you lack communication and you are not used with your teammates.

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    We are working on ways to make the 20 seconds feel easier to deal with, but will be maintaining the 20 second timer.

    Once you've had experience with this game, 20 seconds is very easy to work with. Even Brandon, @AccessibleGamer, who is a quadriplegic, does a damn good job with 20 seconds. He has also expressed that he wouldn't mind it being slightly longer as well, but he definitely plays the game just fine in 20 seconds. I am excited about the ways in which we are working on this issue because it'll keep the HIGHLY COMPETITIVE READY timer, but make it so that everyone feels more comfortable with it.

    One way that I CAN say that we are working on it is making a better ability queuing system. There are already ways implemented that allow you to change abilities quickly (Holding Shift with an ability locked in you can press another ability to preview it and then clicking will overwrite the old ability).

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    Your poll is a bit biased since it doesn't have faster options.

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