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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlueMuzzy View Post
    One interesting aspect of this game that is a benefit for some over traditional mobas:

    - The mechanical skill has been removed. It is all about decision, not twitch reflexes. It allows for some players that may be overwhelmed by that amount of information and action in a moba to slow down and use their brain in a similarly pleasing way. This is crazy, simultaneous, team chess where there can be no Heroes that carry the team. It brings more of the essence of teamwork than any other game I've seen.
    I completely agree with you on the awesome potential Atlas Reactor has to achieve complex Teamwork and minimize twitch reflexes.

    However, from my experience so far I find that I actually have less opportunity to communicate and plan strategy with my teammates than I do in "traditional" MOBAs. In traditional MOBAs you can back off, type or PING, and wait to engage for the right moment. In Atlas Reactor, the communication framework to teammates is lacking and the 20 sec decision time period is far too short to allow for coordinated Team play. My mechanical skills are being pressed to their limit when I try to reassign decisions in 3 seconds after seeing what other's are planning.

    Example: I make some decisions, watch for icons that indicate what teammates are planning, then see that their decisions require me to change my plan. I am about to do a Might buff on a teammate and focus attacks on a Low HP nearby enemy. But then I see that my Teammate is Dashing out, I have to think, change skills and strategy, reconsider my attack and movement with a few seconds remaining then BAM times up and now I don't have all my full actions set.

    I have also played a dozen or so matches with a friend while using Voice comms, and I still find 20 sec to be BARELY enough time to coordinate a plan, let alone do so with a team of 4. Communication opportunity with PUGs and action coordination needs to be addressed. I would much rather there be a 40 second window for decision making, than have turns initiate with no-teamwork, or even worse, have teammates with no actions/movement queued up due to trying to frantically re-assign based on other's decisions. Keep in mind that most of the time spent in matches is watching animations unfold, NOT the 20sec setup period.

    This is especially true for the Supports, who often need to respond COMPLETELY to what their Teammates are planning to do. I have wasted so many Aurora Blast-Heals or Helio Ultimate/Blackhole/Shield on teammates who at the last second decide to dash away from the action. This has frustrated me to no end, and forced me to play Helio as a shield tank, relying entirely on myself since I can't coordinate his skills on my Teammates reliably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milk View Post
    the 20 sec decision time period is far too short to allow for coordinated Team play
    127% this. I have been pretty loud about the need for an increased turn timer, 20 seconds is (just) enough to decide on your move, but when you're trying to actualy coordinate with your team it is nowhere near enough.

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    Game is perfect and definitely going in the right direction, i must say that music, characters and there voices are great .
    UI is quite appealing even in alfa stage so i really enjoy it.
    4v4 is unique and great choice for this type of game, any mayor change in this field would change gameplay and time needed for singe game significantly and by my opinion that would be in a bad way.
    20 seconds decision is what makes you stay focused and think about your next turn , if you increase decision time if would affect overall gameplay and match time.
    And i think average game time is around 13 minutes and that is great, in a long game it was 18 minutes for me.
    Indicators are really helpful , yes you can see where are your team mates moving or what they are going to do, maybe they can make them more visible.
    But as in any other game if you want great communication and team play you can not totally depend on integrated game chat or tools, so install some VOIP program and further develop your tactics and gameplay with your teammates and friends.

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    What you're saying makes absolutely no sense. Its like saying,

    "Why are cars four-seaters when I like motorbikes?" or
    "Why is this in red when I like it in blue?"

    Your preference aside, bulk of the players here enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game.

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    An extra 5 seconds would add less than 2 minutes to a average game, but would allow for more deep communication. Trion could also quicken some of the slower animations to even come out ahead.

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    I'd agree that an extra 5-10 seconds decision time would be great, you barely have time to change your decision on something at the moment.

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