Get ready for instant tactical action and crazy strategy in Atlas Reactor, a game unlike any you’ve played before.We’ve started letting in small groups of players over time, so make sure you sign up here: you claimed any Trion game code from GamesCom or PAX this year, you will be on the priority list for an early invite into Alpha – what? You didn’t claim your code card yet? Don’t miss out – claim it by FRIDAY in order to get into Atlas Reactor Alpha!We have a LOT of ways to keep you up to date on Atlas Reactor:
  • All the latest info will appear on our forums.- Once you are IN Alpha, you’ll have access to the NDA’d section with even more information!
  • This Facebook page will be an excellent source of information as well – like this page and love the game!
  • Tweet at us any time @AtlasReactor
  • And make sure to sign up for emails about Atlas Reactor (including your Alpha invite) as well!
We’ll see you in game soon!