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    Want to watch some Atlas Reactor Videos?

    We sure do!

    Trion_Pithos: Check out the highlights on his Twitch channel, he's got the Tutorial and demonstrations of every Freelancer. Pithos is a brutal competitor, you could definitely learn a lot from this guy!

    TheBlueMuzzy: TBM gives great commentary on his matches, trying to ring the best possible results from his team. He also does flips, which is pretty hard to beat. Check him out if you're in for more advanced team strats!

    We've picked out some of our early favorites, but we know there are more out there. Respond to this thread with your suggestions of the best videos out there, and we'll add 'em to the list!

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    Thanks SO much for the shout out. I spent the first day teaching the basics, and today I taught higher level tactics. I've got a bot in my stream that teaches new players information about that game. I do multistreams with other players as well, so if you're streaming and want to team up, let me know! These two days have been very successful, I hope that everyone enjoys the stream as much as we all clearly enjoy the game!

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    I'll suggest my own video I just upload, in-video, I explain the game briefly, the gameplay, the mods/features and then show gameplay with minimal commentary so people can focus on the gameplay itself. I won't say it's the 'Best' video, but I enjoyed playing :P


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