(means 'habitat' / 'dwelling' / 'vessel' in some language)

Brainstorming ideas for another 'less bulky but still tanky' Frontline Freelancer.
This freelancer is very flexible, can also modded to give more offensive or defensive capability.

Something Like this..

(Art By: Wayne Reynolds)

Harnessing elemental energies contained within ancient crystals.

Role: Frontliners


Throw a fireball that deal damage

Range: Medium
Aim: Directional

a. Flame: Short Range but AOE-cone attack.
b. Meteorites: AOE attack that deal damage to enemies (cannot be casted near self).
c. Lava: Molten rocks that gives damage over time, very useful against evasive enemies.

Soothe and heals (self or ally)

a. Oasis: Heal allies within the radius.
b. Tsunami: Damage and push back enemies within a cone.
c. Frost: Freeze and root enemy.
d. Icicles: Throw sharp icicles that damage and slow enemies.
e. Encase: Surround self in block of ice, ice shrapnels may damage enemies in immediate proximity (only against 'strong' attacks).

Dash to safety

a. Low Pressure: Create wind vortex, pulling enemies that tries to run away closer, freelancer is the first one affected (dash).
b. High Pressure: Push enemies, may slam enemy if near wall, dashed backward as knockback (Like Elle's).
b. Turbulence: Dash and leave turbulence, slows enemies that tried to chase/follow.
c. Twister: Cast a wind barrier on self that reflect enemy attacks.

Form a huge wall that block enemy attacks from 1 direction

a. Sand Shield: Surround self with protective sands that block attacks from all directions.
b. Earth Pillars: Launch self or enemy to the other side of the wall (set launch-to direction).
c. Stalactite: Shoot several sharp stalactites that pierce and damage enemies.

Combine all powers and spread them to 4 directions. (Like Aurora's)
Earth Path: Damage enemy
Fire Path: Damage enemy
Water Path: Damage enemy/Heal Ally
Wind Path: Knockback enemy/Protect ally with wind barrier that reflect portion of damage

a. Transfuse to Fire: Directional Massive Damage
b. Transfuse to Water: Directional Massive Heals
c. Transfuse to Wind: Directional Push away from path (to the sides)
d. Transfuse to Earth: Directional Damage & Knockbacks
e. Symmetry: Set directions to each elements manually, but lower potency and range.

Lots of monetization opportunities in skins for this one