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Thread: Gideon, the Experiment

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    Gideon, the Experiment

    Here's my stab at this. Any feedback appreciated! Hope you guys like it.

    Name: Gideon

    Role: Support / Firepower

    Description: Gideon is a close-range support that defends his allies with his body, absorbing damage to power up his own abilities which he uses to protect his allies and punish enemies that rush in too eagerly.

    NOTE: Gideon's primary mechanic is his Pain system. Taking damage in a turn gives him one Pain Counter, per source of damage, to a maximum of X. Pain Counters begin to fade after a turn without taking damage, one per turn until he takes damage again. All of his abilities grow stronger as he gains more counters, in terms of strength/range/duration. Using any ability except his primary (which uses a maximum of one) resets the count to 0. Players do not choose whether or not counters are used.

    *All abilities described as if being used with 0 Pain Counters

    Primary: Nanite Pulse
    90 Fan, Range: Short
    Gideon discharges a burst of nanites from within himself, damaging enemies and healing allies for a small amount.

    2 (Dash): Ablative Projection
    Single Target, Allies Only, Medium Range
    Medium Cooldown
    Gideon dashes adjacent to an ally and surrounds them in a nanite barrier, which effectively acts as 360 degree cover for that ally during Blast Phase. Damage sustained by that ally is treated as if they were behind cover, while Gideon takes the damage difference. Pain counters used give Gideon a respective amount of shield.

    3 (Blast): Nanite Swarm
    Point-Blank Area of Effect (Circular, Range: Medium)
    Medium Cooldown
    Gideon envelops an area in a swirling cloud of nanites, damaging enemies and healing allies caught in the initial impact, that pass through it, and during the blast phase of the next 2 turns. Damage/Healing is small, increases with use of 3 Pain Counters.

    4 (Prep): Reconstruction
    Long Cooldown
    Short-Range, Allies Only (Self included)
    Gideon activates his nanites' ability to regenerate damaged tissue, healing the target for a small amount per round for 3 rounds. Does not stack with Healing pickup.

    Ult (Dash/Blast): "Deus Ex Machinas"
    Point-Blank Area of Effect, Large Circle
    Dash Phase: Gideon flies upward (dodges dash attacks) and violently explodes into a cyclone of nanites, energizing allies in the area and granting them "cover" as per Ablative Projection.
    Blast Phase: The cyclone collapses inward and Gideon reappears, sending out a shockwave that heals allies and damages enemies for a medium amount, and knocks enemies back.

    Primary Mods:
    "Feedback Loop"- 1 - Gain additional energy per target hit.
    "Aggressive Programming"- 2 - Deals more damage to enemies, heals allies for less.
    "Defensive Programming"- 2 - Heals allies for more, deals less damage to enemies.
    "Echo Pulse"- 3 - Leaves a field that heals allies, or damages enemies that pass through it during Move Phase, for a half the original value.

    2 Mods:
    "Redundant Failsafe"- 1 - Grants affected ally (or Gideon) a small amount of shield.
    "Energy Reflection"- 3 - A portion of the damage that would be sent to Gideon is instead reflected back on the attacker.
    "Kinetic Absorption "- 2 - If affected ally takes damage, Gideon gains Energized.

    3 Mods:
    "Vampire Tech"- 3 - If enemies are damaged in a given phase, the amount allies are healed for increases.
    "Blinding Swarm"- 2 - Enemies caught in the initial blast are slowed.
    "Programmed Obsolescence"- 2 - Deal more damage/heal for more in initial blast, reduce later damage.
    "Energy Transfer" - 1 - Enemies/Allies passing through the field give Gideon a small amount of energy.

    4 Mods:
    "Harden Skin"- 2 - Target gains a small amount of shield.
    "Overclock"- 1 - Target gains Haste.
    "Augmentation"- 3 - Target gains Might.

    Ult Mods:
    "Reset Configuration"- 3 - Resets all cooldowns.
    "Buffeting Winds"- 2 - Enemies caught in blast are slowed/weakened until the end of the turn instead of being knocked back.
    "Empowering Pulse"- 2 - Allies caught in the blast gain Might until the end of the turn.
    "Downdraft" - 1 - Increases knockback range.

