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    Open Alpha FAQ

    *Please remember that Atlas Reactor is still in development, so the answers found here may change.

    **This is a living document and will be updated. Last Updated: 3/31/2016

    What is Atlas Reactor?
    Atlas Reactor is a new team tactics game from Trion Worlds. It’s a genre-breaking game that combines simultaneous turns with tactical team combat. The best way to understand what it is, is to play!

    When you do, you’ll jump into battle as any one of a growing selection of Freelancers, each with unique personalities, roles, and abilities. Once you enter the world of Atlas, you’ll rely on sharp weapons and sharper wits to outplay enemy teams in fierce 4v4 multiplayer, co-op games, and custom matches.

    Can I play characters in-game for free?
    Yes. Atlas Reactor will always include a Free Rotation that allows people to play as a range of different Freelancers. This rotation will change periodically.

    How much do characters cost?
    Freelancers of every role (Firepower, Frontline, or Support) come in a variety of price ranges, from $3.99 to $9.99.

    Can I buy characters in-game?
    Yes. You’ll be able to purchase Freelancers with two kinds of in-game currency: Credits and ISO.

    What are GG Boosts?
    GG Boosts provide a bonus to the ISO and XP earned for completing a match. Use a GG Boost during a match and EVERYONE in the match gets a bonus! The user of the boost gets a larger bonus than the other players.

    GG Boosts also stack. The more GG Boosts used, the greater the total bonus for everyone. When 4 boosts are used (half the players in a PvP match), an extra bonus is applied. When all 8 players use a boost, an even bigger bonus is granted to everyone!

    What are Credits and ISO?
    Credits are a purchasable form of in-game currency, whereas ISO is an in-game currency that can only be earned through playing the game.

    What are Mod Tokens?
    Mod tokens are used to unlock Ability Mods (which allow you to customize your abilities). They can be earned by playing the game, or purchased with ISO.

    What are Banners?
    A Banner is the visual, in-game identifier for your account! It shows up in a variety of places, including scoreboards, friends list, when you use taunts, and when you use GG Boosts.

    Banners consist of a background, an emblem, and titles, in addition to your gamertag. Backgrounds, emblems, and titles are all collectible and can be mixed and matched to your liking. You can earn them in a variety of different ways, including account progression, Freelancer progression, and ELO rank.

    What are Skins?
    A skin is a complete costume and thematic change for your Freelancer that is fully distinct from that character’s default appearance. (In development, we call this a geometry change). Skins can also be customized further, as each one has its own set of unique Styles associated with it.

    What are Styles?
    Styles are a customization option that can dramatically change the pattern, textures, color, and shaders for any given Skin.

    How do I use my emoticons?
    Future builds will have an improved UI that allows users to see and use their emoticon collection more easily. For now, you can use emoticons by typing the following into chat:



    When is Open Alpha?
    Open Alpha starts March 31 at 2PM PDT!

    Who can play in Open Alpha?
    Everybody is welcome to play during Open Alpha. All you have to do is sign up, install Atlas Reactor, and hop into a game!

    Will I get to keep my progress during Open Alpha?
    No. Since we will be introducing a huge number of changes to Atlas Reactor once Closed Beta begins, we will unfortunately need to wipe almost all player progression (except for a select number of unique titles and Sneak Peek rewards) on that date.

    However, all player accounts made before Closed Beta will be flagged so that we can identify them for special in-game thank you gifts.


    When is Closed Beta?
    Closed Beta begins on April 14 at 2PM PDT!

    Will there be a wipe before Closed Beta?
    Yes, but only after the Open Alpha. During the Open Alpha you’ll be able to enjoy all the unlocked characters, banners, and titles you’ve earned during Alpha. You’ll also be able to spend any ISO that you’ve earned or free Credits that you were given during the Alpha period as well.

    Once Closed Beta arrives on April 14, however, we will need to wipe almost all progress since we will be introducing a significant number of system changes. However, there are a few exceptions.

    Here’s what will not be wiped for Closed Beta:

    -Any Founder’s Packs purchased
    -ELO-based banners and emblems
    -The Lockwood unlock and Blood Sport Style earned during the Alpha Sneak Peek
    -Select Alpha titles: “O.G.”, “Alpha Reactor”, and “Killed by Dev”

    How do I get into Closed Beta?
    There are a number of ways to get access.

