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Thread: This game will never change back to a free to play model.

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    This game will never change back to a free to play model.

    For all those who are posting on here asking the devs to switch to a free to play model, in some cases threatening saying that they won't have a strong community. I tell you this, the devs have very fine reasons for not having a free to play model, among them is to avoid micro-transactions, another is to make it more punishing for rule breakers. The free mode is a demo made to give you a good feeling for the game and let you decide if you like it and want to invest, if you think that is unfair you could have worst. Right now Atlas reactor has a glorified demo but it allows you to play for unlimited amount of time with people that have bought the game. Can you think of any other games that have a demo like that.

    PS-if anyone has any more reasons for the reasons of the switch to Buy to play model please feel free to say so the ones listed are the only 2 on the top of my head.

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    Couldn't agree more. I had some discussion already in early alpha in this forum about the payment model. I am realy glad Trion decided to do it this way. Here are my reasons for it.

    1. As skyman5667 expllained it blocks off cheat.

    2. This isn't lol or dota2 where you have skill shots. skill shots gives much more variation in the possibility of creating characters. Atlas Reactor is turn based game so the possibility to gain money by unlocking freelancers is not as in other moba's. That is why this payment model is better for this game.

    3. Something completely new and a gem in the making. Check out the feedback of the player that play the game. It is overwhelming positive. Critic is mostly only for the f2p demo. Also how this game is defended. It will grow with a loyal fan base. There is no other game out there. Also it has huge replay ability value and a good possibility of esport. This last tournament yesterday showed that similar teams make it to the top. This shows that skill and not luck decides games. Which gives it depth. This game will grow it is quite save. The game was described by a lot in youtube a game they checked out but surprisingly cause off also the short game time they play it even more then other games. Seen in thee review even of mmorpg.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jMvvJOrHEs This game can hock you which makes this pricing model even more reasonable.

    4. Lot off f2p games especially moba's have quite toxic community. If you check out the comments of the steam feedback for the game. All critics that it is not f2p are violent and insulting and the reason why they gave it a negative review is cause it is not totally f2p or cause it is a overwatch or xcom copy (only cause something has similar elements it is not a copie). You can imagine what kind of player they will be. Nobody want's today pay for anything. But most of them also don't stick to a game.

    5. b2p helps the esport. As i have explained above at point 3. In my opinion this game has everything it need to grow. The ranked games are limited for players that have bought the game. The total f2p games especially the competitive once had and still have a huge problem with the toxic atmosphere. to restrict the ranked games to b2p-players helps to restrict it to in general a more invested an mature audience. Which helps even more to let the game grow. Also it doesn't combine competitive aspects of the game with any kind of pricing. So to all that complain oh f2p it must be p2w. Well no cause everybody is on the same ground when it comes to ranked games. For the f2p as i said above it is a demo and you have the possibility to unlock all modes. So at the end everybody is on the same level. p2w would mean you have to pay if not the other is always stronger then you.

    6. The only thing i think needs to improve and i said it again is the tutorial. Where is the second one. It was good and explained the game well before throwing them in a playable 4v4. Furthermore the clips should be played automatically during the rounds. This is really important cause the game in the end is overwhelming for new players and if the get frustrated you loose them. So bring back the second intro, improve the third with the clips between each round (you can click them away anyway) & between rounds there should include maybe for each type for freelancer as short tactic tip. Maybe make a short intro of the third tutorial with a freelancer - saying check out each clip - art of war is going only prepared into a battlefield - so you can enjoy the game better and be more succesfull. & it keeps the Reactor less busy resurrecting you.

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    I'm playing since alpha and i can told you a few things, first, i'm not going to pay to have all freelancers. Game only have four maps and it's a shame that people that have been playing and testing game since Alpha or Beta have nothing more that a tittle. All banners, icons, etc from previous versions are lost. And what is a really shame it's the cooldown to open chests, 1 day and a half to open only one. I already have 21+ and three more golden for leveling the free chars to level 5. This game is not yet prepared to ask people to pay for it what it costs in my opinion

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    As i explained Brunner - this is no moba with skill shoots which makes the pricing model different. Also i played since Alpha why should give me for this an all access? Did i became one of people that worked in the bug reports no then i might have got it for free but i haven't done that. So why should i or others get it for free only cause we played it?

    Yes original the game was planned for f2p but the structure of the game and the experience Trion got made them change it is original concept. This is not unusual happens a lot in business.

    So now it is a b2p the complet game. If you help support it you can play the complete game. It seems you enjoy it enough so where is the problem then also support it. If you can't afford it but you love the game. Well you still collecting the chests you don't loose them. When you can afford it. Maybe in a year you can spent an hour then just open chests and getting a huge package of loot at once.

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    PS: Muzzy i hope you check out - well i know you do the reddit forum and here. You get a lot of players starting to defend strongly the pricing model and the game itself. If this happens you do something right. Take this in account

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    First of all could you explain why this makes the pricing model any different? Secondly, you mean it's not unusual in Glyph's history. Not everyone's. Most games go from P2P->F2P not the other way around, because they did exactly what AR is doing and realized they were dying after a year or so because their small little player base defending them was getting bored of them and they weren't making enough money, usually they are saved after doing this.

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