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    Advanced Gameplay Guide

    Hi guys my name is Wollelol. Probably no one will know or remember me in any shape or form.
    I played some LoL back in the days and even represented my country. I also wrote some Wildstar Boss Guides which people liked.

    But your not here for that. You want some sweet tips how to improve your gameplay in this weird cool new MOBA (Massive Online Board Action) Game. Well the tutorial is fine and dandy but if you have no experience in this kinda game (which you probably don't, like most people) your just kicked into the wide open world of no real matchmaking system and have to play against people who played 100+ games. Or the other way around. So what do you need to know to survive in this wild wild west. Let me tell you...

    1.) Cover
    2.) Positioning
    3.) Optimal Distance
    4.) Focus
    5.) Overkill
    6.) Ultimates
    7.) Retreat
    8.) Bush (Camouflage spots)

    Thats a lot of stuff and I'm gonna improve and fix this Guide so please comment if you want to know something or I made a mistake. Or maybe just to say thx or sth...
    If you ask yourself what each buff/debuff does http://forums.atlasreactorgame.com/s...eak-Peek-Week! you can read it right here.

    Or what does that character do what is this thingy and how does life work? Don't worry GearsPowered got your back with this awesome spreadsheet https://www.reddit.com/r/AtlasReacto...et_googledocs/! Nice work man.

    Useful Commands:
    /all -> allows you to write to your opponents in a match.
    alt + left click -> pings on the location of your mouse so your mates know what your are thinking.

    1. Cover
    Oh yeah, cover gives you a Wall between you and your Enemy and some sweet Damage Reduction. If you haven't played some of the Xcom Games you might not know the concept.
    The basic idea is if you stand directly behind a object and an opponent shoots at you (from the direction of the object) you will take reduced damage. Which is sweet!

    There are 2 types of Cover; full and half. The Full one provides more protection and is cleary visible through it being as big or bigger then your character. But it's also (unlike its counterpart) bulletproof. So you cant shoot through it like half cover. Here are some Examples:

    Lets analyse those Situation:
    First the no Cover pants down I'm dead situation and no you do not want to be the guy standing like that. Generally it's just a bad idea you get shot all over and the remaining mess of your body will not be missed.
    Second is the opposite the Full Cover + no Vision your save in such a position nearly no harm can be done to you, but you smart as a cowboy can use your wits&abilitys to overcome this hurdle and still do damage like Lockwood in this example.
    Third the half cover + Vision Example. Being in such a position isn't the worst cause you can deal tons of damage. But on the flip side you will probably still get hit by a lot (even if the damage is reduced)
    Fourth but one of the best positions to be in the Full Cover + Vision allows one to deal maximum damage while being protected from the worst.
    I hope that helped to clarify cover and how it's used.

    But remember cover is not all protecting there are a bunch of skills out there which ignore said cover or can avoid it still dealing you full dmg. So don't feel too safe!

    2. Positioning
    The bread and butter of your survival. Let me give you an Example. Would you prefer to stand between 4 Opponents or far of to the side?

    The answer is: It depends: Yeah I know ****** move. Let me explain. Standing of to the Side is in general the better position but sometimes you picked a melee character or things happened, I know the feeling. So what to do if all things went loose and you find yourself on the bad end of multiple guns, rocketlaunchers, swords, shields … yeah DASH out of it preferable to a place where you don't land in the same position again. So your dash is maybe on cooldown. Why did you use it and are still in a such a bad spot. If you didn't fail miserably your probably a tank and engaged willingly in this position. Sometimes that's a valid play but most of the times you should not charge blindly into fog territory and wait a turn for some much needed vision.

    3. Optimal Distance
    The optimal distance is a hard thing to grasp it wildly depends on your character and the opposing ones.
    As a ranged Dps you should be into a position to shoot your maximal distance and still hit something (preferable someone who is not in cover; dmg!).
    As a melee tank you should be near an important target (support or a strong dps) and annoy them as much as possible. PRO TIP: if you right click on a target to move your character will follow the target as much as his movements allows him too. This is useful to stay near your target and be more annoying.
    As a support you should be in a position to help your teammates in need but as far away from any enemy as possible cause you will be focused. Which connects nicely to my next stop.

