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Thread: Rio Rampage Grey - TheBlueMuzzy's Build

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    Rio Rampage Grey - TheBlueMuzzy's Build

    I'm not claiming to be the best, but I'm certainly good. This is my favorite way to play Grey. Keep in mind that not every build will fit YOUR playstyle. Try it out, see if you like it. If it you aren't a safe player, you won't like this build (I think), but who knows, it might make a lot of sense to you and change the way you play!

    This was just a quick throw together tutorial. If you have questions, let me know. I'll update if things change

    Rio Rampage Grey
    By TheBlueMuzzy
    tw: Partnered Twitch
    yt: YouTube with Playlist for AR
    t: @TheBlueMuzzy

    I've got a lvl 10 grey. 98 games played. 71 won 309 takedowns. 1895 ELO. Most damage I've dealt was 870. On average it's 500+

    Tracer Bolt: High-Powered Bolts
    Hawk Drone: Vicious
    Tranquilizer Darts: Off the Cuff (free action)
    Slip Away: None
    Voltaitc Cage: Relentless

    Turtle Tech - staying alive longer = more damage potential. Might is one turn of extra damage, while Turtle tech can lead to more turns of damage potential.
    Fade - Invisible is rarely countered
    Brain Juice - Reducing CDs allows for 4 hawkdrone movements in a row which results in massive dmg

    This setup allows for the most damage in her kit using the drone due to tracked targets.

    Tracer Bolt: High-Powered Bolts
    Lining Lancers up makes for easy tracking. If there are 2 in your drone, lined up, you get extra damage from Vicious mod. Spread out damage is almost always better than single damage since taking out multiple enemies in the same turn makes for an easy chase down of the remaining ones, not to mention the psychological effect that has on the enemy. Morale is important. If everyone is low, there is less chance of body blocking, and more of a chance for scattering

    HawkDrone: Vicious
    Once tracked, the drone deals more damage. since this setup allows for a potential of 4 drone movements in a row, that's a LOT of extra damage that adds up really quickly.

    Tranquilizer Darts: Off the Cuff (free action)
    This is for when the enemy is NOT lined up for the tracer bolt. this allows you to support the team by adding reveal and weak, as well as ensure lots of easy damage from your drone. It being a Free Action is the best way to surprise an enemy group within your drone. I've been able to mark 4 characters in 1 turn while they were standing in my drone. tranq darts the two on the sides. tracer bolt through the center marking two because of high-powered. this was a total of 134 damage in 1 blast phase. Since you can move your drone up to 4 times in a row with this setup, you can follow up the next turn with more tracked drone damage on the ones that clump when they run away. if they scatter after that, it's easier to pick them off. remember, diversified damage = full team pressure = drop in enemy morale = good chance of them making mistakes and you winning. Transitive property applies. The Weakness that this applies is FANTASTIC to out-trade in a 1 on 1. they don't hurt you, you get to also Tracer Bolt because darts is a free action. Split those darts and help your team or check bushes all at the same time. THIS ABILITY IS HER MOST IMPORTANT ABILITY IMO and separates good Greys from okay Greys.

    Slip Away: None
    This was a tough one. this move doesn't deal damage, so I chose to play safer rather than put points into making this better. it has paid off. I DO love agile escape if I had to choose one. But I don't, so I didn't. Stay away from your drone as much as possible. If you fly your drone TO you to hit people, be sure to run away from it. they will chase you probably, and you can slip away back in the direction you started from.

    Voltaitc Cage: Relentless
    All about that DRONE baby! Rio (the drone's name) is on a 2 turn cooldown. If I use it when I have full energy, my next turn I can move it again with my Ult, which resets cooldown with Relentless mod. then use my drone again the next turn, and if i pop Brain Juice catalyst, It refreshes the cd by 2, which makes it 0, So on the next turn i can use the drone yet again. that's 4 times in a row.

    Alternately, you can Drone with brain juice, Drone again, Ult Drone, then Drone again. Still 4 and has the added benefit of reducing your Tranq Darts cd that you used right before the Drone Flurry, so you can use them DURING your drone flurry. free actions are sexy.

    Starting turns:

    DON'T USE YOUR DRONE TO SCOUT. It's too important of a zoning tool and damage tool. Let frontlines get up there. let them root people out. once you see someone use your Tracer Bolt to track them. Let them run scared. Throw your drone at them. Your Drone goes on cd for 2 rounds. You will be finding good positioning AWAY from your drone, running while poking with your Tracer bolt.

    KEEP PEOPLE TRACKED. when your drone comes back up, toss it at your tracked targets, or somewhere you need to scare people away from. This could be a buff on the map, or a choke point. or even a group fight. Keep in mind that having them tracked means that the drone will hit them in the Camo-Pads.

    try really hard to find cover. On the turns that your drone is on CD dont' stand behind full cover because you need to be able to tranq or tracer bolt people. when the drone is ready, get behind full cover as much as possible.

    If you get jumped on early, before you've thrown your drone out, you are going to have a hard time getting away. You've probably chosen a poor opening and should rethink that in the future. If your opening was fine, but their team mobility was huge, you may consider Turtle Tech and throw the drone far away, then Slip away the next turn.

    Mid Game:
    support your team however necessary. if that means tranq-ing people to apply Weakness and keep them from dealing too much damage. Pester with your drone.

    PRIORITIZE GETTING ENERGY PICKUPS! Getting your ult sooner means you have the opportunity to drone 4 turns in a row, which is how you help the enemy team make mistakes.

    again, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR DRONE. This is where you will be using Slip Away to get out of bad situations. A smart enemy will camp your drone, so that's why mods like Shelter exist for Slip Away. But if you play right, you wont' ever have to worry about it.

    Late Game:
    You're trying to get those kills. You want it. You can taste it. You need it or you lose. The 4 drone combo is immensely powerful. If you got caught early and you had to use your Brain Juice to get your Slip away up sooner, you can still get a 3 Drone flurry.

    Things of Note:
    - Grey CAN'T use her Slip Away if she hasn't cast her Drone.
    - Grey CAN BE TOO FAR AWAY FROM HER DRONE TO USE SLIP AWAY. Don't find this out the hard way.
    - Placing your Drone over the enemy Grey's Drone on a turn when you think she'll use Slip Away is Hilariously Effective!
    - The Closer your cursor is to your body, the more spread Tranq Darts are.
    - If there is only one enemy in sight, consider Tranq Dart-ing that character and send the other one into a Camo-Pad for luck. Don't forget to Taunt.
    - Your Tracer Bolt is long range. If someone thinks they got away, and thinks that they aren't in danger, they probably won't pop any defensive abilities or Turtle. Hit that person. Surprise damage is disorienting and causes morale drop.
    - If you think someone is going to dash, or Catalyst Dash into an adjacent area, place your Tracer bolt, or Tranq Darts in such a way that it is passing through the edges of a row of tiles. This gives you the opportunity to hit a LOT more tiles. Firing in a straight line is a waste of potential.
    - If enemies are lined up, shoot through them all with Tracer bolt. You'll Track all of them and if someone moves, at least the other characters outlined in red will still get hit.
    - Invisible Lancers are easier to find than you think. User Tracer Bolt even if you can't hit someone. Fire that bad boy into a Camo-Pad, get lucky.

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    Tranquilizer Darts: Off the Cuff (free action)

    Now Called Double Dart.

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    Necro thread February 2016

    I wouldn't pay it too much heed (without reading it again that is.)

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