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    Link Steam Account?

    Is there any way I could link my Trion Account to my steam account so I can login via Trion Launcher with my steam account? I ask because I already downloaded the game in steam and just login with...
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    I too have noticed an increase in toxic behavior...

    I too have noticed an increase in toxic behavior in team chat even with people I've played with before. Ranked game above rank 10 has a fairly small player pool and it's common to play with the same...
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    Ban a Picked Freelancer

    I was in a game where someone banned the same hero they picked. I'm not sure exactly how it happened.
  4. [suggestion] Remedy for Players Leaving During Banning Phase

    I wanted to quickly post something about the painful experience of getting into ranked matches that's not related to queue time.

    It's always been a problem, but the problem has become even more...
  5. Performance Decrease in 4k after 64 bit Patch

    So I've played for over a year now and for at least 6 months with 4k resolution and no performance problems at all, consistent 60fps (except maybe when the map spins around at the start of the...
  6. I'm happy with the changes to the 'brush'. It...

    I'm happy with the changes to the 'brush'. It forces people to keep moving rather than planting themselves and taking ranged shots. This also limits the total number of hiding places for other...
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    My Feedback

    1) Please allow a draft version
    2) Allow me to queue with a friend so we can play against each other. I've tried queuing at the same time and that does not always work.
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    Camera Position During Taunts

    I'm sorry I don't have any screen shots to accompany this post, but recently I've started to notice more instances where the camera durning taunts is under the map or otherwise blocked by something...
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