    4. Focus:
    Picking the right target and sticking to it can be a tall order for someone who just started the game. Circumstances like positioning and vision limit our options. And having many options is essential in a turn based game. You don't want to be the guy who is completely predictable and misses shots cause everybody saw it coming.
    Well lets start small here picking the most low health target is often a good choice to start. But also very predictable. Check if …
    - your opponents Team has a character that would be likely to shield your target
    - your target has dash up
    - your target is already going to be killed by a ability of your teammates
    If some of the mentioned Points are true maybe you should look for another target or get into a better position.
    If you think your opponent is gonna dash try to predict his movement. Place a trap, shoot were you think he's gonna dash to (probably in cover away from your teammates) move to a better position. Nothing is more satisfying than doing a correct prediction and totally hitting your opponent cause your next level! Don't forget to Taunt

    5. Overkill
    I already talked a bit about it in the previous section but let me get this out.
    If a enemy has like ~20 hp there is NO! Nonononono need for every team member to shoot at him. It's a turn based game and if 3 people shoot on 1 already dead target your wasting the turn. And believe me skipping your turn is you getting time walked which is the worst thing. Its like your not even on the field. Even worse the target dashes out and all shots missed and your team eats bullets like cornflakes and you loose your game just cause you had to get the kill. Which in the worst case you didn't even get.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not saying don't kill that low health juicy target and let him be. If the target lives through the turn it's the actual worst . Cause you will have to deal with the exact same situation in the following turn.
    Your able to see the telegraphs what your teammates are planning to do and if there happens to be already 1-2 telegraphs saying I got it. Then don't bother you got better things to do than wasting your turn. Look for the next target Position yourself shoot someone else.
    But if you have to shot it you can try to line up your shot that if the target dashes away you hit someone behind them.
    But beware dealing not enough damage can also happen keep in mind if your enemy has heals/shields or catalysts (tough) up! Make sure he's dead if your team is not 100% to get the kill.

    Now your team got the kill you have a free action what could you do? Make a spot on prediction that the low health target is gonna dash into a certain spot and shot there for the best feeling of all time. Enjoy

    This chapter is important overkilling targets is something I see in nearly every game and my hearth starts bleeding. So think befor you act, its a turn based game and you got time to decide your actions.

    6. Ultimate
    Yeah you know them. Those damn cheap *** abilitys that ruin your day and are op as hell if they destroy your game. Like in game as LoL or Dota it helps to know each and every ultimate of all the characters in the game. Lucky for us that's not that many at the moment.
    This is a important lesson! Track the Ultimate Bar on your enemies and realize if it is full.
    So if you know the character and see that his ultimate bar is full, try to walk in his shoes. What would you do would you use the ultimate right away? Or would you wait for a better position? Try to realize what the worst case is (your team dying?) and try to avoid it at all costs (the cost is your dash cool down). Make sure if you dash into safety not to be predictable dashing straight to the health globe right next to you maybe a bit to obvious and there might be a trap or shot in the face be waiting for you.

    7. Retreat!

    Know when to retreat. Earlier I talked about using your turn effective and not wasting it. Running away to not die is by no means a waste. Matches in Atlas Reactor go to 5 kills. That means if you escape with 1 health and run away for the rest of the match, your actually helping! Some opponents maybe even giving chase abandoning teammates just to get you.
    If you successfully escaped, heal up get some green Health orbs, use your abilitys and come back into the fight the moment you feel ready. Some Characters can even help out if they are standing right on the other side of the field!

    8. Bush

    So what are these crazy little blue fields that have a blue/red light? Well like the LoL Bush your invisible if your standing inside of it. If an attack is shot out of a "bush" it gets disabled for a turn (red) which makes you guessed it not invisible anymore. If an Opponents sees you enter a bush he gets a mark on his screen where you entered it, not were you actualy are standing. So hide in those bushes and move after you entered them if possible . One thing to notice is that other Freelancer then yourself can disable a "bush" (through shooting out of it) and it's disabled for every freelancer. So you can't hide in a bush that got disabled last turn by another Freelancer.

