Hey lancers,
We've got a solid patch here! We really appreciate all the feedback and bug reports. Keep it up!

- The Atlas Reactor Team

* Fixed an issue where Challenges were not correctly updating after 24 hours. Because people have asked: the day starts at 2am. This is 2am GMT if your currency is Euro or Pound, 2am Pacific for others.
* If all users Ready in group then a non-leader cancels Ready, the leader of group no longer cancels Ready automatically
* Added more taunt preview videos

Loot, crafting, and purchasing
* Increased the crafting cost of the Forged Loot Matrix to 150.
* Added new emoticons. High Five and Scream are now available, with others coming soon.
* Reduced ISO price of Trickster to 50,000 ISO
* Updated the credit cost of all purchasable taunts. Non-ult taunts now cost 600 credits and ults cost 750.

* Made rarity backgrounds more obvious on item icons. Hooray colors!
* Fixed an issue where emoticon tooltips were visible even when the emoticon had scrolled off the top of chat
* The skins tab on the store no longer shows all the default skins
* Updated the Aurora - Surprised emoticon to Aurora - Wow. The command to use it is now :wow: since suprised surprized surprised is hard to spell.
* When Seasons quests are complete they now say what the reward is
* Chat box should no longer block the inventory when clicking
* Changed the name of Ability Styles to Ability Effect.
* UI polish and bug fixes for Seasons and Inventory.

* Dash catalysts no longer briefly reveal you when used while invisible.
* Fixed a bug where some "trap" abilities like Nix's Overwatch Drone would have their damage be mitigated by cover.
* Updated Asana’s Retribution to ignore cover. It did 90% of the time already but certain edge cases it would get a cover bonus.
* Quark’s Radiate now shows damage and healing numbers when targeting .
* Fixed bugs with target highlighting on Gremolitions Inc’s Big Bang.
* OMNI Trust performed an upgrade on the Big Brother bots in the tutorial. They now will fire at Lockwood.