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Thread: Don't forget the simple stuff! =D

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    Don't forget the simple stuff! =D

    Alright people, though this is not the largest issue out there, I know there are still a few people that have forgotten to do this. I have run into having to help people with this countless times other places.

    Remember to allow glyph to send you newsletters about this game!

    To make sure you have everything correct all you do is head to:


    From there hover over "Account" and select "Newsletters" at the very bottom -

    From there it is as simple as checking the boxes =)

    See you in Atlas!

    (P.S. Kinda scared what will happen once I hit submit O_o new forums do funny things to images O_o)

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    Thanks, I'll need to update my newsletter checkbox list. I haven't checked my account page in ages! -)


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