    Know your Character and your role in the team and try to make the best damn plays you can do out there. That's all for now go out there and destroy some faces! See you out there. I'm going to put down a Quick & Dirty reference for each freelancer in the following post so you can get a nice and easy overview and don't have to read every ability of every freelancer.

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    So Freelancer what they do and what you could expect of them. Let's get to it!

    First Categories: There are 3 kinds of Freelancer Firepower, Frontliner, Support. Pretty straight forward your Damage Dealer, Tank and Healer. But not every Freelancer is a one trick pony and a few of them can be called hybrids, but we get to that later. Also there is a thing called mods which can modify the effect of each ability by a lot.
    In the following Section im gonna go over a few pointers for each Freelancer and every Ultimate.
    This will not be a list of all the ablitys and mods. If your looking for that you can check it out on GearsPowered collection right here https://www.reddit.com/r/AtlasReacto...et_googledocs/

    Short Info:
    Freelancer without dash (shoot them they can't dodge!): Nix, Rampart, Aurora, Helio, Fin
    Freelancer with restricted dash: Grey (only below her drone), Oz (only switches places with his afterimage, Quark (only to an enemy/friendly into a space right next to him), Blackburn (only cover)
    Freelancer with dashes that ignore traps (jumping over them): Zuki, Grey, Garrison

    Lets start the List with a Big Bang of Firepower!


    Your typical friendly neighborhood pal gal thats crazy and has to much explosives!

    With the help of her rocketlauncher she will be able to hit you behind a lot of cover and ignoring your sweet defensive bonus.
    Marking an Area for a Big Nuke to come down the next turn you better not move to obviously or you gonna get nuked.
    Her Ultimate is gonna mark every spot around every Enemy (including the spot he's is standing on) in a 180 radius (Even through walls if she took that mod) in the Preperation Phase and shoot a bunch of Rockets on the spot in the Blast Phase. So get the hell out of there and don't look back like a cool guy!

    Gremolitions Inc:

    These two guys are just Wow. Not only are they 2! which seems unfair they also got a minethrower and they are willing to use it.

    Planting Mines where ever they god damn please you realy shouldn't be walking in a straight line to the most useful spot or you gonna get hurt.
    One of they're most lethal combos is planting mines all around them (free action) and knocking someone right back into 3 of them. Not only is that ~80 dmg if done correctly you sir are now standing in a mine field. So watch out.

    If they decide to Ultimate! Which they will there are gonna throw not 2 not 3 no! 4! bombs (6 if they took the mod) and shoot them all over the place dealing a bunch of cover ignoring damage. Enjoy


    The cutest Freelancer of them all. You wanna pet him? You so wanna pet him...
    He's gonna bite your freaking head off if you try to pet him!

    Not only is he a sneaky one (stealth) this dog is gonna take you for a walk! Hooking you up and draging you through all the things right next to him.

    His Ultimate is a freaking loud soundwave 360 around him making your ears bleed. So stay away from the dog!


    You see his Icon you know whats up. The coolest Freelancer around doesn't care about line of sight and came right out of a western. He's the guy you looked up to and still think is damn freaking cool.

    So like I allready said line of sight doesn't realy matter that much to him shooting bouncing trick shots around walls makes him just that much cooler. He also got some 90 aoe spray and prey ability and a trap so care!
    His ultimate is a second dash which deals damage all the way from start to landing spot. Which makes this guy one slippery cowboy.


    Now we are talking. Sniper Rifle check, invisiblity check. This sniper is not gonna let you out of his sight.

    He also got a Drone which functions like a trap in a straight line so watch out. Get near this guy and don't let him get away or he's gonna show you the worst day of your life!

    His ultimate is just icing on the cake taking out his sniperrifle supercharing it and shooting through walls in a straight line right in your face and through it to the next person.


    Lets call her a Scout with the help of her drone Rio this girl is gonna find you wherever you may be hiding.
    She can reveal and weaken you as a free action and every shot of her gun is gonna reveal you too. No you won't be able to hide and if you get away, Rio is gonna come chasing right behind you overwatching a radius and whoever is in his territory is gonna get shot in the blast phase.

    But Grey is only able to dash to her drone Rio! So you can predict her! Do it!

