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    Mechanics Suggestion: Shredding and Survival

    Crossposting from Reddit.

    I was thinking lately of what really frustrates me when I play solo, or in general when I even play some 4L.
    Furthermore, I was really trying to see how to...
  2. Personal Thoughts on the State of the Reactor

    So after seeing the two threads addressing balance outcomes in Atlas, I wanted to make a personal thread mostly out of reflections on the thousands of games I have had since Beta. In the hope to tell...
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    So well, as promised here is my wall of text...

    So well, as promised here is my wall of text feedback on the PTS changes and hopes for the new season. After a lot of games both in bots and 4Lancer against decent players (on PTS), here are my...
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    Found a bug Cryocore detonation can detonate...

    Found a bug

    Cryocore detonation can detonate twice, if damage is applied in different phases.

    Turn 2: mark target with Vonn primary
    Turn 3: hit target with a dash (say Elle or...
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    Balance Suggestions: Orion

    So again I have logged in a lot of games with Orion and against Orion and got the time to make the videos showing some stuff, so here we go, I wanted to post this last week but I finally got to do it...
  6. Thread: Probe-Fade Bug

    by Wiskerz

    Probe-Fade Bug

    The probe mechanic is supposed to reveal cammo only lancers, not stealth, while fade grants "invisible" and thus the stealth buff, when pm probing a fade spot, some weird things happen, the last...
  7. Aye an API would be super useful, right now we...

    Aye an API would be super useful, right now we are mining the Wiki for information, and the community is updating the wiki, which is sometimes not the best strat for creating interesting sites for...
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    Balance Suggestions: Helio

    I was recently playing against a lot of Helios, and its particularly frustrating to see a few things, so I am going to list them, and perhaps suggest a few fixes that may help.
    I believe the current...
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    Here's my full feedback also on reddit: ...

    Here's my full feedback also on reddit:

    So I have been playing (rather poorly) a lot of 4lancer lately, and have played...
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    Game breaking bug (4lancer)

    Ok so im queued for 4lancer, and i hit on the gear thing (to change the catalysts etc for one lancer), and the client immediately froze.
    I suspect at the same time a match popped up (I did not heard...
  11. This seems to be consistent if someone GG boosts...

    This seems to be consistent if someone GG boosts mid game or towards the end, before this screen appears, if you gg right before the match is over (not sure if during for now), it seems to crash it...
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    So we tried playing today, but could never match,...

    So we tried playing today, but could never match, I tried getting in queue with Awe, but never got matched eventho we are similar R levels and MMR, we timed out at 1000s of waiting. So couldn't test...
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    I play usually 1v1 with 99s timers and found it...

    I play usually 1v1 with 99s timers and found it good. Also matches were good, the disadvantage is that it takes around 45 mins to finish the match. However, it really depends on what the devs want to...
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    Feedback and Thoughts on current PTS build

    I'll leave my best appreciation for last.

    Lancer Balancing

    Overall I am not annoyed with the Phaedra changes provided the double slow is removed to account for the 2 turns Putrid...
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    (Mechanics Discussion) Weaken and Energy

    One of the cool things I like about AR is the ability to outplay people. However there is one scenario where you basically punish yourself from outplaying.
    The main motivation behind writing this...
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    Thoughts on Nix Balance

    I have been looking through these Nix changes and I kind of understand some of them, so I am going to go through the list and put my thoughts on each.
    I'll try to comment in terms of the risk taken...
  17. I have to say im really happy for your feedback...

    I have to say im really happy for your feedback guys.

    I would like to just expand on the Displacement being incredibly better.

    The argument one could make is that Elle's ult, sets up other...
  18. (Balance Discussion) On the issue of Ignore Cover Mods

    After playing a significant amount of competitive play, it suddenly hit me yesterday how dangerous the trend of ignore cover mods is.
    And basically contemplating the list of balance changes for the...
  19. F2P Progression Suggestion (for General Progression and Ranked)

    Disclaimer: Prefixing this with the basic, I know this would require a lot of effort to get it done, but I wanted to think of something that would set AR apart from other games (and particularly F2P...
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    Seconding. I suppose, at least I feel that way. ...

    Seconding. I suppose, at least I feel that way.

    That might be complicated to cook, but that is necessary, its a team game that requires more teamwork than most team games and it has no built-in...
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    Sign your team up...

    Sign your team up and add Team Ranked as your activity, then hopefully encourage other teams to do so, maybe we will be able to find when players have the same time or when it is possible to queue.
  22. ARWN: Competitive Teams Recruitment and Scrim Planning (Alpha Test)

    Atlas Whisper Network (ARWN) is designed to assist both casual and competitive teams in organizing scrims and recruitment. I am currently looking for teams to start using it so as to test stability...
  23. General Information for New Competitive Teams

    So I noticed recently a lot of teams are starting to form up, both in ESL, and in the ranked queue. And I noticed that very few teams, save for the invitational/open PPL teams, request scrimmages....
  24. It seems to have been stated that team ranked...

    It seems to have been stated that team ranked will be episodic, and I would in my opinion rather have it be open to start with.
    With the little info we have so far I think the main issue is due to...
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    Static Data API

    With the surge of AR, a lot of people would like to provide external tools to make people's lives easier, that includes the stuff you see on PPL website such as lancer description and the very...
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