    Gideon was an employee of HelioCorp. -- if "paid lab rat" is an official job description. He was subjected to countless experimental nanotechnology treatments, the final one being a treatment that would allow the human body to generate nanites by manipulating his organs to produce them alongside other cells. The experiment was a success but the nanites were produced too quickly and too aggresively, and they began to replace the organic parts of Gideon's body. It left him in a constant state of agony as his body slowly became more and more synthetic. The pain eventually drove him insane. HelioCorp attempted to terminate him only to discover that not only had their experiment made him extremely difficult to kill, it had given him superhuman abilities. He broke out of the lab and into the megacity, and is now being hunted by HelioCorp and its proprietor, Omni.

    Gideon is a human male (race irrelevant), roughly same age and build as Helios, but more muscular. He wears tattered civilian clothing. His extremities have become entirely synthetic, and lines of nanite corruption run up his arms and legs (think Tetsuo from "Akira"). He wears a hooded top to obscure the same corruption appearing on his face, and his eyes have a faint glow.

    He fights to find a way to reverse what was done to him. His demeanor is bi-polar, quickly oscillating between calm recitations of poetry about pain, to gibbering screams of nonsense. He will occasionally refer to himself as "we," as if the nanites have overtaken his very sentience.

    Skin Idea: Corruption
    His body and even his clothes have been entirely consumed by nanotechnology. His hands and feet are exposed and glow, and his eyes and mouth radiate light coming from within him. (Think "Taken" enemies from Destiny.)

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    I like the idea of being a support creates shield, cover and at the same time able to heal.

    But in my opinion, it would be much more interesting to make it like this:
    Instead of having pain counters which makes it a bit Rask-like, maybe make it so that the Nanites will "Infect" allies. The nanites can then be moved from one ally to another if they're close to each other. Then the abilities will utilize the "infected" ally to do damage and heal others while providing the "infected" with cover when needed.

    Example for ability edits:

    2 (Prep): Ablative Projection
    Single Target, Allies Only, Medium Range
    Medium Cooldown
    Gideon selects an "Infected" ally and gives him/her cover until end of turn. At the end of turn if no damage were taken by the ally, he/she/it (heals for a low amount of heal) or (get's energize until end of next turn).

    But this is just my idea to make it interesting in my point of view. Don't take this too seriously.

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    I like the "infection" idea! It might be more feasible as a ticking damage/heal after an attack, like cluster mines or Titus' dagger

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    Btw because why not here's a support kit idea for this guy with the "infection" idea (no mods yet):

    Before anything else I want to say that:
    -This guy may only infect 1 enemy and 1 ally at a time with his primary
    -For ability names I'll make kind of it similar to the original
    -Infection does damage/heal only at the end of its lifetime. By default Infection lasts for 4 turns.

    Primary: Nanite Blast
    Range: Med
    Target: Enemy and/or ally
    Aim: Line
    Gideon gathers Nanites into one spot and shoots it in a line dealing medium damage to enemies and healing ally for a small amount. This attack infects the first target hit by it.

    2: Nanite Armor
    Phase: Prep
    Type: Buff
    Target: Allies only
    Range: As long as Ally is within vicinity
    Cooldown: Med
    Gideon selects an "infected" ally and compacts the Nanites around their body giving them Cover until end of turn. The subtracted amount of damage due to Cover will be dealt to Gideon.

    3: Nanite Trip/Travel/Transport
    Phase: Dash
    Range: N/A (As long as there's an infected Ally or Enemy)
    Cooldown: Long
    Gideon converts his whole body into a cloud of Nanites which dashes to either an infected Enemy or Ally. When dashing to an enemy he does small damage to the infected enemy, but if he dashes to an ally he heals them for a small amount.

    4: Nanites' Curse (sorry very bad with names)
    Range: Any infected enemy within vicinity.
    Phase: Blast
    Cooldown: Med
    The Nanites which swarms around an Infected enemy deals damage for a moderate amount.

    Ult: Nanite Apocalypse
    Phase: Prep
    Target: Allies and enemies
    Aim: AoE, large circle
    Energy: 100
    Gideon lets out a huge amount of Nanite around him infecting all enemies and allies for 2 turns during the Prep phase. Then in the Dash phase Gideon dashes to up to 1 ally and 1 enemy, this dash does the same thing as Nanite Trip/Transport/Travel.

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