    If Grey decides to ultimate you she's gonna send Rio to trap you in a cage which deals a bunch of damage if you walk through it! So stand still! Haha Grey we outsmarted you! What your not using your ultimate and im standing there like an idiot? Well damn that makes me a sad Panda :_(


    This little trickster is never alone cause he leaves an afterimage of himself at his position of the last turn. It also counts as a full freelancer doing exactly that what Oz is doing in his turn.

    So what can he do? Shoot single, aoe or plant a energy bomb around him. Yeah pretty straight forward, but don't get fooled he can also swap his position with that of his afterimage as a free action in the dash phase!

    And if that's not enough his ultimate is a dash which deals damage and leaves 2! afterimages which makes him effectivly 3 freelancers for one turn.


    The rolling wonder! This is one lancer that you don't wanna group up next to! She got a sweet shotgun that allows her to hit all the peoples! Dashing 1 square around corners and shooting her shotgun she is the action hero of Atlas Reactor and if she doesn't have a shot you gonna hear her overcharge her shotgun for some big Damage the following turn.

    Laying down a free invisible drone that she can activate on the push of a button gives her that extra bampf to make sure she hunts down her target!

    And if you ever decide to stick close to your friends and a elle spots you her ultimate is gonna make sure she knocks everybody back in their place (including herself, damn recoil ^^)


    The long finger of Atlas Reactor and what long fingers she has! 2 Grappling Hooks that can pick up Powerups will gurantee that she steals everything! But no thats not enough for celeste she even steals your vision using her smoke bombs!

    Planting her invisible trap that gets armed the following turn but she gives away the direction where it is cause she can't resist looking there
    Her dash has two parts and allows her to dash around corners while dealing damage to whoever is in her way!

    This Thief doesn't stop there if you got lucky and picked some powerups away from her she is still gonna get them! Ultimating you she copys all the buffs of the targets she hits!


    The soldier! Thats basicly it This guy got all the stuff you would expect him to have. Grenade check, Stimpack check, Artillery Strike check.
    You want it he got it. Rolling over to the next cover to avoid fire and give some covering fire himself this guy gets things done.
    His Gun even has a Mode to shoot in a spray or single target so he got all the bases covered.

    Don't feel to safe behind cover he can make those Artillery Strikes rain down from the other side!

    So thats our Firepower but all the Range Damage in the World isn't gonna help you if someone is standing right in your face! Let's get to the Fronliner!

    Starting with


    Let's call her a Knight.
    She can shiel herself reflecting damage to whoever dared to shot her in that turn.
    Dashing around bouncing of walls to get to you wherever you maybe hiding in the Arena. And a Ranged Snare make her a nice addition to your team.

    Her Ultimate is a Dash to a location of choice shielding every friendly and dealing damage to every unlucky enemy standing there! So beware if your standing in a Cluster cause she is gonna get you!


    Now thats one hell of a big mad ... dog? This guy is Bane incarnated he's throwing people around the place self healing himself (for more hp if he is low on health) and shreding you to pieces.

    His ultimates throws all the goo on his back around him and resets all his cooldowns! More healing and slicing in your face .... yeah! :_(


    It's the black iron man! Rocket Launcher on his back, slowing explosion ammunition in his arm this guy is packing a punch. He's gonna stick to you like glue and make reforms to your face this guy packs some serious firepower (no pun intended).

    If all the punching gives him enough enery he's gonna throw down his ultimate a supply drop right on his enemys head dealing damage and leaving behind juicy health globes (for his team only) so beware!


    This guy. This guy the posterchild of defensive play. You wanna help your team with more than dealing damage and not healing. Pick him! He got a Shield which he can build up for 1 turn and block every shot and bash out of that direction. Pulling rangler right next to him to disrupt the enemy he is one serious Robot.

    And if he got his ultimate you just need to call him and he's gonna come dashing over the arena placing his shield to prevent any harm that might have ruined your game.


    Yeah Conan is in this game and he's still anrgy and wants to kill you. Throwing Dagger which explode if you get hit in this turn or the next. To get all his rage out he screams to get himself and his allys hyped with might!

    And if he decides to ultimate hes gonna hit the ground so hard its gonna split into 160 right in front of him dealing damage the nearer you are standing to him.

