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and eliotthib, actually her ult is very strong if used in the right situation. you have to take in mind that it doesnt do the burst of the rest of the firepowers, but it deals more damage total, unmodded, than any other current freelancer and can potentially deal even more if both envenomed and shadowstalked. If you need direct numbers:

unprepped: 26 + 26 + 26 = 78
prepped: 34 + 30 + 26 = 90
prepped and mighted: 42 + 37 + 32 = 111
-this is her ult damage per enemy hit without mods.
62x4= 248, and it scrambles which is the strongest debuff in the game next to root. It does good damage but it's slow damage and that's it. Not saying it's not good, it's just not as effective as a pup Ult or as game changing. It is a dash which kinda makes up for that, I just think it won't end up doing enough dmg when you need it to be effective. And she has 0 sustain so she would need more HP then pup. Starts becoming a wonky character at that point. Not to mention pup just does more dmg on turns you aren't ult'ing anyway. It is an amazing concept, I'm not ****ting on the character, just the numbers. And that's Trion's job anyway. And also, you have no rights to the character. It's on a public forum specifically designed to give them ideas. ���� I'm not a lawyer though, so maybe?

Wrote this on my phone, sorry for grammar and punctuation errors.

Also go tear my Inoculator and Slippy apart for me, sure the number there aren't perfect either.