    -Get instant access to Closed Beta on April 14 by purchasing a Founder’s Pack.
    -Sign up for Closed Beta. We’ll be sending out a select number of invitations on a lottery basis.
    -Join the community on Facebook, Twitter, and the Forums, and keep an eye out for Beta Key giveaways.

    Do I get to keep the things I buy in Closed Beta?
    If you purchase a Founder’s Pack during Closed Beta, you will keep every item in that pack. Any Credits that you purchase during Closed Beta will also be saved to your account.

    However, because we will implement additional content once the Open Beta arrives, we will have to wipe other purchases and player progress (excluding the items retained at the Closed Beta wipe) at that time.

    What happens to credits I spend in Closed Beta?
    Credits you purchase and spend in Closed Beta will be returned to you at the start of Open Beta.

    When can I play? How often is the Closed Beta server available?
    Our goal is to keep the Closed Beta servers open as close to 24/7 as possible after they open at 2PM on April 14. Outside of patches and updates, we want everyone playing as much as they want!

    Is there an NDA?
    No! There is no NDA during our Open Alpha or Closed Beta. Please feel free to stream and share Atlas Reactor with as many people as you want.

    Will I be able to stream Atlas Reactor?
    Yes! In fact, please do – and let us know, so that we can catch your stream too! If you’re a streamer and add Atlas Reactor to your roster, consider joining our Creator Program and reach out to @Scapes on Twitter!


    If I buy a pack, when do I get my loot?
    If you purchase any one of our Founder’s Packs, you should be able to access all of your pack items on your next login to Atlas Reactor. The exception to this is the Trion Worlds’ in-game loot for the other games and the Community Rewards, which will be rewarded at the end of the Closed Beta period.

    How do I get my Trion Worlds In-Game Loot for RIFT, Defiance, and Trove?
    The account you use to purchase the pack will automatically be granted each item. For RIFT, all you need to do is log in to your account and your Asana Sword and Rampart Shield will be waiting in your mailbox. For Defiance, you’ll find Zuki’s Helmet in the “Claim Item” section of the in-game Store. And for Trove, your PuP ally will be waiting for you in your Collections (under “Allies” and “Promo”)!


    What are Community Rewards?
    Community Rewards are bonus levels of rewards that that are unlocked through Community Missions! The more Community Missions that are fulfilled, the more rewards that everyone who has purchased a pack will get.

    When will I receive my Community Rewards?
    Community Rewards will be granted at the end of the Closed Beta period.

    Do I have to purchase a Founder’s Pack in order to participate in Community Rewards?
    Yes. Only the people who have purchased a pack will be able to receive Community Rewards.


    How do I download Atlas Reactor?
    You’ll need a free Glyph account, and then you can download Altas Reactor here. You’ll first install Glyph, Trion World’s game launcher. Then, select Atlas Reactor from your Game Library and install!

    Will Atlas Reactor have a Patron Program?
    Yes. It will become available at a later date.

    Will Atlas Reactor be available in any other languages?
    To expedite game testing, Atlas Reactor Alpha is currently only available in English. Additional languages will be announced and made available as we progress through Beta and beyond.

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    Muzzy, are there any details anywhere regarding the "Creator Program"? I've tried looking on the main site but can't find anything.

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    If you mean the Founder's Packs, those just went live - https://www.atlasreactorgame.com/en/preorder/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xevo View Post
    If you mean the Founder's Packs, those just went live - https://www.atlasreactorgame.com/en/preorder/

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    So alpha testers still able to playin the Closed Beta?

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    Players from the Alpha Sneak Peek and earlier will be able to play in Closed beta, however, if you just started your account during the Open Alpha, you are not grandfathered in to the Closed Beta.

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    Are levels getting reset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSaiyan View Post
    Are levels getting reset?
    Player progression may not stay the same between Alpha/Beta events. Player progression will be wiped between events.

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    I have already purchased the $25 founder's pack, now I have decided that I want to upgrade to the next pack. Is there anyway for me to do that?

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