    Now your not a Damage kind of player. I get that healing and supporting your team to get the win feels just as if not even more satisfing then murdering everybody. Lets get to the Supporter.


    This energy loaded women means buisness healing allies shooting waves of energy (healing friendlys and hurting enemys), making the ground overloaded with energy hurting everyone who dares to walk through it.

    She decideds who lives and dies with her ultimate healing/hurting everybody who gets hit by her cross of energy. So yeah she's basicly a shadow priest enjoy.


    yeah this guy fighting over who is the cutest with PuP and yeah he's also a psycho. This ball of Radiation has no feelings and you won't like him if you get to know him. Pumping whatever is in his veins directly into friends to heal/hurt people he's which doesn't seem to be to healthy in the long term. How that works he builds up direct lines to up to 1 enemy and 1 friend and hurt/heals them every turn as long as they stay in range of him.

    If he decides to ultimate he's gonna be the good support everybody expects him to be healing every friendly around him. But beware he will haunt your dreams!


    This guy is a gadget lover! Like Batman he got a lot of tricks and can dictate the game to his liking.
    Shielding allies or himself is the plainest of his abilitys. He also got a hammer which chains hits to the nearest target (up to 3 times) So where is his Gadget you ask. It's a black hole. Yeah freaking black hole! He plants it atop of one of his allies or himself and at the end of the next turn its gonna throw every enemy near that black hole right over it into the spot on the other side. Paired with his wall that scrambles anyone who goes through this can setup some serious combos.

    His ultimate is another shield which also deals damage around whoever got shielded yep not that exciting but worth.


    Oh this fish is just full of puns. But don't laugh at him or he's gonna ruin your day every day of the week. Having a Spray Gun that can hit or heal (on a cd) multiple targets in front of him makes him a hard hitter. His Bubble (Shield) is gonna bring you trouble (slows close targets) maybe even in the double (mod for 2 turns).
    And don't worry he spreads his love even to the enemy team giving someone a present in the form of a eel that deals damage and jumps to a close enemy the following turn.

    His ultimate is just the a big *** whirlpool that pulls every enemy directly wherever he desires you while you're gonna listen to his puns!

    So that is it for now! Like stated at the beginning of the guide rate enjoy and comment. We'll see each other out there and never forget always plan ahead.

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    Decent guide.

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    Nice start to a guide

    Other topics to include

    - hero specific guides (loadouts and strategies)
    - maps ( possibly to get top down shots?) - health etc spawn spots and timers + their effects

    - visibility (bush, stealth etc)
    - status effects /buffs

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    Oooh. This is great! Nice work!

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    Yeap, I agree. Great starting guide! One thing I would add in the overkill section, there is a fine line between not overkilling and not kill securing. You should always try to account for the targets catalysts like heal or toughness and any heals or shields that other freelancers can give the target!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mGravitus View Post
    Nice start to a guide

    Other topics to include

    - hero specific guides (loadouts and strategies)
    - maps ( possibly to get top down shots?) - health etc spawn spots and timers + their effects

    - visibility (bush, stealth etc)
    - status effects /buffs
    I could do hero specific guides in a seperated thread but i only play grey so it will be exactly 1
    maps yeah im gonna try making a top down pic i guess? or does somebody has one?

    visibility is definitly something i will add if im 100% clear about it myself ^^
    status effects/buffs are allready posted in the officials but i can add a link to them.

    thx for the feedback I will add it as soon as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by pju View Post
    Yeap, I agree. Great starting guide! One thing I would add in the overkill section, there is a fine line between not overkilling and not kill securing. You should always try to account for the targets catalysts like heal or toughness and any heals or shields that other freelancers can give the target!
    Yep your totally right nothing is worse than a guy still standing on <10 health just cause you didn't take the shot XD. I modified the text slighty to tell more about that side of the story.

    Also is it possible to get a png of the atlas reactor maps like in top down so that every spot is visible? Someone got something? ^^ Else im gonna have to draw it myself, which if you haven't guessed it will probably look pretty bad XD (definitly not one of my strong points ^^).

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    i like it! got all the basics you need and then you just need to figure out your own personal freelancer. big help!

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    another bump for the open alpha! Now new with Character Section!
    #NerfAsana #NerfGrey Trash

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