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  1. Finn healing increasing on primary and other mods that increase healing/shield

    So ever since I saw Helio's Primary mod that stacks shielding on Black Hole I was wondering why other mods of the same caliber didn't do the same. I think now would be the right time to change it....
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    The heal on Meridian just feels wrong all...

    The heal on Meridian just feels wrong all together. I had a Phaedra bot who was at 47 HP only heal for 28. That's 75% of her health gone and only gaining 18 additional HP from the base 10 one would...
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    Ramp Wall and Titus Dash Interaction

    I've seen in multiple games today where a Titus dashes and manages to hit Rampart and the fellow lancers next to Rampart in the same turn where he would normally block the dash with the wall. The...
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    Resolving Multiple Freelancers

    There's been a couple times so far tonight were I'd go in searching for a match and it'd find 2 people with the same Freelancer. At that point it asks to switch which I do however after I do that the...
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