Name: Adseis

Role: Support/Firepower

HP: 130

Alias(es): The Minimizer, The Scrapyard Cleaner

Known for: Creating techs which compacts objects into a ball about the size of a baseball, actually a genius, being a geek about compacting matter.

Strategy: Scattering scraps around the field and utilizing them. Their main purpose however is to be basically traps to be stepped on (Lego blocks, anyone?). The scraps have levels those levels being:
1.) Small = Deals the least damage (15 at max).
2.) Moderate = Deals moderate damage (25 at max).
3.) Big = Deals same damageas Med level but will root enemies which steps on it.
(All scrap levels lasts for 2 turns or when enemies step on them)
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Primary: Scrap Cannon
Range: Medium
Phase: Blast
Damage: Med
Energy: 3
Line with an AoE 3/4 circle at the end (Just imagine a Pacman eating the line). (The circle is the location where the scraps will be scattered)
Launches a ball of compacted scrap in a direction which does damage. The ball will explode after a certain distance or upon contact/impact, scattering Med Scraps.
Ability 2: Forcefield Mine
Phase: Prep
Damage: Med (25 up to 30)
Energy: 2 per enemy hit
CD: 3, Free
- Knockback and damage PBAoE (3x3 Hollow)
- Scatter (5x5, Hollow)
Targeter: Circle (Size about LW's Trapwire)
Deploys a forcefield mine which absorbs all air around it in the Prep phase. During the blast phase it unleashes all the air absorbed dealing damage and knocking back enemies in the radius of the blast by 1 square. It will also absorb Scraps in the AoE radius. If it did, the blast deals extra (up to +5) damage and scatters the scraps around the AoE but becomes Small Scraps.
Ability 3: Scrap Field
Phase: Blast
Damage: Med (20 up to 25)
CD: 4
Targeter: Circle (Radius = 3)
Area: 3x3 (Hollow if it hit a target)
Shoots a ball Big Scrap exploding and scattering them upon impact/contact. Enemy hit by the initial impact of the ball will be Rooted until end of turn. (Doesn't go over/through walls) (enemies caught in the scatter area gets (10 up to 15) initial damage, and scrap won't be scattered where there are enemies.
Ability 4: Force Pad
Phase: Prep
CD: 6
Targeter: Target Self
- Weaken = PBAoE 3x3 (Hollow)
- Absorb Scrap = 5x5
- Scatter = 3x3 (Hollow)
Deploys a weaker Forcefield mine which detonates during the Dash Phase. The mine will absorb all Scrap in the radius and scatters them at 'Small' Level at the area without enemies.
Ult: Scrap Parade
damage: Med (up to 30)
Phase: Blast
Energy: 100
Targeter: Circle (Radius = 4)
Shoots 3 balls of Med Scraps on 3 different locations which damages enemies and scatters the scraps on a 3x3 area each. Does not scatter at places enemies are on.
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-Heavy Metal: Now scatters Big Scraps and deals extra (+ up to 3) damage [3]
-Light Weight: Increase range by (X) but decrease damage by/to (Y) [2]
-More Scrap: Scatters further but scatters Small Scraps [2]
-Less Dense, More Weight: Decreased scatter radius but scatters big scrap.

-Stronger Force: Increase scrap absorb radius and scatter area [3]
-Scrap Storm: Increase damage for every 2 scrap absorbed [2]
-Magnetic Radar: Reveals all enemies hit. [1]
-Scrap Welding: Doesn't do the bonus damage but scatters Med Scraps

- Blunt Edge: This ability will no longer root and deals less damage but will slow all targets hit. Scrap scattered by this ability are considered med scrap [2]
- Scrap Plains: Increase scatter radius but scatters small/med (Depends on radius increase) scraps. [2]
- Tougher Material: Scrap scattered by this ability no longer vanishes after being stepped on.[3]
- Collector: Increase energy gain to (X) per target hit. [1]

- Extra Content: Increases range of dash by (X) [2]
- Drain: Gain (X) energy for each enemy in the absorb radius. [1]
- Piercing Wind: Will now deal (X) damage in the explosion radius. [2]
- Giga Blast: No longer weakens but knocks enemies back in the blast phase. [3]

- Scrap Carnaval: Increase range. [2]
- Recyclable Material: Gain 2 energy for each Scrap successfully deployed. (Max 12) [1]
- Bigger Load: Scatters Big Scrap but decrease scatter area by 1. [3]
- Scraps Rain: Increase scatter radius by 1 but scatters small scraps. [2]
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Lore: (WIP)

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