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Thread: Best Freelancer and Why? Top 3

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    1. PuP he is fun to play and I like his playstyle. Truthfully I would be really disappointed if they changed anything other then his health. So I would say if they want to nerf him do so buy taking his health down. ( Had about 60 games out of 97 on him)

    2. Rask Again one of the most fun frontliners out there and I think he is great the way he is. Again if anything maybe reduce his health if he is to tanky because his damage really isnt alot unless it involves his ulti. Which is an ulti.

    3.Zuki Great damage and can be at range and when anyone gets close to you, you have rocket jump. She might get a nerf, but I still dont know what. The reason I say this is because her skills are similar to Nix but she has an escape ability and her ulti has a larger range.

    I think the best team comp that could set up alot of good plays and such would be Rask, Helio, Zuki, Grey. The reason I say this is because if done right Black hole on a dashing Rask with two aoe's on top of it can be really devastating.

    EDIT: Also to those wondering why grey isn't on here is I never played her. She is OP and I felt I knew what I would get with her so I chose not to play her.

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    1st: Grey. Can easily stay away from harm while hunting the enemy with her drone and has a good way to dash out. Her free action of weakening 2 enemies makes a bit difference as well.

    2nd: PuP. He's just so interesting and fun to play, and he's also my favorite character. The pure pressure he can put on someone is just amazing.

    3rd: Zuki. One of the best damage dealer in the game, and the strongest ultimate imo.

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    Personally I think Garrison is the freelancer in Atlas Reactor. PuP and Helio are my close runners up!

    I wrote a post about it if you're interested

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    That right there is some powerful necromancy.

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    Oh that serves me right for searching topics on google and not reading the topic dates *downvotes self*

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    I would say that the top 3 depends on the map and on the mods usage. But if I had to choose 3 freelancers I would say Asana, zuki and lockwood.

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