Hey, thanks for joining us! We are very excited to welcome you all to the Atlas Reactor Sneak Peek Week. Have a blast and blast others! NDA has been lifted for this event, and this event ONLY - so go wild with your streams, your videos and comments on social media, we want to hear it all! SOME IMPORTANT NOTES
  • Just by logging in, you’ll get 3500 credits to play around with. No, these aren’t permanent, and they have no cash value – they’ll go away after the event - but for this whole week you can use them to check out other Freelancers, Taunts, and Skins. We want you to enjoy variety and have lots of material for feedback!
  • Every day after the first you log in, you’ll get an additional 1000 credits.
  • Free rotation will change every day, so check back to try out new ‘lancers!
  • The progression and cost of items are still very much a work in progress. We look forward to getting your feedback!
We will wipe progression at the end of the event, but you'll can earn some permanent rewards to keep!
  • Winning 1 game will get you unlock Lockwood. This will stay on your account forever!
  • For a bigger challenge, win 3 Versus games in a row to earn get Lockwood’s Blood Sport Style.
  • Special banners will also unlock for players that do particularly well in Versus mode. There are bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions to achieve.
  • Might – 25% damage increase
  • Weak – 25% damage decrease
  • Might and Weak cancel each other out
  • Haste – 50% movement range increase
  • Slow – 50% movement decrease
  • Haste and Slow cancel each other out
  • Root – Movement lost, Dashes are still allowed
  • Unstoppable – Immune to knockback and movement status effects
  • Energize – Double energy gains
  • Scramble – Can only use primary ability and catalysts
  • Revealed – Enemies can see your location no matter what
  • Stealth – Invisible to enemies. Fades for a moment when you shoot or take damage
  • Healing – Heals for 10/15 health (power-up/second wind)
  • Toughness – Reduces damage by 50%
  • Multiple applications of status at the same time do not increase the effect
TAKEDOWNS/DEATHS/DEATHBLOWS Takedowns measure participation in kills. When an enemy dies, players are awarded a takedown if they damaged/debuffed that enemy, or healed/buffed an ally who did, on the turn the enemies died or the previous two turns. Deaths keeps track the number of times you died. Deathblows are awarded to anyone that deals damage to an enemy on the turn that the enemy dies. Killing Blows Atlas Reactor doesn’t have a traditional killing blow system because simultaneous turns makes it possible for more than one person to deal fatal damage to an enemy. Although the attacks within the Blast phase are mathematically simultaneous, the battlecam shows them sequentially. The attacks are ordered based on what is clearest to show on camera (always improving), so there is no definitive killing blow. Deathblows are important because securing kills is important, however, overkilling an enemy can sometimes be a big mistake in Atlas Reactor, so we don’t want to emphasize Deathblows as much as Takedowns. It's YOUR move! The Atlas Reactor Team