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    Does Region change size of game?

    On the Atlas Reactor reddit, a German player's Atlas Reactor game requires 21 GB. Having uninstalled and reinstalled the game to double check (and me being in NA). mine is only around 8.35GB.

  2. Are the devs like, not working at all? I...

    Are the devs like, not working at all? I submitted my ticket and it's fallen on deaf ears. I want answers! I want this resolved. I want MY ACCOUNT THAT HAS MY ACTUAL PROGRESS BACK!
  3. Atlas Reactor completely changed my progress

    When I used my account today, I had Nev:3 & Isadora unlocked, was in Chapter 2 and had opened the 9 loot chests. Then the game crashed. I launched the app through steam & the glyph app required me to...
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